Allowing the Divine to Work Through You

Allow The Divine to Work Through You Mike Booth Aura-Soma - Destination Deluxe
We’ve all had moments when we realized that we are the only one standing in the way of our own healing, and sometimes it’s important to surrender to something bigger than ourselves, allowing the divine forces to work through us

Color has been a healing tool for many civilizations over the years, and we all know that it can brighten up a dull day or a dampened mood. Color therapy is widely known to boost your wellbeing, including your mental and emotional states.

There are many color therapy modalities and tools that help empower people, cleansing and refreshing our energetic system and raising our vibration. One such healing modality is Aura-Soma. Harnessing the energetic powers of Mother Nature, the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and its other products are famous for its vibrant colors. For almost 40 years, hundreds of thousands of people across more than 90 countries have been drawn to the nurturing and uplifting bottles with the dual-colored combinations.

Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles - Destination Deluxe
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Created to correspond with the seven chakras in our bodies, the Equilibrium bottles bring about ease, balance and calm within our energetic system, while strengthening and protecting the aura to empower us and elevate our consciousness. In addition to its healing colors, the bottles also contain plant and crystal energies, allowing the person using them to unlock their potential, enabling them to become the best version of themselves.

The colors we are drawn to are the colors we need. Together with an Aura-Soma practitioner you can choose your colors and explore the deeper meaning behind them and how these products can help you on your healing journey to build and maintain wholeness and wellbeing.

Intended to enhance happiness, creativity and vitality, Aura-Soma and its sister company AEOS, a skincare brand that goes a step further than organic beauty, use the highest quality of organic, biodynamic and wild crafted ingredients. But these beautiful concoctions go way beyond what we can grasp as humans. There’s something exceptionally ethereal about them, giving us that feeling of connecting with something much bigger than us, something magical and otherworldly, like a divine force that reaches out to us, through us, allowing for the highest good to manifest in our lives. 

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Mike Booth Aura-Soma CEO Guardian - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Mike Booth / Courtesy of Aura-Soma


When Mike Booth, CEO of Aura-Soma, met Vicky Wall, founder of the Aura-Soma system, back in 1983, he had no idea what he was in for. Little did he know that he would become her closest companion and that he was destined to step into her footsteps one day.

“I’ve been birthing the bottles since number 44,” Mike Booth recalls. “With all of the ones from 44 to 121 I have a, let’s say, birthing experience in relation to each of them. The basis of that is something which is very difficult for people to understand. It’s something that I can’t claim to be doing. Vicky described the process of giving birth to the first bottle by saying, ‘as though other hands moved her hands’, and these things came into being. The very beginning of Aura-Soma was really like that. The birthing of something that was on the one side an incredibly personal experience for herself as a consequence of prayer and meditation, and on the other side something that she felt went beyond her and moved through her as something that was a force, or an energy, or an inspiration that was not possessable but was something that was given to her as a consequence of the dedication, the commitment, the sense of really what she was occupied with as an answer to a question: ‘Really, what am I here for? What is it that you want of me? What is it that you’re asking of me?’ She entered into that very very deeply. At the time, she had gone through a core opening, and she was learning through releasing tension, movement, prayer and meditation. And it was in this context of that practice that Aura-Soma was formed.”

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Aura-Soma Session - Destination Deluxe
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Booth and Wall travelled and taught together for seven years. Their mutual respect and recognition were based on similar unique spiritual experiences and a sense of shared purpose.

“The way that I came together with Vicky Wall was through her near-death experiences, of which she had three,” says Booth. “I’d had three when we met. It was that this place, for both of us, was something incredibly important and transcendent, this place which is the remembrance of the first cell. The remembrance of the first cell, as far as she was concerned and in terms of my personal experience, was above the naval and a little way inside. In other words, quite close to where the connection with the mother was when we were conceived as a first cell. What that means is, all of the ingredients, the whole of who we are, the potential, the mission, the purpose, why we’re here and what we’re here to do, is loaded into that first cell.”

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Shire Farm Aura-Soma Mike Booth - Destination Deluxe
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It was that mutual understanding that laid the foundation for their path ahead together, which to many people seemed strange and possibly unfavorable for Booth. But, against all odds, he followed his inner guidance to support Wall in her mission to bring these celestial teachings to the world.

