Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day 2024

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The Destination Deluxe Wellness Day on 19th of September 2024 promises to be an unforgettable gathering of industry leaders and enthusiasts alike, coming together to celebrate the best in wellness, spa, beauty, and travel.

The Destination Deluxe Wellness Day will draw to a close with the prestigious Destination Deluxe Awards 2024. This culmination marks the highlight of a day dedicated to exploring the latest trends and innovations in wellness and travel. From engaging panel discussions to wellness activities, attendees will immerse themselves in a world of wellness before eagerly awaiting the announcement of the award winners.

WHERE: The Salil Hotel Riverside – Bangkok
WHEN: 19 September 2024
ACCOMMODATION: Optional – Special Rates until 19 July (1 or 2 Nights in a Deluxe Atelier)



PANEL DISCUSSION: Longevity & Biohacking

WORKSHOP: WHM (Wim Hof Method) Breathwork

Laura Hof WHM - Destination Deluxe

Laura Hof

WHM (Wim Hof Method) Instructor
Co-founder of Icemen Community
Female Biohacker & Nutritionist

As the daughter of the Iceman, Laura Hof’s life has been deeply influenced by the Wim Hof Method. Over the years, she has worked closely with her father, organizing large Wim Hof Method events and witnessing its profound impact on people’s lives. She has gone on to co-found Icewomen Community, inspiring women to embrace mindfulness, breathwork and cold exposure. Laura is also a biohacker and nutritionist, and continues to teach the Wim Hof Method with warmth, strength, and dedication.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Longevity & Biohacking

Duri Granziol - Destination Deluxe

Duri Granziol

Co-Founder and Head of APAC & EMEA of Avea

Duri Granziol is the Co-Founder and Head of APAC & EMEA at Avea, with a strong background in direct-to-consumer and e-commerce. He co-founded and led Mama’s Choice, a leading D2C brand in Southeast Asia, and served as Co-CEO of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce marketplace. His work in health insurance and a personal health scare fueled his interest in preventive health and longevity research. Duri is passionate about advancing health solutions to help people maintain youthfulness and good health.

Diana Kraemer - Destination Deluxe

Diana Kraemer

Co-founder of REKOOP

In 2024, Diana Kraemer co-founded REKOOP, Singapore’s revolutionary urban sanctuary that blends cutting-edge technology with ancient remedies to help individuals reclaim energy and restore balance. As Asia’s first social wellness club, REKOOP offers a unique space for personalized journeys to rediscover full potential. With over two decades of experience in health, fitness and wellness, Diana brings her expertise to REKOOP, creating an immersive experience that sets a new benchmark for wellness in a hospitality setting. The club aims to reimagine wellness, where guests can rejuvenate, connect with like-minded individuals, and seamlessly integrate wellness into their busy lives.


PANEL DISCUSSION: The Future of Wellness in Hospitality

Davide Bollati Davines Comfort Zone - Destination Deluxe

Davide Bollati

Chairman of Davines Group
Founder of Regenerative Society Foundation

Davide Bollati is the Chairman of Davines Group, an Italian company promoting sustainable beauty through Davines and [ comfort zone ]. He holds a Pharmacy degree from the University of Parma, a master’s in Cosmetic Science from Farleigh Dickinson University, and a diploma from Harvard Business School. Joining the family business in 1992 as a chemist, he now leads the Group, a B Corp since 2016, focusing on ethics, sustainability, beauty, and innovation. Bollati co-founded the Regenerative Society Foundation in 2020, aiming to transform society through a regenerative socioeconomic model prioritizing natural resource preservation and restoration.


Yuki Kiyono Aman - Destination Deluxe

Yuki Kiyono

Global Head of Health and Wellness Development at AMAN
Ambassador of The Global Wellness Institute

Known for her visionary approach, Yuki’s 20-year career spans from Grand Hyatt to Mandarin Oriental and Fairmont Hotels. Since joining Aman in 2014, she has transformed the wellness offering, integrating traditional and contemporary practices to create a holistic health & wellbeing concept. As Global Head of Health and Wellness Development, she directs the vision for all wellness, spa and medical operations across Aman’s current portfolio and pipeline properties, including Janu, the pioneering sibling brand to Aman. Yuki’s academic background is Hotel Operations at New York University and Health Education & Science at Osaka Woman’s College in Japan.


