Bawah Reserve Takes Barefoot Luxury to New Levels

Just two hours from Singapore, Bawah Reserve is a natural hideaway that has everything to wow its adventurous guests

Primed to be the ultimate Robinson Crusoe-esque island destination in Southeast Asia, Bawah Private Island opens its doors this June. A total of five pristine islands situated between turquoise lagoons, Bawah Private Island is located In Indonesia just two hours north east of Singapore, and can be accessed via ferry from Singapore to Batam, followed by a private seaplane.

The untouched archipelago offers 300 acres of untouched natural landscape, surrounded by 13 beaches with crystal-clear waters. Bawah will feature 35 eco villas on the beach as well as overwater. All tented villas and public areas are constructed of sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled teak, while the baths are made of recycled copper.

Bawah Reserve - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Bawah Reserve

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The resort will include a treetop Club House with a viewing balcony, a beach-fronted infinity pool, as well as a yoga pavilion and spa for wellness enthusiasts. Furthermore, Bawah will offer adventurous excursions, including snorkeling in pristine waters or hiking through the untouched forest, which has never been cut or burnt down.

To preserve the island’s natural beauty and to provide an authentic and sustainable travel experience, Bawah protects the island’s flora and fauna and its abundance of bird and butterfly species with a firm stance against pesticides. Bawah is also an official marine conservation area where fishing is forbidden. As a result, fish and corals flourish in the lagoons.

Bawah Reserve Private Island - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Bawah Reserve

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Furthermore, Bawah will host a new pilot scheme with REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator). REIDS aims for 90% of Indonesia’s off-grid population to be provided with renewable energy through new ‘micro-grids’, which will integrate renewable energy sources. These micro-grids will eventually power thousands of islands in Southeast Asia, without ever connecting to a main power source. Bawah will be spearheading this initiative in being the first island to be powered by this innovative renewable energy technology.