1-11 October 2024 | Catalonia, Spain

11 Day Advanced Detox and Healing Work with Yoga at La Muntanera (11 Days / 10 Nights)

Join La Muntanera for a nurturing 11-day retreat at their serene farm, where you can detox and break free from the daily automatic patterns with kindness and generosity. The program is based on an advanced detox protocol, replenishing all the nutrients your body has been missing probably for years, while taking away foods that prevent your body from healing. The program offers 9 days of full detox, the first day is a day for preparation and the last day is for a full integration, so that you can go back to the world smoothly.

Given that their detox program addresses both physical nutrition and emotional well-being, the daily schedule allows for ample space to support this holistic process.

Mornings begin with energizing yoga sessions, followed by calming meditation to foster inner balance. Participants then will enjoy their first detox juice, followed by a choice of either a heavy metal detox shake or a liver cleanse shake, tailored to individual needs.

Throughout the day, moments of mindfulness are interspersed with free time for relaxation, nourishment, and reflection.

Lunch and snacks are provided to sustain participants. Those who would like to attend a circus or an Acro yoga practices may do so.

Evenings conclude with a brief gathering for sharing insights and a closing practice, which may include Yoga Nidra, meditation, journaling, and authentic relating workshops and ensuring a peaceful end to each fulfilling day.

La Muntanera farm is a self-sustained ecological haven, thrives on renewable energies. A symphony of an underground stream and solar power. Just the perfect place for a deep detox!

Retreat Includes:

  • Morning meditations in the forest
  • Morning yoga
  • Energy work sessions
  • Practices of awareness
  • Afternoon Acroyoga
  • Evening group activities
  • All detox meals, snacks, juices, and shakes
  • 10 nights accommodation

Not Included:

  • Flights


Einat Dotan - Destination Deluxe

Einat Dotan
Healing work, energy work, spiritual coach

After navigating a demanding career and dealing with a chronic illness, Einat embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery. Throughout her healing journey, she explored diverse healing modalities, delving into the realms of yoga, energy work, meditation, and ancient medicines. She learned from incredible masters with timeless wisdom, immersing herself in ashrams, monasteries, and sacred places to uncover life’s hidden secrets and experience the magic of inner work. Her constant pursuit was to deepen her understanding of the profound connection between emotions and the physical body.

Mayan Bar Nur - Destination Deluxe

Mayan Bar Nur

After spending four formative years at “Sandsiel Circus,” Mayan not only fulfilled her initial aspirations but exceeded them. Empowered by newfound confidence and resilience, she aspires to imbue her students with the same sense of strength upon leaving her classes. Following an immersive three-year Yoga Teaching Training program at Roxen, she delved deep into the practice of breathwork and mindfulness, nurturing her body and spirit. With a wealth of experience gained over the years, she crafted captivating performances while journeying through Europe, Latin America, and Israel, a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for her craft.”


WHERE: “La Muntanera” Eco Resort in Figuerola del Camp, in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.     
WHEN: 1 – 11 October 2024 (11 Days / 10 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: The accommodations include three charming yurts, each capable of accommodating 2 to 4 guests comfortably. Additionally, there are rooms available in a quaint stone house and the main house. Pricing varies based on whether guests prefer private or shared accommodations.
Yurts – The complex includes 3 yurts fitting four guests each, along with attached bathrooms and a kitchenette. Each yurt offers a panoramic view of green mountains and agricultural fields. It is a sanctuary where healing, creation, and connection to nature intertwine.
At the heart of the complex, the guests can enjoy a wide and refreshing pool that overlooks the pastoral landscape.
The pool area features shaded seating areas and sun loungers.
Within the complex, there is a spacious podium which is the perfect place to practice yoga, flying acrobatics, mindfulness, and more.
Each yurt is in a different Terence. For the moment only one yurt has a shower and bathtub.
FOOD: Every meal is crafted according to an Advanced detox protocol, meticulously designed to facilitate a complete system reset. By replenishing your body with precisely the nutrients required for this rejuvenation, there’s no need for hunger or deprivation. Throughout the retreat, you will indulge in delightful, wholesome cuisine that nourishes both body and soul.
All meals are provided according to your protocol, and they include a heavy metal detox as well as a liver detox as options. The farm, La Muntanera, is a self-sustained ecological haven powered by renewable energies and an underground stream, and is a perfect sanctuary where healing, creation, and connection to nature come together, allowing you to reconnect with your essence and let go emotionally and physically.
PRICE: EUR 3,000
TO BOOK: bookyogaretreats.com