Destination Deluxe Awards 2019

The Destination Deluxe Awards celebrate hotels, retreats, spas and skincare brands across the globe

Destination Deluxe is excited to announce the annual Destination Deluxe Awards, which will celebrate and honor international leaders and pioneers in the wellness, travel and spa industries, as well as praise select hotels, retreats, treatments and skincare brands across the globe.

Spanning 28 categories, this year’s awards will be evaluated by industry experts from the travel, wellness and spa sectors. Judges include Destination Deluxe founder Vivienne Tang, Nigel Franklyn, Sue Harmsworth, Mark Smith, Juliet Kinsman, Susie Ellis, Tracey Woodward, Gerry Bodeker, Lucy Jackson, Kathryn Moore, Parineeta Sethi and Johnny Chang.

COMO Shambhala Estate Bali - Destination Deluxe

Destination Deluxe Awards 2019 Categories:

  1. Hotel of the Year
  2. Resort of the Year
  3. Wellness Retreat of the Year
  4. Urban Wellness Retreat of the Year
  5. New Hotel of the Year
  6. Urban Hotel of the Year
  7. Hotel Design of the Year
  8. Private Island of the Year
  9. Eco-Hotel of the Year
  10. Hotel Spa of the Year
  11. Resort Spa of the Year
  12. Spa of the Year
  13. Medi-Spa of the Year
  14. Eco Spa of the Year
  15. New Spa of the Year
  16. Mineral & Hot Springs Spa of the Year
  17. Wellness Program of the Year
  18. Spa Treatment of the Year
  19. Medi-Spa Treatment of the Year
  20. Holistic Treatment of the Year
  21. Wellness Cuisine of the Year
  22. Wellness brand of the Year
  23. Spa Skincare brand of the Year
  24. Natural Skincare brand of the Year
  25. Results-oriented Skincare brand of the Year
  26. Anti-Aging Skincare brand of the Year
  27. New Skincare brand of the Year
  28. Wellness App of the Year

Nominations for the Destination Deluxe Awards 2019 are now open! The awards are extremely accessible as all hotels, resorts, spas and skincare companies are eligible for nomination. It is FREE of charge to submit nominations, and there is no fee applied when winning an award. Companies can nominate in one or more categories.

Those who wish to participate may submit their nominations by filling out the form by September 20, 2019. For questions regarding the awards or the nominations, please contact us at

The winners of the Destination Deluxe Awards 2019 will be announced later this year.

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