Aura-Soma Rebalances Your Energies With Colors And Crystals

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Aura-Soma balances your energies with colors, plants and crystals, having an impact on your soul journey, your talents and gifts, as well as your purpose and potential

We’ve all heard about how colors can instantly change or affect a person’s mood and subconscious programming, but how exactly does a wellbeing method like Aura-Soma affect our inner being?

Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality Created using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients the products bring ease, balance and calm to your energetic system. While strengthening and protecting the aura they empower and elevate.


The goal of all non-intrusive holistic healing systems, be it acupuncture, reiki, or even basic meditation, is to rebalance our chakras and strengthen weak or realign detached areas in our auras. Aura-Soma, too, has similar transformational benefits.

It was first developed by an English surgical chiropodist named Vicky Wall in 1983. She developed a strong auric sight after losing her physical eyesight due to old age. She was given the information for the first bottles during her meditations. She started with a few experiments, mixing different oils, extracts, and essences, and she described the process as “her hands being moved by unseen hands”. Thus, Aura-Soma was created.

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Many philosophers and practitioners believe that each human being has many different aura colors. Each color represents the different traits, personalities and emotions of that human being, hence we often use color to describe certain feelings. Color is a universal language that has the unique ability to communicate and transfer information and also alter our state of consciousness.

It is the colors we are drawn to that show us not only who we are, but also reveal how we can become more whole and improve our wellbeing. This is why color is at the heart of Aura-Soma’s wellbeing methods.


Approaching an accredited practitioner will be the first step as they can guide you better. Aura-Soma has many trained practitioners across the globe, and its training facility is located in Tetford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

It is recommended to visit a practitioner in person as this would help you to connect to the energies of the colors better. There is no substitution for standing in front of the Equilibrium bottles and picking them out for yourself.

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Aura-Soma Wellness Therapy - Destination Deluxe
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When you visit your Aura-Soma practitioner, the first thing to do would be to pick out your four bottles. Don’t overthink, don’t rush it. Don’t pick a color based on what your ‘favorite’ color is, but rather, energetically connect to them and pick out Equilibrium bottles based on your intuition.

Your practitioner will be able to help you decipher the living dynamics of your chosen colour combinations in relation to your unique and evolving life story. You will explore the meaning behind your chosen bottles and understand your journey to happiness and vitality through these bottles together.

Usually, in dual-colored Equilibrium bottles, the upper fraction (oil) represents your conscious awareness and manifestation; the lower fraction (water) portrays your subconscious. Therefore, the meaning of each color and the potential of it depends on whether it appears in the upper or lower part, and whether it is the first, second, third, or fourth bottle you selected.  

Different colors have different energetic frequencies. You are the colors you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs. Your bottle section will be individual and unique to you, and with the support of a qualified practitioner, you will be encouraged to explore what each color segment means for you. The process is completely self-selective and non intrusive.

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Each Equilibrium bottle is packed with vibrational magical energy. Activate these by shaking the bottle thoroughly and applying it to your body as you would with a body oil visualizing how you are nurturing yourself with color, plant, and crystal energies.

Whilst the consultation provides insight into your current situation, it is in applying the Aura-Soma colors onto and around yourself that the information discussed in the session may be absorbed and integrated into your everyday experience. The products have an energetic vibration that goes beyond words.

There is no right or wrong way to apply these oils, simply listen to your inner voice and apply it wherever it feels right. Energetically engaging with the bottles, applying Equilibrium to your body, leads to a deeper self-understanding.

You can apply the oil both morning and night. The magic of the oils unlocks when it touches your skin. Therefore, consistency is key to reaping maximum benefits.

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Photo: 4th Chakra of Chakra Path at Shire Farm / Courtesy of Aura-Soma


Aura-Soma stands by a ‘soil to soul’ philosophy. Everything from growing the ingredients to manufacturing is done in the most natural way. As many as possible of the ingredients used in the Aura-Soma products are grown on its Biodynamic Farm, Shire Farm. What it cannot grow in the UK, it sources from other Biodynamic growers where possible, and Mike Booth (Chairman of Aura-Soma) is a huge advocate of promoting this method of cultivation globally.

Nature and great energy heal the soul. Together with biodynamic farming, Aura-Soma manufacturers and suppliers also share their premium standards and make sure that everything is done in absolute good energy without harming any species. They have stood by the 100% cruelty-free philosophy since its inception in 1983.

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  • Equilibrium – The core of the Aura-Soma system, Equilibrium was described by Vicky Wall as “the window to the soul”. The dual colored bottles contain natural plant colors, and crystal energies that bring you closer to self-understanding. By choosing the colors that resonate with you, and applying them to your body, you will be able to integrate the energies required, and bring a deeper insight into your situation.
  • Pomanders – Pomanders support you to cleanse and refresh your energetic system. They can be chosen based on their colors, or based on the Equilibrium bottles you have selected. For those who deal with everyday stress, these magical products can help restore your balance and focus on your intent for the day.
  • Quintessences – For those who have a mindfulness practice such as meditation or contemplation, using three drops can help you understand yourself better. Working with the ascended masters, the Quintessences facilitate the eternal flow of positive energy, enabling empowerment and greater access to what and who you are.
  • Colour Essences – These products complement the Equilibrium bottles and help you ground your feelings and deepen your connection to Mother Earth. They’re the perfect addition to complement your holistic wellbeing. Simply add a few drops to your bath or pulse points and see your energy shift.
  • Archangeloi – The Archangeloi sprays correspond to the archangels. Introducing Archangeloi into your energy field can help to activate light seeds in your aura to increase the connection to and expression of your ongoing soul‑purpose and highest possibility for this life. They also help to focus your intention and better recognize your accomplishments during times of great change. This is best used before meditation or prayer and is highly beneficial to those looking for support.

To fully experience the wonders of the Aura-Soma system,  book a consultation with a registered practitioner, and find out what calls to you the most from the 120+ colored bottles. The process is complete once the selected bottles are conciously applied to the body. It’s as simple as this.


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