The Benefits of Floating

Floating Hong Kong Destination Deluxe

Experience ultimate relaxation, cocooned in a floatation tank 


Floating in a zero gravity environment relieves stress and improves circulation among many other wellness benefits. A sensory deprivation experience inside your very own spa, a spaceship-like DreamPod, which is filled with 500 kilograms of epsom salt and magnesium, floating allows your body to become weightless and therefore relax every muscle from head to toe.


After a quick shower and armed with earplugs, you enter the floatation tank with or without swimsuit. The water is kept at 34 degrees Celsius, and the DreamPod can remain open or closed, depending on how comfortable or claustrophobic you might be. But for a complete immersion, it is recommended to close the lid, so there is zero distraction and you can empty your mind.

Floating Vivienne Tang


Floating is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing and achieve a meditative state very quickly as it shuts out sounds, sight, touch and smells. Floating for an hour can create theta brain waves, which are only experienced during deep meditation or right before you drift off to sleep.

It reduces levels of anxiety and depression and has also shown to curb addictions and cure phobias.

Floatation pods also create the ideal setting for visualization, and if experienced regularly can stimulate creativity and help immensely with goal setting and manifestation.

As much as it improves mental relaxation and mindfulness, floating also has huge physical benefits, as it helps the body to absorb magnesium, which we are in need of when we’re stressed out and sleep deprived. A healthy level of magnesium lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels and increases the quality of your sleep.

Many people with sports injuries also float for pain relief, and it can even address migraines, chronic back pain and arthritis.

Vivienne Tang tried out Float On Hong Kong. A 60-minute single float costs HK$630. Packages and memberships are also available.

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