Ecocert launches the “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” Certification

Ecocert Sustainable Wellbeing Center - Destination Deluxe
Ecocert, a 32-year global environmental leader specializing in certifying sustainable practices, redefines luxury hospitality with an unwavering commitment to environmental consciousness and holistic wellbeing

In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and relaxation, a harmonious fusion of luxury and sustainability is emerging, demonstrating that opulence and environmental consciousness can exist in perfect harmony. This symbiotic relationship forms the cornerstone of Ecocert’s groundbreaking “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” certification, which seeks to revolutionize the way we approach hospitality and tourism. Managers, owners, and brands of spas, thermal baths, thalassotherapy centers, sports and fitness centers, hair salons, and barber shops can apply for this “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” label, marking a significant step towards revolutionizing hospitality and tourism through sustainability. Ecocert’s global presence has contributed significantly to international development, showcasing its impact across various regions worldwide. Additionally, Ecocert plays a pivotal role in fostering a more responsible cosmetics and beauty industry through initiatives like the Cosmos Standard.

The Shift Towards Sustainability

An alternative approach is taking root within the realm of wellness, spas, and hotel spas, supported by the ethos of the “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” certification. This certification not only promotes sustainable practices but also fosters a profound shift in mindset towards protecting the future of our environment, our health, and the wellbeing of those working in these sectors. It signifies a departure from traditional models of hospitality and tourism towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

Ecocert Sustainable Wellbeing Center Certification - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Ecocert

Levels of Certification

Depending on the level of maturity of the establishments in relation to environmental topics, the certification offers three progressive levels:

Level 1: Core Criteria

At Level 1, it serves as a catalyst for the structuring of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, laying the groundwork for sustainable practices. Establishments focus on foundational principles such as reducing environmental footprint, offering certified natural and/or organic products, and implementing basic social criteria. This level provides a framework for the integration of sustainable practices into daily operations.

Level 2: Core Criteria + 3 Additional Commitments

Building upon the foundation laid at Level 1, establishments progress to Level 2, where they deepen their commitment to sustainability. In addition to fulfilling the core criteria, they undertake three additional commitments tailored to their unique challenges and goals. These commitments, chosen from a list of about 30 suggestions, enable establishments to further distinguish themselves as leaders in the industry and drive meaningful change in their operations.

Level 3: Core Criteria + 6 Additional Commitments

At Level 3, establishments demonstrate a high level of commitment to sustainability by fulfilling not only the core criteria but also six additional commitments. This advanced level of certification signifies a comprehensive and ongoing dedication to environmental responsibility, social equity, and continuous improvement. Establishments at this level are at the forefront of sustainable practices, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

Ecocert Luxury and Sustainability - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Ecocert

Impact and Expansion

Beyond the realm of certified products, the incorporation of social criteria holds particular significance, especially in regions of the developing world. This underscores the importance of considering social factors alongside certifications, highlighting the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues.

With the accreditation of the first establishment in France, the “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” certification marks a significant milestone in the journey towards global sustainability. With plans for expansion mapped out for the coming year, this certification is poised to make a meaningful impact on a global scale, transforming the way we perceive and approach wellness and relaxation.

This certification goes beyond mere compliance; it encourages a genuine reflection on daily practices and initiatives. It provides support to establishments that already demonstrate commitment through their choices and practices, fostering a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement. Through the “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” certification, Ecocert is paving the way for a brighter, greener future – one where luxury and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony, ensuring the wellbeing of both people and planet.

Ecocert launches Sustainable Wellbeing Center Certification - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Ecocert

Destination Deluxe Partnership

Given its leadership in this field, this year, Destination Deluxe is teaming up with Ecocert, who will determine the “Eco-Spa of the Year” finalists together with us in the Destination Deluxe Awards 2024. All finalists will receive a consultation by Ecocert, highlighting its new certification “Sustainable Wellbeing Center” and determining how that would apply to each spa.

Nominate Your Spa or Wellbeing Center by May 17, 2024 here.

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