Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day 2024

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The Destination Deluxe Awards honor the leaders and pioneers in wellness and travel. The prestigious Awards celebrate the hotels, spas, treatments, skincare and wellness brands that drive the remarkable luxury standard of these industries. Quality, transparency and originality are fundamental criteria of the Destination Deluxe Awards, as they recognize and praise the change-makers of today who go beyond set boundaries and innovate in their respective fields.

The Destination Deluxe Awards span 25 categories. The 20 judges, who are well-respected industry experts, select their top three nominees in the 22 categories from the shortlist, while the public votes for their favorites in the 3 People’s Choice categories (until 31 August 2024).

This year, Destination Deluxe is teaming up with Ecocert, the leader in certification, who will determine the “Eco-Spa of the Year” finalists together with us. All finalists will receive a consultation by Ecocert, highlighting its new certification “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” and determining how that would apply to each spa.

This year, the Destination Deluxe Awards will be part of a Wellness Day, which will culminate with the winner announcement during the Destination Deluxe Awards 2024 ceremony. The Destination Deluxe Awards & Wellness Day 2024 will take place at The Salil Hotel Riverside – Bangkok.

Finalists will be announced on 17 June 2024. 

If you have any questions regarding the awards or the nominations, please contact us at