10 Bucket List Destinations

2022 Bucket List Destinations - Destination Deluxe
We asked 5 top boutique luxury travel agents to share their bucket lists. Here are the 10 destinations they recommend this year

Explore remote and untouched destinations with the top tips of these 5 luxury travel experts. Sustainability and nature are two strong themes that continue to shape our travel itineraries, helping us all to unwind, recharge and connect with ourselves. Here are our top 10 destinations to add to your bucket list.

2022 Bucket List Destinations Namibia - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Ashim D Silva


For the seasoned safari-goers who are seeking some lesser-known thrills and once-in-a-lifetime trips, a journey to Namibia should be at the top of your bucket list. This under-the-radar destination contains a rich variety of wildlife that has adapted to the country’s distinct geography and climate. The lodges you come home to after each day’s adventure are nothing short of spectacular. Dream beneath the stars of Africa’s first designated International Dark Sky Reserve. Then, wake up in desert accommodations as you take in morning views of the misty Atlantic coast. Finally, relax poolside and watch an exotic mix of wildlife convene at a neighboring watering hole. 

Peru 2022 Bucket List Destinations - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Babak Fakhamzadeh


A country steeped in history and adventure, it easily has a little bit of everything to satisfy everyone’s wants. Whether you’re looking for a foodie exploration at the electric urban landscape of Lima, immersing yourself in Andean history through the Sacred Valley, or checking off the Machu Picchu trek off of your bucket list, this is the ideal destination to get a mixture of culinary, history, and active getaway for first timers to South America and seasoned explorers alike. Explore the country on your own pace or immerse yourself in the iconic train journey, the Andean Explorer – South American’s first luxury sleeper train, from Cusco across the Andean plains to Arequipa.

~ Erina Pindar, Managing Director of SmartFlyer

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Mallorca Bucket List Destinations 2022 - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Heuser


A great choice for a green getaway, the island of Mallorca has made a point of protecting its wetlands, forests, mountains, and beaches. Es Raco d’Arta, in the heart of rural Mallorca, is the epitome of sustainable luxury, a priceless treasure chest of wellbeing, relaxation, and regeneration especially created to allow guests to untangle their thoughts and revitalize. Boasting an extraordinary backdrop made of rolling meadows, olive groves, and peaceful valleys, this 5-star haven is nothing short of a Zen-minded sanctuary. Time, the Es Raco personnel and experts teach you, is yours to use at best, enjoying the unspoiled surroundings or your own private space, letting the water caress your body in the magnificent indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Here, activities, treatments, and daily life stem from a body and soul-regenerating philosophy that includes eco-aware choices as well as holistic and wellness treatments. Because only geothermal and solar energy are used to heat the rooms you relax in, and the saltwater pool is cleaned by ionization, you experience freedom and a conscious lifestyle all the more intensely. Surrounded by the peaceful panoramas of the protected Parc Natural de Llevan, the resort offers a uniquely enriching opportunity: appreciating nature in all its forms, and taking care of oneself, supported by a rich and diverse combination of wellness and fitness opportunities.


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Martinique Bucket List - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Voyemo


Martinique is a hidden gem for divers. The underwater biodiversity and the colorful corals are just breathtaking. Dive into the sea from your own sailing yacht and swim to the golden shore where you can enjoy a tropical cocktail on the beach. Together with our local partner, we can organize a 30-meter-long sailing yacht that has all the amenities from home while sailing through the warm waters of Martinique. The local diving school partner has the best experience and reputation on the island. Allow yourself to be immersed in another world filled with a stunning volcanic underwater scape. Multiple dive sites are spread all along the western shore of the island. More experienced divers can also explore shipwrecks. Stay at The Bahi Villa, where you can enjoy laidback luxury, exclusivity, breathtaking views, delicious breakfast, and with that your well-deserved peace of mind. Treat and re-balance your body and soul with the care of a yoga teacher, a personal trainer, or a guided meditation. The Bahi Villa owners are very keen on fresh, homemade, and tasty cuisine with mesmerizing views of the island at the elevated pool. Enjoy your breakfast with fresh juice made from local fruits, homemade bread with different ingredients, exotic jam, and silky yoghurt while watching the morning sunrise to start your glorious day.

