Biologique Recherche Unlocks the Secrets of Anti-Aging with New Collagène Originel Serum

Collagene Originel Serum Authentique - Destination Deluxe
Driven by scientific innovations, French brand Biologique Recherche is revolutionizing skincare with its new Collagène Originel serum

Known for its highly effective, targeted products driven by active ingredients, Biologique Recherche is now taking anti-aging skincare to the next level with its new Collagène Originel serum.

A patented 3D redensifying serum, Collagène Originel is a powerful daily-use product that treats skin aging and wrinkles from the inside out. Designed to work within Biologique Recherche’s “treatment” phase, in tandem with the brand’s other products, this quintessential anti-wrinkle serum works hard to effectively minimize established wrinkles.

Biologique Recherche’s patented Skin Instants© program helps each individual understand their skin’s particular needs and choose the right combination of products to address these. In keeping with this program, Collagène Originel is particularly recommended for Skin Instants© with established wrinkles.


Led by Dr. Allouche, the Research & Development department at Biologique Recherche found the purest possible collagen to create the core ingredient of this efficacious serum. Taken from a primitive planktonic organism that hasn’t evolved in more than 600 million years, this collagen is the historical root of all collagen types. From this, Biologique Recherche developed its patented Type-O Collagen active ingredient for Collagène Originel.

Biologique Recherche’s latest product was created along two lines of research that focus on restructuring the skin. First, the patented Type-0 Collagen works with extract of silene to boost dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) cohesion. By increasing the contact area between the dermis and epidermis, the product restarts the cellular functions that decrease with age, leading to unprecedented skin rejuvenation. Secondly, Collagène Originel uses soybean glycopeptides and green microalgae to boost two of the most abundant types of collagen in the skin and strengthen the skin’s resilience and improve its firmness. By causing deep regeneration within the layers of the skin, the product offers an exceptional plumping effect that makes the skin tighter and smoother while significantly decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

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Collagene Originel - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Biologique Recherche


Like all the other products in Biologique Recherche’s skincare line, Collagène Originel is extremely potent and produces visible results in a short time. By stimulating collagen at the gene and protein levels, this potent formula reinvigorates the skin, reduces the length of wrinkles, and slows the appearance of new lines. In clinical trials, Collagène Originel proved to increase the integrity of collagen fibers by 28% in three days and reduce wrinkle length by 21% in 56 days. In addition, the four different types of collagen that the product works on were stimulated by between 13% and 62% over seven days.


Collagen is a structural protein and a key component of the skin. After the age of 25, the amount of collagen in the skin begins to decrease by some 1% a year, causing the thinning and sagging of the skin. Although there are 28 different types of collagens in humans, there are four that are particularly important for maintaining skin structure and density. It is these four collagens that Biologique Recherche focused on when creating Collagène Originel.

By maintaining or boosting the amount of collagen in the skin, it is possible to create biomechanical resistance to skin stretching and enhance essential biological processes such as cell adhesion and migration. In doing so, the skin maintains its smooth, buoyant look and youthful glow.


With Collagène Originel, Biologique Recherche has created a powerful formula with Type-0 collagen—a patented active ingredient derived from marine biotechnology—at its heart. Using this ingredient, this highly effective new product boosts the four essential types of collagen (I, III, IV, and VII) to stimulate any collagen already present in the skin. By operating at the gene and protein levels, Collagène Originel redensifies the skin in three dimensions, effectively reducing the length and intensity of wrinkles and revitalizing the dermal-epidermal junction.

Another central ingredient, extract of silene is taken from a rare, delicate Mediterranean plant and counteracts the effect of aging by helping skin regain its youthful biomechanical properties. It promotes the expression of certain proteins to restore skin firmness and reduce wrinkles.

Collagène Originel also includes green microalgae as a redensifying platform. Rich in proteins and essential nutrients, the extract stimulates major components of the skin and helps it regain density, tone, and firmness. Its effects are further bolstered by the addition of soybean glycopeptides in the Collagène Originel formula.


In creating Collagène Originel, Biologique Recherche has unlocked the next frontier in anti-aging skincare. With the brand’s exclusive, patented Type-0 Collagen as its main active ingredient, this potent new serum will allow an unprecedented level of treatment for skin that is presented with loss of firmness and elasticity and ingrained wrinkles.


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