Chenot Palace Weggis

Located on the pristine shores of Lake Lucerne, Chenot Palace Weggis welcomes you to a space to unlock your potential and increase your physical and mental performance

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At Chenot Palace Weggis, programs and treatments are expertly crafted and designed to prevent and rejuvenate your body to reach its optimal health. As you enter the health and wellness retreat, you will be evaluated by a professional team to make every experience integrative and personalized. There are various activities and treatments that are available to all ages, ensuring that even a short stay at Chenot Palace Weggis is a regenerating journey. Visiting the resort in the idyllic town of Weggis, home to beautiful landscape, is the perfect getaway that will bring harmony to body and mind.


The Chenot Method is a powerful, effective and personalized array of protocols, treatments and diet plans developed by a team of experts to prevent and rejuvenate your body, so you can be the best version of yourself.

The Chenot Method does not treat disease. Instead, it addresses the root cause: aging. This is a medical condition, and its goal is to support your body’s natural healing mechanisms to repair and rejuvenate itself from within, futureproofing it from age-related diseases.

Starting with the advanced diagnostics, the Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers look with scientific accuracy at an important array of biomarkers within the body to determine how exactly your lifestyle is impacting your aging process, so your treatment plan can be personalized, addressing your specific needs.

Harnessing 50 years of science, innovation and experience, the Chenot Method is the practical framework for promoting health, resetting (and possibly reversing) biological age, and extending your health span. The method is designed to enable you to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible.

Evidence-based treatments and the Chenot Diet are interwoven, layered and connected to create a stress-mimicking environment for the body, known as hormesis. The specific dose, intensity and frequency of these positive stressors causes your protective mechanisms to respond with biologically beneficial effects triggering the body’s rejuvenation process. As a result, your body is taken out of its comfort zone, resetting your cellular fitness and becoming more adaptable to change and resilient to stress.

These powerful treatments are adjusted throughout the program by Chenot’s health and wellness experts to help your body and mind reach their optimum level. Your health, strength, mental clarity and alertness will feel upgraded, empowering you to live a healthier, more vital life – whatever your age.

The strength of the Chenot Method lies in the way that it supports the natural healing mechanisms of the body and makes this process more efficient. As a result, you will feel genuinely healthy, physically clean and mentally alert.


Beautifully designed suites and rooms, private spaces, combined with the medical spa, is the ideal setting in which to take on a unique journey of mind and body reset. Chenot Palace Weggis offers three retreat programs, including Advanced Detox (7 nights / 6 days) to unleash the self-healing power of your body, Recover & Energise (7 nights / 6 days) to relax your mind and revitalize your body, and Prevention & Ageing Well (7 nights / 6 days) to activate self-optimization and preservation.

Each retreat program is personalized to your specific needs and has been designed to help you achieve the best possible results. It includes diagnostic tests, medical consultations, individualized treatment and diet plans that rejuvenate and reset body and mind. All programs are based on the Chenot Method signature treatments and protocols and are conducted during a minimum one-week stay.


  • The Chenot Method creates a stress-mimicking environment for your body, and the specific frequency and intensity of these positive stressors trigger your body’s rejuvenation process.
  • The healthy meals are not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing and highly Instagram worthy.


  • Chenot Palace Weggis offers a plant-based diet. This is to support the body in its fasting process, so you can achieve better results in a shorter period.


Food can be therapy, and this is where haute gastronomy meets cutting-edge science. An essential component of the Chenot Method, the Chenot Diet is a key intervention in your program, promoting cell rejuvenation and resistance to disease. Based on half a century of ongoing research, the diet is created by a talented team of creative chefs, food scientists and nutritionists to work in perfect synergy with your medical treatments.

The Chenot Diet consists of three appetising, multi-sensory, reduced-calorie and plant-based meals a day, each formulated to combine good fats, low glycaemic index carbohydrates and limited amounts of plant proteins. This specific composition of food triggers the body’s fasting response whilst providing ample nourishment to the cells, stimulating the senses, and avoiding the unpleasant side effects and risks posed by strict, prolonged fasts.

This eating plan will activate your ancestral survival genes and molecular pathways that will inhibit cell proliferation and division, instead intensifying cell protection and defence mechanisms. Moving from growth to detox mode, your cells will then recycle and remove unwanted metabolic waste and will rapidly repair, energize and rejuvenate.


Chenot Palace Weggis’ new contemporary building hosts 97 elegantly furnished rooms that look onto Lake Lucerne and the local mountain range. There are single rooms, double rooms, and suites available for booking.


The environment at Chenot Palace Weggis is fairly relaxed. Casual chic in the Tea Lounge and Dining Room.


Switzerland offers four seasons, and each one is unique. Spring and fall offer mild temperatures, while summer is often spent outdoors (think cool dips in the lake and late evenings catching the summer light), and winter can offer the added attraction of snow and cosy days spent inside.


The 7-Day wellness retreats start at US$5,800.


Hertensteinstrasse 34
6353 Weggis
+41 41 255 2160