~ Riccardo Barile, Co-founder of Voyemo

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The Great Karoo Regenerative Travel - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Regenerative Travel


The Great Karoo in South Africa is home to an incredible conservation story at Samara Private Game Reserve, a member of the Regenerative Travel hotel collection. Born in 1997, founders Mark and Sarah Thompkins’ desire to restore the Great Karoo to its former glory, Samara Karoo has pioneered the rewilding of a landscape that had been turned over to agriculture for the best part of three centuries. Located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and set on a 28,300-hectare private game reserve in the Great Karoo’s semi-desert lands. Home to the continent’s infamous Big Five, expect to explore and sight the glorious lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, buffalos of Africa while gaining a behind-the-scenes look of one of the planet’s most inspiring and unique conservation journeys.

Bhutan Bucket List 2022 - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Regenerative Travel


Looking for spiritual exploration at Gangtey Lodge, a member of the Regenerative Travel hotel collection, embraces Bhutan’s concept of Gross National Happiness by pursuing a harmonious balance between respecting nature and promoting cultural preservation and sustainable development. The lodge is perched high above the spectacular Gangtey (Phobjhika) a protected reserve and the perfect vantage point to observe the mysterious black-necked cranes in their natural roosting grounds. Guests are invited to reconnect with nature and may hike the numerous ancient trails through the valley, find spiritual enrichment through a guided meditation at the nearby Shedra, and learn the art of traditional butter and cheese making in a Bhutanese family farm, among others.

~ Amanda Ho, Co-founder and Brand Director of Regenerative Travel

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2022 Bucket List Destinations Finland - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Maria Vojtovicova


Finland has seen a lot of action over the last few months and we expect more and more interest in the coming year. Built for social distancing with isolated accommodation, private villas, an abundance of outdoor activities (whether that’s in the winter or the summer) and the experience can be completely catered to individuals, couples and families. Although a visit to Santa Claus at his home can be arranged all year round, the festive season over Christmas and New Year is the busiest so booking early is absolutely key because the best villas get booked well in advance. 

Oman Bucket List Destinations in 2022 - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Katerina Kerdi


Oman has risen in our books as becoming a popular destination for travelers looking for something different and culturally immersive. And it truly has so much to offer with everything from an incredible coastline, mountain ranges and not to mention the wild open desert. It’s a fairly adventurous destination and can be done incredibly comfortably in 4X4s, private dinners under the stars, overnight in luxury camps in the desert whilst immersed in the warm local culture.

~ Charlotte Harris, Director of Charlotte Travel

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Northern Lights Bucket List in 2022 - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Benjamin Suter


We love the Arctic as you can go back to the same place three times during the year and have drastically different landscapes and experiences. The winter months are prime for the Northern Lights, which is at the top of everyone’s bucket lists, and we have curated several private and exclusive areas to view the lights where they are at their most stunning in Greenland, the Russian Arctic and in northern Finland. In the summer months everything comes to life – polar bears wake up from hibernation, the sea bird colonies and whales all enjoy the bounty, and the sun doesn’t set and the Midnight Sun is a fascinating phenomenon to experience. Autumn is also excellent and we love a challenge by trying to get our clients under the Northern Lights and get up close and polar bears and other wildlife on the same trip. The Arctic’s culture is also vastly underrated and it is truly wonderful to spend time with the traditional Sami and Inuit people and learn about their well-preserved traditions. And lastly one silver lining of climate change is more arable land and less ice around Scandinavia and the rest of the Arctic has resulted in a culinary boom, as the area is now home to some of the freshest produce on the planet. 


Bucket List Destinations in 2022 Antarctica - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Deanna Wong


The second destination we recommend is Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic. This is still travel’s final frontier and since we started arranging expeditions to the region in 2014, everyone who has made the journey vote it as the most memorable trip they have undertaken. We offer a fly-cruise option for those who want to avoid the sometimes rough seas along the Drake Passage from South America, and this has been a huge hit for many Asians who never thought they would be able to step foot on their seventh and final continent. For the more intrepid explorers and travelers, arguably the best adventure we have in the entire A2A portfolio is an expedition to Antarctica via the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. Clients can trace Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic story over a hundred years ago and during this journey one will be able to see 7-8 penguin species, some of the largest colonies of penguins and seabirds on Earth, incredible whale life – from the largest Blue and Fin Whales from your expedition ship to orcas and humpbacks and the smaller Minke Whales, which swim next to your zodiac along the Antarctic Peninsula. 

~ Jose Cortes, Co-founder of A2A – Safaris Journeys

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