Aman Wellness Retreats in 2024

Aman Wellness Retreats - Destination Deluxe
Aman announced new wellness retreats for 2024

A pioneer in the wellness industry, Aman has always delivered a holistic and integrative wellness experience, taking care of mind, body and spirit. The brand is continuously working to innovate its wellness offering in line with the ever-changing needs of guests. Encouraging an invigorating process of renewal, Aman introduces new initiatives to its wellness program throughout 2024. 


Amangiri Wellness Retreats USA - Destination Deluxe
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June 7 – June 10, 2024
4 days, Longevity Powered by Nature Retreat

This summer, Amangiri will host the Longevity Powered by Nature Retreat with renowned Buddhist monk Geshe Yong Dong from 7-10 June. Set in the Utah desert, this four-day retreat offers Tibetan Bon practices like meditation, mantra chanting, and movement to rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. The retreat begins with a welcome ceremony and includes sunrise mindfulness walks and evening sessions such as the Tibetan Magic Movement for stress relief and circadian rhythm awareness.

Participants will enjoy up to 3 hours of spa treatments and full access to Amangiri’s spa facilities. Each guest will receive a bespoke journal, incense sticks, and Geshe Yong Dong’s book ‘Calm Breath, Calm Mind’ as keepsakes from this transformative experience.

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Amanpulo Philippines Wellness Destination Deluxe
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April – June 2024

Several Days, Healing Water Retreat

Join the curated Healing Water Retreat at Amanpulo, blending the significance of the sea on Pamalican Island with Amanpulo’s core wellness principles over several days. Available from April to June, this special retreat features ocean-inspired activities such as aqua yoga, open-water swimming, a Seven Seas Massage, and a sunset cruise, all designed to harmonize water enthusiasts with the soothing rhythms of the Sulu Sea.

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Amanzoe Detox Retreat Wellness Program of the Year 2020 Shortlist - Destination Deluxe
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April 1 – November 15, 2024
1 day, Fitness & Recovery Optimization

For those wishing to focus on wellbeing, a new one-day tailored Fitness & Recovery Optimization retreat is available at Amanzoe, a modern-day Acropolis in Greece. Starting with a full body consultation and postural analysis, the retreat includes a functional training session, an indoor movement class, cardio session and a 30 minutes Cellgym treatment to optimise aerobic and anaerobic capacity, followed by a recovery session and alternating contrast therapy in the sauna and cold plunge pool, reinvigorating the body and reducing muscle soreness and inflammation.

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Aman Wellness Retreats Amanjiwo - Destination Deluxe
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June 7 – 10, 2024
4 days, Celebration of Ancient Wisdom

Discover enlightenment in the serene setting of Amanjiwo, overlooking the Unesco-listed Borobudur temple and the misty, volcano-ringed countryside of Java. Over three peaceful nights, this Indonesian retreat, led by mindfulness expert and yoga teacher Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, will introduce guests to new paths of wisdom through movement, meditation, and monk-led rituals.

Participants will experience special temple-hosted dinners and symbolic dove-release ceremonies, enhancing their spiritual journey. This unique retreat promises a deeply enriching experience in one of the world’s most spiritually profound locations.



In recent years, preventative medicine has been a growing trend, with individuals seeking to improve their lifestyle to ensure they remain fit and healthy in the face of illness. Throughout 2024, Aman’s flagship holistic hideaways will continue to offer carefully calibrated individual Wellness Immersions, balancing every aspect of health and wellbeing. 

Based on thorough testing and assessments, they include a customized routine with daily spa treatments, a considered diet or cleanse, and suggested exercise.  Sensitively curated, they promise expert guidance and advice, and time in which to reflect, recalibrate and reset the course of long-term health.





Wellness Retreats Amanpuri - Destinatio Deluxe
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Starting at 3 Nights

For over three decades, Amanpuri (Thailand) has been a sanctuary for guests on the pristine shores of Phuket. The team consists of lifestyle experts, medical doctors,  physiotherapists, nutritionists, as well as an in-house traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. From yoga retreats to personalised fitness routines, Amanpuri is the ideal stepping-stone on your journey to self-discovery and self-improvement.

Original Immersions

Lasting a minimum of three nights, Original Immersions are tailored to individual wellness needs. Whether it’s Mindfulness & Stress Management, Weight Management, Performance & Recovery or Detox & Cleansing, each Immersion is personalized based on in-depth assessments and wellness screenings.

