A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Healing

Guide to Crystal Healing 101 - Destination Deluxe
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Crystals have become so popular among wellness practitioners and meditation groups. But how does crystal healing actually work? We find out

Whether you have heard of crystal healing or not, you have probably come across crystals in your everyday life, from the quartz crystal in your computer chip or your watch, the diamond on your wedding ring, a ruby in the laser treatment for the removal of an unwanted tattoo or stubborn pigmentation. Crystals are gaining popularity amongst health spas and clinics too, as individuals seek spirituality or holistic health. Crystals have become so mainstream for healing sessions, meditations, channelings and people’s spiritual growth. But how exactly does crystal healing work? And how do I choose my crystals?

We talk to crystal healer Michelle Harris who has over 20 years of experience in crystal healing and energy work. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to come into greater self empowerment and wellbeing. She shares more about the power of crystals: from how it works, to the benefits of different types of crystals, as well as helping you choose the right stone.

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Crystal Healing 101 How to Healing with Crystals - Destination Deluxe
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Crystal healing is an alternative healing modality that uses crystals to create a shift, re-balance and harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit. It has been around for thousands of years, and commonly involves the laying of crystals on the body in accordance with energy centers known as chakras. Sometimes, the crystals are held in the hands. It’s a form of vibrational medicine that allows the body to resolve energetic imbalances, in order to promote positivity, well-being and alignment to purer consciousness.

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Science has shown crystals emit frequencies. At their core, crystals are really vibrating energy. If we look at a crystal under a microscope, the atoms, protons and so on are actually moving particles of energy. Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance and their unique qualities are due to their mineral content, their sacred geometry and the color frequency they emit. And crystal healing is based on the principle that we are more than just this physical body ­­– that we are also made up of energy too, and that all things are really energy at their root. Because everything is made up of energy, thoughts, feelings, diseases and conditions also have an energy vibration or resonance of their own. When you hold or work with a crystal that represent love, it gets activated and you will feel its energy vibration. Your energy starts to interact with it. Your vibration matches it and you align with it. And crystals are of a purer and higher vibration, as they are perfect geometric physical manifestations of light ­– crystals are light in a physical form. Therefore, when placed on the body or held in the hand, crystals can channel light and energy of a higher frequency to create a ‘shift’ and to promote self-healing, by shaking up, transmuting, absorbing, diffusing and clearing the energetic blockages with you and around you.

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Here are five key crystals you should become familiar with.

Rose Quartz Healing with Crystals - Destination Deluxe

It’s the ‘heart stone’ for the heart chakra. It helps you to be open to more love, especially unconditional love such as mother’s love.

Citrine Healing Crystals Michelle Harris - Destination Deluxe

It helps you to be open to more abundance, success and prosperity. It also boosts confidence and self-esteem, and promotes joy and enthusiasm.

Amethyst Crystal Healing - Destination Deluxe

It helps in opening your third eye and crown chakra. It promotes mental clarity, intuition, spiritual wisdom, as well as clearing negative thoughts, cleansing negative energies and increasing sleep quality.

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Crystal Healing Black Tourmaline - Destination Deluxe

It repels and blocks negative energies to help prevent psychic attacks. It also purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration in order to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and mental detoxification.

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing 101 - Destination Deluxe

It’s a powerful and all-rounded stone for any condition. It can uplift vibrations, channel positive energies, clear negative energies, as well as raising your awareness so you can be attuned to your higher self. It can be used for manifestation as it amplifies intentions.

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When using or selecting a crystal, go by your intuition, or that which seems to ‘jump’ out at you, or what you are drawn to. It may feel as if they are talking to you and asking you to choose them. This will be the one you need in that moment, or the one that is best to use if you are selecting it for another in a healing.



Some crystals can absorb, dissolve and transmute energy and negative emotions, while some can magnify, amplify, store, direct and channel energy and light. You can ‘program’ them with what you wish to create and the crystal will take that and magnify it out into the Universe to manifest it. Please remember to program positive intentions, for the highest good of all. For example, you can channel the feeling of love, peace, joy or any other positive qualities you choose into a crystal and it will amplify that. You can also just put them in your home, by your bed, in your office, or even in your bra or pocket! Clusters and geodes in particular are great to have in your home or work place.

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Crystal Healing 101 - Destination Deluxe

Michelle Harris is the founder of the draco dragon healing symbols system, a crystal healing system which combines powerful symbols with crystal energies that helps people on multiple levels, from physical complaints to emotional healing, mental health, relationships, past trauma, developing intuition, releasing stress, soul/spiritual connection, and more.


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