Euphoria Retreat – A Wellness Journey with the Greek Gods

Euphoria Retreat - Destination Deluxe
Hidden in southern Greece and steeped in myths and mysticism, Euphoria Retreat specializes in wellness journeys that focus on recovery, renewal, and prevention

Tucked away in the exquisite Peloponnese peninsula and infused with the magic of Greek mythology, Euphoria Retreat is one of the Mediterranean’s most lauded wellness destinations. Built on the ancient Greek belief of “Euphoria,” which emphasizes balance, health, and living in bliss, this idyllic destination spa is on a mission to help guests achieve holistic wellbeing.

Less than an hour from Kalamata airport, Euphoria Retreat is an oasis set amidst a historical landscape of pine forests, Byzantine churches, and hilltop villages. The retreat draws on the surrounding nature and culture to create healing programs that nurture from within.

Euphoria Retreat Wellness Greece - Destination Deluxe
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Within Euphoria, guests can indulge in an array of food, treatment, activities, and facilities designed to enhance balance and wellbeing, all while enjoying the warm, graceful, easy-going hospitality of the Greek south. While here, they can supplement their wellness journeys by exploring the incredible surroundings, which include Mystras, a stunning Byzantine-era UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majestic Mount Taygetus and Eurotas River, the charming coastal town of Gytheion, and the white-sand beaches of Elafonissos Island.


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Euphoria Retreat Greece Sparta - Destination Deluxe
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Inspired by the Greek tradition of Hippocratic medicine, Euphoria has developed its own unique philosophy called the “Euphoria Methodos,” which is designed to treat the individual as a whole and help them reach a state of health and joy touted by the ancient Greeks as the ultimate state of wellbeing. Each retreat at the property is built around this proprietary methodology and helps guests take their health into their own hands.

Programs at Euphoria are designed to help guests reach different goals, from weight loss and recovery to relaxation, fitness, and mindfulness. But, each one also aims to soothe the nervous system, reboot energy levels, and align the inner and outer world for a harmonious balance.

Euphoria Retreat Yoga Retreats Greece - Destination Deluxe
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New this year, the “Feel Alive Again” program is a 3-night group retreat specifically designed to offer rest, recovery, and renewal in the post-pandemic era. For three hours every morning, guests will work on meditation, breathwork, journaling, creativity, and more to release the negative emotions, stress, tension, and anxiety that many of us have experienced during the pandemic. The program can be enjoyed on its own or as part of one of Euphoria’s more extensive journeys.

Other signature retreats recalling epic stories from Greek mythology include the “Odysseus Journey,” which is a 5-day retreat that uses group discussion and immersive experiences to unlock inhibiting emotions and instill a new-found confidence, the “Spartan Spirit of Adventure,” where guests become Spartan warriors to unleash their fitness and resilience in outdoor activities, and the 7-night “Relax & De-Stress” retreat, which is about ‘renewal’ on every level and allows you to step away from the pace of your life. via Destination Deluxe


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Euphoria Retreat Sparta Greece - Destination Deluxe
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Holistic wellness rituals are a focus at Euphoria Retreats. These therapies combine ancient healing practices from different cultures, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and Greek Hippocratic medicine, along with cutting-edge scientific developments to help restore guests’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Considered one of Europe’s best destination spas, Euphoria’s temple to wellness offers a wealth of indulgent treatments, from energy healing and facials to homeopathic consultations, acupuncture, and lymphatic drainage. Guests can also enjoy the unique sphere pool cocooned by Byzantine domes inspired by Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia, along with spectacular views of the verdant Eurotas Valley and Mount Taygetus.

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Underpinning the spa concept is the “Five Elements” theory that was developed by ancient philosophers in both China and Greece. The theory identifies five categories with distinct characteristics that influence nature and human wellbeing and is the heart of Euphoria Retreats’ “Euphoria Methodos” philosophy, which requires a balance between the five elements. Together, the spa’s facilities and treatments invite guests to connect with their truest selves and accept their life’s journey.


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Euphoria Retreat Mystras Greece - Destination Deluxe
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Understanding that each guest has different dietary requirements and preferences, Euphoria takes a personalized approach to nutrition. At GAIA Restaurant, the property offers a scientifically developed menu of European cuisine that effortlessly balances health, nutrition, and enjoyment in dishes that incorporate locally sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients.

Euphoria Retreat Wellness Cuisine - Destination Deluxe
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Enhancing the bespoke nature of menus here, Doctor George Leon and his team of experts have developed a patented “3GL Plus Therapy” for Euphoria. Using a pinprick blood test and urine sample, the team here measures each guest’s biomarkers for glycogen, glucose, and glutathione and 12 active metabolites and metabolically significant amino acids to assess their health. GAIA can then prepare tailored menus that will help the guest achieve better balance and energy.

Whether guests need to boost their vitamin intake, want to pursue a vegetarian diet, or remake their relationship with food, GAIA can help guests achieve their goals with the help of knowledgeable chefs and nutritionists. Inspired by the ancient Greek word for “Earth,” the team at GAIA prepares pure, nutritious food inspired by the culinary traditions of the Peloponnese. Expect breakfasts of homemade granola and Greek yogurt, lunches of fresh soups and salads, and dinners of light fish and meat flavored with fragrant herbs

Wellness Greece Euphoria Retreat - Destination Deluxe
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Combining a spectacular location, ancient healing rituals, personalized nutrition, and curated physical and mindfulness activities, Euphoria Retreat offers holistic, immersive wellbeing programs that create balance, restore energy and leave guests thoroughly revitalized.


Book Euphoria Retreat 7-Night Wellness Retreat - Destination DeluxeGive yourself the gift of time and allow Euphoria Retreat in Sparta, Greece, to nurture you. The 7-Night Relax & De-stress Retreat program is about ‘renewal’ on every level and allows you to step away from the pace of your life. Running alongside the innovative Euphoria Nutritional Analysis, you will embrace a wide range of holistic approaches from psycho-aromatherapy, that harnesses the therapeutic power of fragrance, to deeper energy work to emotional transformation sessions.