Castelfalfi's newly opened RAKxa Wellness Spa promises to be an oasis of holistic rejuvenation amidst Tuscany's serene landscape

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Nestled amid Tuscany’s rolling hills, Castelfalfi reopens in March 2024 with a fusion of heritage and modern luxury. Set between Pisa, Florence, and Siena, the estate spans 2,700 acres of vineyards and olive groves. Meticulously restored, its historic hamlet boasts artisanal shops and charming cafes. Under entrepreneur Sri Prakash Lohia’s stewardship, sustainability thrives, with organic agriculture and renewable energy. Guests indulge in refined suites, exclusive villas, and the rejuvenating RAKxa Wellness Spa, promising an unforgettable Tuscan escape.


Launched in Spring 2024, the RAKxa Wellness Spa at Castelfalfi promises an oasis of holistic rejuvenation amidst Tuscany’s serene landscape. Spanning over 1,500sqm, this exclusive wellness haven offers seven treatment rooms, two saunas, and an infinity pool with panoramic hillside views. Rooted in ancient Thai wisdom and modern therapies, RAKxa’s tailored programs target sleep, stress, and healing. Expert therapists and a nourishing wellness menu ensure guests embark on a transformative journey of relaxation and renewal. From personalized treatments to serene spaces, the RAKxa Wellness Spa invites guests to discover inner balance and vitality in the heart of Italy’s countryside.


At Castelfalfi, sustainability is woven into every aspect of the experience. Under Sri Prakash Lohia’s vision, the estate embraces organic agriculture and renewable energy, preserving Tuscany’s natural beauty. Certified CasaClima®, it boasts innovative water harvesting systems and wood biomass heating. With over 62 acres of vineyards and 10,000 olive trees, Castelfalfi champions eco-friendly practices, including rainwater collection and community engagement. Guests immerse themselves in a responsible luxury experience, knowing their stay supports the preservation of the local environment and community.


  • Seamless blend of medieval heritage and contemporary luxury.
  • Diverse culinary offerings celebrating Tuscan flavors and farm-to-table ethos.


  • Extensive array of activities, from truffle hunting to treetop adventures.
  • Strong commitment to sustainability, evident in every facet of the estate.


With 146 rooms spread across the estate, featuring a mix of renovated historic villas and the main building, the accommodation options embody a seamless blend of medieval allure and contemporary luxury. Indulge in the opulent amenities and sweeping vistas of the Signature Suites, or experience the timeless sophistication of the newly renovated Casa Medici villa.


Castelfalfi’s dining experience is a culinary journey through Tuscan flavors and innovation. Helmed by Executive Chef Davide De Simone, six restaurants and bars offer a feast for the senses. From La Rocca’s reimagined cuisine in a medieval castle to Olivina’s dynamic modern bistro, guests savor farm-to-table delights. Il Rosmarino’s traditional Tuscan fare and Ecrù Lounge Bar’s crafted cocktails complete the gastronomic adventure. With each bite, guests discover the essence of Tuscan hospitality amidst breathtaking views and vibrant ambiance.


Località Castelfalfi
Montaione (Florence) 50050