Ingo Schweder - Destination Deluxe

Ingo Schweder

Founder & CEO of GOCO Hospitality

With over 40 years of expertise in the spa and hospitality industries, Ingo Schweder spearheads GOCO Hospitality and Horwath HTL Health and Wellness. Managing over 400 projects valued at $4.5 billion in 42 countries, he excels in wellness developments for prestigious hospitality and real estate brands. Ingo owns Glen Ivy Hot Springs, California. He co-founded Space Yoga & Space Cycle, and worked with prestigious brands like Mandarin Oriental, and Ananda in the Himalayas. In partnership with a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Limited, he formed a JV expanding into Wellness Real Estate, acquiring resorts, and pursuing new projects across the globe.


WORKSHOP: Sunset Yoga

Daniel Rama Yoga Teacher - Destination Deluxe

Daniel Rama

Yoga and Movement Teacher 
Inversion Coach

Rama is a teacher of teachers and his journey is one of overcoming crippling injuries through the science of self-improvement. He has a background in functional anatomy and added authenticity to his yoga practice by spending years living in a hatha yoga ashram. Present day, Rama has made it his life’s purpose to share the power of yoga, movement and mindfulness. Rama is currently based at VIKASA in Koh Samui, Thailand, and leads international workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings as well as and inclusive online studio.


WORKSHOP: Soundbath

Letizia Silvestri Sound Bath - Destination Deluxe

Letizia Silvestri

Sound Healer and Hypnotherapist

Letizia Silvestri is a certified sound healer and board-certified clinical hypnotherapist deeply committed to promoting wellness and stillness. Her expertise includes advanced clinical hypnotherapy, with a specialization in medical and past life regression, and breath work certification. Silvestri’s innovative HypnoSoundbath™ blends sound healing with hypnotherapy, offering a unique approach to personalized sessions and corporate wellness programs, focusing on holistic and scientific practices for a balanced mind and body.





The Salil Hotel Riverside – Bangkok in Thailand

19 September 2024

08:00 – 23:00



Attendees from across the globe in the wellness, beauty and travel industries.

  • Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Hotel Directors
  • Spa & Wellness Directors
  • Skincare Brands
  • Fitness & Wellness Brands
  • Travel Agents
  • Retreat Leaders

Destination Deluxe Wellness Day 2023 CLARA Lunch


Experience the Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day, where networking happens effortlessly. Beyond transactions, connect with industry leaders, fostering innovation in wellness, spa and travel. Engage in meaningful exchanges, sharing ideas to drive businesses forward. With access to experts and interactive sessions, unlock endless inspiration to elevate your enterprise in a USD 1 trillion industry. Cultivate partnerships at your own pace to amplify transformative experiences globally. This platform redefines wellness travel, propelling your business toward the future. Don’t miss out on shaping the next era of transformative wellness journeys. Attend and be at the forefront of industry evolution, all while enjoying a tranquil setting.

Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day 2024 - The Salil Riverside - Bangkok


Wednesday, 18 September 2024


Optional Spa Treatments

Thursday, 19 September 2024


Breakfast Networking

Workshop: Breathwork / Soundbath

Networking Breakout

Panel: Longevity & Biohacking

Hosted Lunch Roundtables


Networking Breakout

Panel: The Future of Wellness in Hospitality

Networking Breakout

Workshop: Sunset Yoga


Awards Night

Friday, 20 September 2024

Breakfast Networking Opportunities

Optional Spa Treatments


The Salil Riverside Bangkok Room Deluxe City View King

Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or an avid wellness enthusiast, the Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day 2024 beckons with promises of inspiration, connection, and networking opportunities, reaching the grand finale with the crowning moment of the Destination Deluxe Awards ceremony. It’s an event not to be missed.