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Canyon Ranch is a pioneering wellness destination in Tucson, Arizona which offers an ever-evolving tradition of transformational experiences

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The Canyon Ranch Tucson is a wellness resort located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert and is the first of its kind. Opening in 1979, this resort has been continuously evolving for four decades, pioneering integrative wellness methods and inspiring the growth of wellbeing as an industry. At the heart of the resort is its integrative approach, drawing on holistic methods and treatments, and evidence from both West and East to address wellbeing of the mind, body, and spirit. Canyon Ranch Tucson allows guests to personalize their itinerary depending on their wellness goals. Choose from an extensive service catalog, including treatments within Spa & Beauty, Fitness & Movement, Nutrition & Food, Health & Performance, and Mind & Spirit.



At Canyon Ranch Tucson you can customize your health care. Guests can undergo a thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing to help determine any medical needs and risks. Under the guidance of expert physicians, guests can have leading-edge, quickly evolving lab tests to provide an in-depth understanding of how their body is functioning well before disease processes begin. Tests include body composition and bone density, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk factors, and biomarkers. Alternative medicine treatments are also on offer, such as Acuphoria, Acupuncture, Acutonics and Chinese Herbal Consult. Canyon Ranch Tucson is also known for its sport treatments, providing programs such as Advanced Muscle Recovery and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, which are led by sports medicine experts and are designed for those who want to restore their athletic capabilities.


With over 99 services, experience transformative self-care at the wellness spa at the Canyon Ranch Tucson, leading experts in therapeutic bodywork and beauty services help to relax, heal, and restore your energy levels. Whether you have a restorative goal in mind or just want some relaxation time, the spa and beauty experiences are made to be impactful and completely yours. Choose from medical aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Microneedling, and a Radiant Glow Hydrafacial. There is also a wide range of facial treatments to choose from, as well as the salon providing hair and makeup experts to transform your look. The spa mixes Eastern and Western therapies to offer guests an extensive range of bodywork and massages, from the Eastern practice of Abhyanga and Thai Massages to the body treatments of Coconut Melt and the Himalayan Salt Stone massage.


  • Canyon Ranch Tucson includes a wide range of services from medical, mental health, spiritual wellness, nutrition, outdoor activities and spa services. There is something for everyone.
  • Canyon Ranch Tucson has a unique offering with treatments and sessions ranging from Handwriting Analysis to Vortex Experience Guided Walk to Astro-Gemology.


  • Wellness Guides reach out four weeks in advance to help plan your stay to help you get the most out of your experience.
  • Canyon Ranch Tucson is informal, offering guests a relaxed environment. Bring comfortable clothing and footwear for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Canyon Ranch Tucson offers washers and dryers in all of their one-bedroom suites to take advantage of lighter suitcases when working out.
  • Bring a journal to write your intentions or note personal reflections.


Accommodations at the resort are modern, airy, and contain thoughtful amenities to make your stay pleasurable. Choose from Deluxe Rooms and a range of Suites (with Junior and One-Bedroom Suites being the most popular). One-Bedroom suites have two full bathrooms and washer/dryer.


Guests can select from Just Be Here or choose from 3-5 or 7-Night Pathways which are curated, intentional programs that have carefully selected services for the guest to get the most out of their experience.

A 3-Night Stay on Just Be Here starts at US$3,650.
A 3-Night Pathway starts at US$3,950.


8600 E Rockcliff Road
Arizona 85750