Vivienne Tang is the founder of wellness and travel online publication Destination Deluxe. Vivienne has made a name for herself in the wellness and travel field, having worked for various reputable luxury magazines. She has spent 18 years in lifestyle publishing and was previously Editor of #legend, Editor-in-Chief of AsiaSpa, and held positions at Prestige Hong Kong and South China Morning PostShe has also been a judge for the Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Awards

Vivienne was named one of Hong Kong’s “Top 10 Luxury Lifestyle Influencers” by Marketing Magazine.

She has been interviewed for several magazines and platforms, including Tory Burch, South China Morning Post, Destinasian magazine, Nectar & PulseConrad magazine, Electrify magazine, Jetstar Asia magazineCasallLane Crawford, 100 Happy PeopleSpa It Girl, Kossie and PretairPorter to name a few.

Follow her journey on Instagram at @viviennetang