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Starting at 3 Nights

Amanemu’s 2,000-square-meter spa embraces the restorative power of water. Designed around a vast hot-spring bath fed by mineral-rich waters of Ise-Shima, the spa takes a holistic approach, fusing Japanese healing practices with nature-inspired therapies from around the Aman world.

Lasting three days or more, Amanemu’s Immersions are restorative journeys incorporating private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments and complete nutritional support. Amanemu’s Individual Wellness Immersions include Mindfulness & Stress Management, Detox & Cleansing, Recovery & Recuperation, and Beauty & Slow Ageing. 

1. Detox & Cleansing

For those seeking to optimise the body, refresh the mind and promote a long and healthy life, this Immersion is designed to improve the digestive system, flush out toxicity, and gently stimulate the body’s natural cleansing processes.

2. Mindfulness & Stress Management 

To achieve lasting inner calm, this Immersion combines traditional Japanese meditation, shiatsu massage and aquatic bodywork to inspire renewed internal focus and a heightened sense of spiritual connection.

3. Recovery & Recuperation

For those who are recovering from illness or injury, or simply seeking to optimise overall wellbeing, this Immersion uses the healing power of Amanemu’s onsen baths as part of a programme of massage, body work and personal training to restore and improve fitness.

4. Beauty & Slow-Ageing

For those seeking to rejuvenate the complexion, tone the body and boost mental energy, this Immersion draws on traditional Japanese wellness practices to reduce the appearance of ageing and improve overall health.


Amanbagh India - Destination Deluxe
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Starting at 4 Nights

Utterly serene in India’s rugged Aravalli Hills, Amanbagh’s lush gardens, shaded courtyards and domed cupolas make it an ideal setting for an immersive retreat. Amanbagh’s Wellness Immersions (Yoga & Mindfulness, Detox & Cleansing, Ayurveda, and Ayurshala Immersion) are tailored to individual needs and draw on India’s remarkable wellness heritage to inspire and promote meaningful change.

1. Yoga & Mindfulness

Amanbagh’s Yoga & Mindfulness Immersion is tailored to the individual with an in-depth consultation with its resident Ayurvedic physician. Nutrition plans will be based on a Sattvic diet as referenced in Ayurvedic and Yogic literature, focusing on fresh, organic foods rich in prana (life force). The immersion includes yoga sessions, a full board on Ayurveda menu, and a sunrise guided walk.

2. Detox & Cleansing

This immersion is designed to eliminate the toxins accumulated in your body as a result of tension, improper diet and unavoidable environmental factors. The results are improved immunity, cellular regeneration, the optimum functioning of your body’s systems and a reinvigorated sense of wellbeing.

3. Ayurveda

The minimum 4-night Ayurveda immersion harnesses every aspect of Ayurveda. From improving memory, strengthening the Ayurvedic sense organs, boosting physical endurance and fighting the signs of aging, you get to embrace the benefits of Ayurveda for a renewed lease on life. You will have a wellness consultation that will determine your personalized Ayurvedic diet, Ayurvedic therapies, meditation and passive movement, all carefully prescribed to balance your doshas – the building blocks of your constitution according to Ayurveda.

4. Ayurshala Immersion

Lasting 4 nights or more, each retreat begins with a consultation led by the resort’s in-house Ayurveda physician followed by a tour of the organic garden, where the resort grows over 200 medicinal plants used in traditional Ayurvedic recipes. Tailored formulations using ingredients harvested from the garden are prepared and prescribed. There will also be private daily movement sessions, group Yoga classes and meditations, alongside three healthy meals a day.

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Amanyara - Destination Deluxe
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Starting at 1 day

Amanyara offers a One-day Wellness Immersion program for guests whose itinerary cannot accommodate a multi-day immersion commitment but want to incorporate a wellness aspect to their stay. Spa specialists will devise a personalized itinerary offering a condensed Immersion experience, which includes a spa treatment, private movement or meditation class and a personally prescribed specialized therapy.

Other than the 1 day immersion, they also have the Mindfullness & Stress Management Immersion for those seeking to regain control of their lives, this Immersion follows a programme of physical and mental practices, supported by mindfulness and meditation techniques, centering spa rituals and healthy nutrition, the Immersion helps shift focus inwards, guiding participants towards inner peace and lasting resilience.