“I didn’t really understand that when I got involved with her in 1983 that the kind of purpose I was given at the time was to support this blind woman who had something important to offer to the world,” Booth recalls. “That was my inner instruction that I kind of followed, against my family wishes or my parents’ aspirations, or even friends that I had been very close to for many years in a meditative or spiritual context. Everyone was advising me not to do this thing, but the inner calling was incredibly strong, and as I say, it was just simply to support Vicky in what she was doing.

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“Her invitation to me on the first workshop she gave at our house, which was the first one she had ever given outside of the London area was, ‘I think we’re supposed to work together. I won’t be able to pay you for the first couple of years, but I’d like you to really be available, so that we can see what it is that comes out of what I feel is a working together and a sharing of our mutual purpose.’ It was a very strange and off-the-wall request. And the whole story in the beginning was in that sort of magical realm, not being something that is very easy to explain. What I put out to you today is an incredibly brief version of something which is quite inexplicable in many many ways.”

It was a big request, but Booth’s spiritual journey before Aura-Soma prepared him well for this unique path ahead. His teachings included many influences and traditions. He undertook Druidic studies at a young age, which opened him up to the richness of nature and the importance of working in unison with the Earth. He also started studying the mystical Kabbalah, the Tree of Life and the angelic realms. He later trained in Sufism and then Zen, which he practiced for 10 years, incorporating Zen meditation techniques in his management training. All of these philosophies, including his experience as a healer and his interest in the teachings of Rudolph Steiner — especially in the areas of education, biodynamic farming and color as a language of universal consciousness — became significant influences for Aura-Soma.

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Shire Farm 4th Chakra Path Aura-Soma - Destination Deluxe
Photo: 4th Chakra of Chakra Path at Shire Farm / Courtesy of Aura-Soma

Shire Farm in Lincolnshire, England, which spans 500 acres and which is owned and operated by Aura-Soma, is a great example of Mike’s commitment to biodynamic farming, and a soil to soul approach which connect the care and fertility of the earth with the personal and planetary wellbeing.

Furthermore, Booth was a potter, and ultimately became a painter of internationally-known mandalas, which deepened his spiritual life and became one of the sources of inspiration for the continuous growth of Aura-Soma.

“I was teaching meditation and relaxation to center managers for the unemployed, and I was working two days a week with quite a good salary and having five days for my painting and creativity, and my own meditative exploration, which I was obviously busy with at the time,” recalls Booth about the time Wall had asked him to join forces. “It was full-time, seven days a week, from the time she got up to the time she went to bed. And that was a seven-year process from when she asked me to do it, to when she made the transition at the very beginning of January 1991. Those seven years were a very intense process.”

But even though it was a huge responsibility to take on Aura-Soma and commit to its future developments, Booth was never “alone”. He has always been divinely guided along the way.  


“After bottle 43 was born, she specifically told me to go into the laboratory,” he recalls, “and she said, ‘Mike, it’s now your time to birth the bottles’. This was around 1989 when the bottle 44, The Guardian Angel, was born. It was not something I was anticipating or expecting, that she would make this request, and so I went into the laboratory and stood there for a few moments, really wondering what it was that was asked of me, and then miraculously something happened and a few things came together. Eventually, after about half an hour of fiddling with colors, essential oils, extracts and crystals, I took the bottle upstairs to the lounge where Vicky was sitting. And Vicky immediately said, as soon as I walked into the room with this new bottle, ‘Oh the guardian angel has arrived’. Nowadays it’s a process, and it’s like clues are given, and it’s like following a rabbit hole. Going within…yes, a meditative experience is part of it, but it can happen in all sorts of ways, like looking out of a train window and seeing a field with golden corn and a pale blue sky, and it being a half division on a train window.”

Booth has even written a book called ‘The Naming of the Bottles’ (available in German and Japanese), which contains a number of stories and explains how each bottle came to be.

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Aura-Soma Pomanders - Destination Deluxe
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With 121 Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences, and Archangelois under the Aura-Soma brand, its sister brand AEOS, the 500-acre Shire Farm, and Dev Aura (House of Light) which is a residential training center for the Aura-Soma Academy, the company continues to infuse the world with its otherworldly healing energies. And it’s all held together by an overriding intention.

“It was something that Vicky held incredibly dear,” says Booth, “this major super objective intention that nothing would activate unless it was for the greater good of the person using it.”


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