Alba Wellness Valley By Fusion, Hue, Vietnam

Alba Wellness Valley takes you on a journey of holistic wellbeing with Alba's natural hot spring at its core

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Located approximately 30 kilometres northwest of Hue city, Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion is nestled amidst the pristine surroundings of the Alba hot spring and natural mineral drinking water source. This distinguished resort offers an unparalleled wellness experience, combining top-tier professional services with luxurious amenities. Within the valley, you’ll find a selection of tastefully appointed rooms and bungalows that exude a subtle yet captivating elegance. Central to the resort’s ethos is the rejuvenating Alba natural hot spring, which serves as the cornerstone of your wellness journey. Immerse yourself in this therapeutic mineral water to find relief from the stresses of modern life, paving the way for deep relaxation and revitalization.


At Alba Wellness Valley, you’re cordially invited on an exclusive journey that encompasses holistic well-being, mental serenity, and inner tranquility, with Alba’s natural hot spring at its core. These legendary hot springs were initially discovered in 1928 by Albert Sallet, a multi-talented French doctor, botanist, pharmacist, and archaeologist. They boast a harmonious and consistent mineral composition, including Calcium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium, and other elements renowned for their health benefits, comparable to some of the famous thermal water sources in Europe. Immerse yourself in this thermal mineral water, which aids in recovering from the ailments of modern life, promoting vibrant health, and paving the way for relaxation and rejuvenation. Don’t miss out on experiencing the ‘Water Meditation’ sessions during your visit.


Yoga serves as the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle at Alba Wellness Valley. Enter the yoga studio for a dynamic and invigorating yoga session, or gather with friends to enjoy the tranquility of the Zen garden. Let experienced yoga instructors lead you on a journey toward inner serenity and enhanced flexibility. You can also explore different offerings, including tai-chi, forest meditation, water meditation, walking meditation, and breathing classes to further enrich your wellness experience.


Crafted in a minimalist aesthetic with an infusion of warmth and sophistication, the establishment features an extensive selection of onsen baths and bathing amenities, each thoughtfully designated for separate use by men and women. Fueled by the mineral-rich hot spring water drawn from the depths of the Truong Son mountains, their thermal baths offer a blend of soothing and therapeutic encounters, regardless if you choose to indulge indoors or amid the natural outdoor settings.


  • The property is an all-inclusive wellness destination
  • Cooking classes that include a visit to the resort’s own farm; truly embracing farm to table dining experience
  • All natural, superior quality spring water in the resort results in health benefits on par with some of the finest mineral waters in Europe.


  • Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion also offers Healing Yourself Retreat and Detox Yourself package with all-in-one services,
  • The hotel offers various unique amenities such as breakfast anytime anywhere
  • Guests get access to Daily spa and Japanese Onsen


Choose from a range of deluxe rooms, 1-bedroom bungalows and 2-bedroom bungalows

TLB1, Phong Dien District,

Thua Thien