Barre Teacher Training at a Wellness Retreat in Koh Samui

Barre Teacher Training Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui - Destination Deluxe

A 4-Day (Level 1 or 2) or 7-Day (Level 1 & 2) Barre Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui

With barre being one of the trendiest workouts to date, it is no surprise then that more and more studios and gyms are adding this unique fitness technique to their repertoire. A method which is based on dance, Pilates and active stretching, barre is one of the fastest, and most effective ways to change your body, lifting the seat, toning the thighs, abs and arms, as well as lengthening the muscles and not to mention burning fat. It has already taken the US by storm and is now conquering Asia.

Samahita Retreat - Destination Deluxe
Two pioneers who introduced barre to Asia (with studios in Hong Kong and Singapore), the Barre 2 Barre founders Mylène Mackay and Karen Lim swear by these results-oriented fitness exercises.

“Barre is one of today’s hottest workouts,” says Mylène Mackay. “Think ballet-infused, strength and cardio training in a studio setting with the best playlists and barre crew to help get you through the jelly-leg inducing muscle-burn. It’s fun, and the class flows quickly, giving you a full body workout in less than an hour. Barre is here to stay, because it’s safe and sustainable – hard on your muscles, but easy on the joints. It is also one of the most effective workouts, with people seeing improvements in strength and flexibility in under 10 sessions.”

Mylene Mackay Barre 2 Barre - Destination Deluxe

With barre’s growing popularity Lim and Mackay have gone on to certify BarreAmped trainers who now teach classes in Singapore, London, Chicago and Taipei, and some have also set up their own studios.

This September, the two founders will offer their BarreAmped teacher training in a special retreat setting at Samahita Retreat on Koh Samui.

“This training is for all barre enthusiasts wanting to improve their technique,” says Lim. “Many of our studio regulars get certified for their own personal development and practice. It is also for personal trainers or group fitness instructors looking to add barre exercises to their teaching repertoire, boutique fitness studios wanting to add barre to their programming, or certified yoga or Pilates instructors hoping to deepen and enrich their practice and teaching skills.”

Karen Lim Barre 2 Barre - Destination Deluxe

Set in a beautiful wellness haven, the comprehensive training covers the full BarreAmped repertoire from foundational (Level 1) to advanced (Level 2), BarreAmped Bootcamp, Extreme Cardio Bootcamp, and BarreAmped Fire.

“One week of deep-diving into the BarreAmped methodology at a beautiful retreat in Thailand, surrounded by nature, sustained by healthy, wholesome food and led by caring and highly-qualified teacher trainers into a new and exciting stage of their lives,” says Mackay. “Our days will start and end with barre class, of course! We will cover course work on exercises, technique, basic barre anatomy and teaching skills in a welcoming and supportive environment. There will be an optional evening activity (talk, meditation, or film) to end the day, and there will be time dedicated to just chilling on the beach or at the spa.”

Being certified with the BarreAmped method gives trainees the skill set and training to safely take students through a transformational body- and mind-changing barre class, allowing them to teach multi-level barre classes at various fitness levels.

Apart from honing your barre skills and training with like-minded individuals, the retreat also offers a well-rounded approach to wellness, including boat and snorkeling trips, small excursions and spa treatments.

Barre Teacher Training Koh Samui - Destination Deluxe

BarreAmped Comprehensive Certification Retreat:

7 Days Comprehensive (22-29 September)
– Private Room: HK$25,500 (Early Bird HK$24,500)
– Semi-Private Room: HK$24,300 (Early Bird HK$23,200)
– Share Two Bedroom Loft: HK$22,900 (Early Bird HK$21,800)

4 Days Level 1 (22-26 September), or Level 2 (25-29 September) 
– Private Room: HK$16,000 (Early Bird HK$15,000) 
– Semi-Private Room: HK$15,000 (Early Bird HK$14,000)
– Share Two Bedroom Loft: HK$14,000  (Early Bird HK$13,000)

Early bird ends 14 May 2018

Rates include daily accommodation, airport transfers, wholesome and healthy meals plus full use of resort facilities.

Barre Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat Panoramic - Destination Deluxe