7-Night Hormone Balance Retreat – Lanserhof, Sylt | Germany

Starting from US$5,270 for Double Occupancy

Hormone health significantly impacts every stage of a woman’s life, with even minor fluctuations potentially affecting various aspects of daily life. Symptoms like persistent malaise, menstrual cycle changes, or weight gain can result from the intricate interplay of hormones in the female body. The Hormone Balance retreat at Lanserhof Sylt is tailored for women experiencing mood swings, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and headaches due to hormonal changes. Through extensive diagnostic and therapeutic options, the program identifies the root cause of hormone imbalance and guides individuals towards improved well-being, primarily focusing on dietary and lifestyle changes as the foundation of therapy.


  • 1 Initial Medical Examination
  • 1 Extended Initial Medical Examination
  • 2 Medical Examinations with Abdominal Treatment Each
  • 1 Final Medical Examination and Consultation
  • 1 Lab Diagnostic (routinelab, osteoporosis)
  • 1 Bioelectrical Impendance Analysis & Discussion of Findings
  • 1 Bone Density Measurement (DXA scan)
  • 1 Hormone Consultation
  • 1 Nutritional Counseling + Diet Plan
  • 1 Metabolism Measurement
  • 1 Acupuncture (if required)