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Healing with Sacred Geometry


One of the most natural and powerful ways to heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is to work with sacred geometry. Apply some of these techniques and start benefitting from their transformational and uplifting vibration

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10 Wellness Trends for 2021


It’s time for a fresh start in 2021. We are ready to move on and already looking towards what’s new in wellness this year. Many of us can’t wait to get back outdoors and are facing the coming year with a renewed sense of love for the natural world


Top 9 Wellness Trends for 2020


With a new year approaching, wellness is up at the forefront as people are taking active steps to reduce their stress levels and achieve optimum health and wellbeing to live longer, happier lives. 2020 is the year of new techniques, modalities, and exercises to keep the heart and soul at peace and body in prime condition