Aman Founder Adrian Zecha Opens Azerai Luang Prabang

The wait is finally over, as Adrian Zecha’s first Azerai hotel makes its debut in Laos

Zecha, who founded Aman, is now writing his first chapter of a new story and a future stable of hotels. Azerai offers guests refined elegance and discreet but attentive service at affordable prices.

Azerai Luang Prabang Destination Deluxe

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“Azerai”, which was taken from the Persian word caravanserai (a resting place with a central courtyard for travelers), is envisioned for today’s urbane nomads looking for distinction and comfort.

Azerai Luang Prabang is the new hotel brand’s first resort, situated in a green valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, surrounded by steep mountainous countryside next to the Mekong River. The spiritual and soulful town is home to 30 Buddhist temples where robed monks are a common sight, and colorful markets display an eclectic mix of hand-crafted textiles and jewelry alongside fresh vegetables, fruits and local delicacies.

Azerai_Luang Prabang_Laos_Destination Deluxe

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The 53-room resort is a fusion of local cultural heritage and contemporary design. It includes a gym, as well as a Massage Retreat (spa) where well-trained wellness therapists perform traditional methods of this wellbeing practice. French-influenced western and Lao dishes are served up at the Azerai Bistro.

Azerai Adrian Zecha_Laos_Destination Deluxe

A concierge team can put together an itinerary of scenic and cultural attractions, which may include day trips to ancient caves and waterfalls, sunset climbs up Mount Phousi, biking, antique shopping, cooking classes and excursions to the temples.