6 Tips on How to Balance Your Chakras

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If your chakras are blocked, how do you align them and maintain your chakras?

We speak with energy healer and psychic development expert Phil Davies who shares his top 6 tips on maintaining our chakras (energy centres).


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1. Colours
Allow your own intuition to guide you in choosing what colours to wear. Our energy centres all have a particular frequency that resonates with certain colours that carry a similar frequency. For example if you are not feeling secure or grounded, maybe your root Chakra is not in balance with the rest of your energy centres. Maybe during this time you may feel drawn to wearing red. Whether that be outer clothes or underwear, this will help filter the colour that you need to help readdress the balance of the energy centre.

2. Food 
Adjust your diet to take in more food of the same colour of the Chakra you are trying to balance. Using the root chakra as an example once again, try adding more red coloured foods to your diet i.e., tomatoes, radishes, water melons, peppers, pomegranates.

3. Sound 
Just as colour has a frequency, so too does sound. Our energy centres resonate to specific musical notes.
Root = C, Sacral = D, Solar Plexus = E, Heart = F, Throat = G, Third Eye = A, Crown = B.
Listening to music in the above notes will stimulate that particular energy centre (classical music is pretty good for this).

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4. Toning
We can also use our own voice to create tones to stimulate and balance the energy centres. Place both hands on the energy centre that feels out of balance, then begin to sound your deepest possible tone, gradually getting higher in pitch. You will intuitively know which pitch is correct for you, as you will begin to feel the centre feeling lighter and responding to that tone. Use this tone throughout the day/week until you feel more balanced.

5. Essential oils 
Essential oils also resonate at a particular frequency and can be used to balance chakras. They can be applied directly or by inhaling. (Please ensure if applying directly to the skin that they have been diluted sufficiently with a suitable carrier oil.)

6. Visualization
Visualization is quite possibly the most powerful tool of all. Sitting in meditation, visualise drawing energy up from the centre of the earth and cleansing each energy centre, with the relevant colour, sound and frequency.

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Phil Davies offers regular group meditations, spiritual guidance and private sessions.

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