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RAKxa Wellness Deep Sleep Therapy - Destination Deluxe
RAKxa Wellness harnesses the benefits of Thai herbs and CBD for its Deep Sleep Therapy

RAKxa Wellness introduces its “Thai Deep Sleep & Skin Radiant Therapy” to address the many sleep disorders that people face. The therapy encompasses the ancient wisdom of Suriyachon and CBD oils, signature authentic Thai massage rhythms and traditional pungent Thai herbs to relax your body and mind. RAKxa incorporates the best in health treatments, drawing from both Western and Eastern practices and covers everything from weight control and Long Covid care to full post surgery recuperation packages, advanced aesthetics and de-stressing journeys. And with a partnership through VitalLife at Bumrungrad International Hospital, RAKxa sets a new benchmark on the Asian wellbeing scene.

In the fast-paced world we live in today, people are being deprived of sleep due to their hectic work schedules, exposure to blue light, day to day stressors, emotional disruptions in the bedroom and medical conditions. Without enough sleep the brain cannot function properly. Hence, it is important that we get ample quality sleep.

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RAKxa Medical Retreat Thailand - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of RAKxa

Noticing that many clients have poor sleep quality, RAKxa aims to provide a solution with their Thai Deep Sleep & Skin Radiant Therapy. This treatment is suitable for anyone suffering from insomnia, wanting to improve sleep quality, or having conditions like blood circulation imbalance, dry skin, and muscle tension.

Consulting a group of highly qualified Traditional Thai Medicine Doctors who are experts in the field of Traditional Thai medicine, RAKxa designed this therapy, which includes a Thai herbal bath, a Thai herbal scrub with coconut flakes and oil, a Thai oil massage, and a Thai herbal compress containing Cannabis root to help boost circulation and nourish your skin by sloughing off dead skin.

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RAKxa Wellness Thailand Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of RAKxa Wellness

This natural therapy rejuvenates your body by using traditional herbs mixed with Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. It also increases blood flow to the skin’s surface and hydrates your skin so it becomes smooth, soft and healthier from within.

The power of CBD oil itself has proven the name “Deep Sleep” by enveloping your sleep in the deepest lullaby of calmness throughout the night, noticeably after the treatment. The term “Skin Radiant” comes from the visible glow you see due to the body’s blood circulation, thanks to the coconut copra and oil, which help exfoliate and smooth skin. The incredible scent also helps calm your mind.

RAKxa Wellness Spa Treatment - Destination Deluxe
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From soaking in a bath of pungent climber and Cannabis herbs to pure natural skin exfoliation with grated coconut to signal point massage, and a compress of herbs and Cannabis, you will find your inner radiance bathing you in a luminous glow that shines through your skin. Enjoy the fullest relaxation your body sought for as therapists knead tension and stress from your body.

This treatment, in support with other existing treatments at RAKxa, are aimed at helping guests to sleep better and thus allowing their body and mind to recharge, leaving them refreshed and alert when they wake up.

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RAKxa Wellness Thai Ya-Pao - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of RAKxa Wellness

Another program designed to cater to meet current needs is the Long Covid program, catered to guests who have recovered from COVID-19 with symptoms that continue for another 1–6 months and may affect various systems and organs in the body, as well as your mental health. The Long Covid program includes treatments such as the transformational Traditional Thai Ya-Pao Detoxification Therapy (pictured above), where a cocktail of herbs is lit on fire on the belly, followed by a massage, to clear energetic and physical blockages.

These are just two examples of the many treatments available at RAKxa Wellness. Located 45 minutes outside of the city on Bangkok’s Green Lung, leading medical wellness retreat RAKxa is fast establishing itself as the most revolutionary scientific wellness center in Southeast Asia.

Its tailored 3- to 14-day programs combine exceptional holistic treatments, an anti-inflammatory diet with powerful diagnostics and the latest technology and treatments to support healing.

The partnership with the world-renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital further adds to the credibility of its clinical scientific offering.

With 42 years of excellence, the private hospital has a reputation for covering a broad range of complex care needs. It has over 1,300 medical doctors, 4,800 support staff, and more than 70 medical subspecialities.

RAKxa is one of the first to deliver ‘integrative health’ through ‘VitalLife’, the preventative and longevity subsidiary of the Bumrungrad Hospital. VitalLife at Bumrungrad focuses on prevention and lifestyle changes and has built a reputation over 22 years to support its holistic approach to aging well.

On arrival at RAKxa, every guest is assigned a personal VitalLife on-site doctor who analyzes personal history as well as physical assessments.

Also available are genetic sequencing tests to predict future disease risks and comprehensive checks for hormone, micronutrients and toxic metal levels in the body.

These help RAKxa’s team to build a comprehensive and customized plan of action to optimize a personalized guest’s health. These advanced diagnostics and medical expertise are complemented by leading doctors in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai practices.

RAKxa’s approach is to provide guests with the right combination of the treatment with the right atmosphere, with the emphasis on optimal results.

Wellness Retreat Bangkok Thailand RAKxa - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of RAKxa

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