Guest Editors

Saffron Chan Destination Deluxe

Saffron Chan is an eager explorer of stillness and adventures, both within the self and around the globe. She finds long-term health and well-being fascinating. When not indulging her love of coffee and chocolates, you might find her in yoga and barre studios; always first as a student, and sometimes as a teacher under the name Rossana at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental and Barre 2 Barre in Hong Kong; formerly she taught yoga at several studios in the U.S. and also at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. She is also loving the practice of Pilates. Formerly a reporter/anchor for a local NBC-affiliate (TV) and local NPR and CBS (radio) news stations, Saffron enjoys sharing information and experiences, and looks forward to writing more about her journeys for Destination Deluxe.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @saffronmchan

Helen Turner Destination Deluxe

Acupuncturist and health coach, Helen Turner, has worked as a physiotherapist for over nine years in both the UK and overseas. More recently she decided to concentrate on her acupuncture practice. She is a specialist in cosmetic acupuncture, which is a natural way to improve the condition of the skin and slow the effects of aging. With her writing she encourages people to live healthier and happier lives by covering topics such as holistic health and oriental medicine. She also offers cupping therapy and one-on-one Pilates lessons. Her health coaching sessions look at every aspect of her clients’ life and she sets achievable goals to improve target areas such as stress reduction, time management, nutritional changes and exercise advice.

Read more of her stories and connect with her at and follow her on Instagram at @helenthealth.

Esther Ng Destination Deluxe

Esther Ng is a Hong Kong-based lifestyle journalist and editor originally from Vancouver with a passion for travel, aromatherapy and mind/body/spirit wellness. Previously with the South China Morning Post and various print and online publications in Asia, she covers the latest in fashion and beauty trends to wellness and spas from around the world.

Follow her journey on Instagram at @est_ng

Victoria Herrera Destination Deluxe

Victoria Herrera is a TV presenter, writer and model currently based in Hong Kong. She started writing when she was 16 years old and graduated with an Honors degree in Communication Arts from the Ateneo De Manila University. After graduation, she worked as the Features Editor for Status Magazine, interviewing talents across the international art, music and fashion scenes, followed by a gig as a Radio DJ where she produced a book of her radio interviews called Unscripted. She has contributed to several publications in the Philippines such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Rappler, as well as Catalog Magazine in Singapore.

See more of her writing at Proof of Passion and follow her journey on Instagram at @victoria_herrera


Travel to Diane Saw is a natural reflection of who she is. As a third culture kid, Diane was constantly on the go, living in eight cities across Asia-Pacific and the US before residing in Hong Kong. Her philosophy on life is to never settle. She believes that the best conversations, experiences and ideas are formed through traveling. With Diane spearheading ASH’s digital communication strategy in Asia, she has had the opportunity to draw inspiration from her travels. As digital becomes a continuous flux of change, it is her responsibility to adapt quickly to new technologies, fashionable trends, and to create unique experiences. To Diane, branding is everything and she is not afraid to dive off the beaten path to find the best places to eat, drink and take that insta-worthy picture.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @dianesawit

Stephanie Yt - Destination Deluxe

Stephanie Yt is a London-based photographer and journalist originally from Hong Kong with a great passion for travel. Having previously written for Prestige Hong Kong magazine and photographed for various print and online publications in the UK, she covers the latest in travel and fashion.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @stephytchan