A New Era of Spa Luxury at Le Couvent des Minimes – Hotel & Spa L’Occitane

Le Couvent des Minimies Spa L'Occitane - Destination Deluxe
Spa L’Occitane at Le Couvent des Minimes reinvents itself for a more immersive and holistic experience

Inspired by its natural surroundings, the Spa L’Occitane at Le Couvent des Minimes is the perfect place to luxuriate, with 2,500 square meters of space entirely dedicated to wellbeing. Enjoy its freshly-designed spa that features a salt grotto, a snow shower and curated wellness programs in the most magical of settings. 

Le Couvent des Minimes Hotel & Spa L’Occitane has collaborated with top-notch experts in the field, partnering with acclaimed French brand, de Planta & Architectes and Wellness Consulting for an all-new look and feel. 

Spa L’Occitane at Le Couvent des Minimes now encompasses an area that is equivalent to the historic section of the property with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. The interplay of pavilions, terraces and patios creates a seamless visual connection and fosters a sense of continuity throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces. The spa is further divided into two sections – wet and dry – each more impressive than the other.

Spa L'Occitane Le Couvent des Minimies - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


The dry area features an expansive reception, adorned with herbariums and showcases plants used by L’Occitane en Provence in its products. It boasts 10 spacious treatment rooms (including two designed for couples), a well-stocked fitness center, a dedicated yoga room and a relaxation zone to simply unwind.

Evoking the charm of old herbalist shops, the herbal tea room welcomes you to a nostalgic ambiance. A boutique store proudly displays a selection of products from the L’Occitane en Provence brand.

Le Couvent des Minimes Spa L'Occitane Pool - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane


The wet section, on the other hand, is designated for water activities. This area includes two pools that face each other. One is located indoors and the other outside. The outdoor pool is used for swimming and aqua gym classes, and has an icy plunge pool for post-sauna leisure. The relaxation room inside is kitted out with cozy swing chairs and a fireplace, ideal for some quiet me-time. 

Explore the sensory pool that features a unique water circuit, where you can take strolls or unwind for hours. It has hot and cold jets, light therapy, sensory showers and a refreshing snow shower. It also has a salt grotto, where 30 minutes of exposure is said to be as effective as a day at the beach. 

Additionally, the steam room is partitioned by a Provencal fountain crafted by a local artist, and is reminiscent of a charming village square. There are two unisex saunas — one heated and the other cooler. Both are drenched in sunlight and offer scenic vistas of the lush countryside. The dual saunas are complete with an alembic still that pays homage to the early roots of the L’Occitane en Provence brand.

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Le Couvent des Minimes Rooms - Destination Deluxe
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There are 15 sumptuously appointed bedrooms (all boasting L’Occitane en Provence amenitites from the Citrus Verbena range) to enhance your spa experience. Named “La Serre,” this assortment includes eight rooms and suites tucked on the spa’s rooftop. They’re interconnected, so you can walk from your room to the spa in the comfort of a bathrobe.

Among them, the Prestige Suite stands out as the largest in the hotel, boasting two connecting rooms that collectively span 127 square meters.

For those looking for solitude, there’s a separate building aptly named “La Restanque”. This independent section of Le Couvent des Minimes sits amidst cedars, featuring  an additional set of seven rooms, some adjoining. The interiors blend old-world elegance with an unmistakable natural feel. 

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Spa L'Occitane Pool Le Couvent des Minimes - Destination Deluxe
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The traditional treatment menu has evolved into a repertoire of treatments structured around two categories. You can choose from a myriad of facial or body treatments (or both) that are under either the Signature or Made to Measure Treatments. Further enhancing your experience, the Made to Measure Treatments offer the option to combine them with Complementary Treatments.

Spa L'Occitane Treatment Room Le Couvent des Minimes - Destination Deluxe
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Signature Treatments, a fusion of tradition, heritage, and innovation, embody the pinnacle of the brand’s proficiency in body and facial care. These treatments are crafted based on four fundamental principles of holistic wellness: Beauty, Revitalization, Harmony, and Purification.

From tailored massage techniques to specialized treatment routines, Signature Treatments deliver immersive journeys for both body and soul, fostering profound relaxation and a release of tension. Certain treatments have undergone rigorous testing in partnership with L’Occitane en Provence laboratories and esteemed institutions like the European Sleep Center to gauge their impact on overall wellbeing.

Spa L'Occitane Listen & Feel Massage - Destination Deluxe
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Spa L’Occitane transforms its treatment selection to cater to individual needs, embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing. From treatment protocols to product selections and therapist techniques, the customized treatments promise a unique and tailored experience. Infused with the enduring values of generosity and hospitality synonymous with Provence, they offer a sensory and tranquil voyage. Drawing inspiration from Provencal traditions, they awaken the senses and craft a cherished moment of complete relaxation. Customized treatments provide clients with a range of options based on their preferred duration, encompassing facial or body treatments, or a blend of both, with the option to incorporate complementary treatments.


Complementary Treatments are quick and targeted complementary sessions, lasting 15 minutes. These include face massages, eye lifts, Gua Sha, scalp massages as well as neck and décolleté treatments – all aimed to maximize your experience at the spa.

The new and improved Spa L’Occitane at Le Couvent des Minimes is an oasis for some well-deserved pampering. Expect tailored-made spa treatments, all in the luxurious and local allure of Provence.

Spa L'Occitane Yoga Room Le Couvent des Minimes - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane

Promising a fuller, more personalised touch to each guest, Spa L’Occitane at Le Couvent des Minimes has redesigned its treatment menu with a new concept. The traditional treatments have transformed into highly-curated experiences and are now structured around two categories: Signature Treatments Made to Measure and Complementary Treatments.

“The Spa L’Occitane has transitioned in two ways. Firstly, by making the treatment offer more understandable to the public and secondly by placing the experience in a border context of holistic wellbeing. It’s precisely this personalized holistic approach to wellbeing that is at the heart of the new concept of Spa L’Occitane,” shares Catherine Tran, Director of Spa Business Development.


Le Couvent des Minimies - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Spa L’Occitane