Cammy Lee - Destination Deluxe

Born in China, raised in Hong Kong, Cammy Lee is a travel addict with a dose of passion for photography. She has a background in digital marketing, social media, and PR, and has spent the last few years in the health and wellness industry. Cammy can usually be found hunting down the newest restaurants in Hong Kong, capturing the fleeting moments in the city, enjoying a soulful weekend gateway, or climbing up a mountain and all the way back down to the beach for calming sunsets.

Follow her adventures on Instagram: @syleelsy, and check out her website

Camilla Mount - Destination Deluxe

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Sydney, Camilla Mount has a thirst for travel and adventure (and an appetite to match!). She has a background in social media, digital marketing and event management. While typically a heliophile, Camilla also loves tackling a black run on the ski slopes. When she’s not exploring a new destination on a weekend getaway, you can find her with a cup of tea in hand or playing with her five rescue dogs, yes five!

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @camillamount.

Helen Turner Destination Deluxe

Acupuncturist and health coach, Helen Turner, has worked as a physiotherapist for over nine years in both the UK and overseas. More recently she decided to concentrate on her acupuncture practice. She is a specialist in cosmetic acupuncture, which is a natural way to improve the condition of the skin and slow the effects of aging. With her writing she encourages people to live healthier and happier lives by covering topics such as holistic health and oriental medicine. She also offers cupping therapy and one-on-one Pilates lessons. Her health coaching sessions look at every aspect of her clients’ life and she sets achievable goals to improve target areas such as stress reduction, time management, nutritional changes and exercise advice.

Read more of her articles on helenturnerhealth.com and follow her on Instagram at @helen_turner_.

Mark Smith - Destination Deluxe

Mark Smith is the The Spa Man and has been writing about men’s grooming for over 18 years. One of the few male spa writers in the world, he visits around 30 spas a year and regularly speaks at events about the male spa market. He is a judge in the AsiaSpa Awards. Originally from Tasmania, but now based in London, he also works as a media consultant for beauty brands offering PR, marketing and social media support. Contributing Editor at European Spa Magazine, Mark has been reviewing spas since 2007 for the likes of Tatler, The Daily Telegraph, The Good Spa Guide, Spa Secrets, AsiaSpa and Men’s Fitness

Read more of his stories on his blog The Spa Man and follow his adventures on Instagram @markthespaman.

Jeremy McCarthy Wellness- Destination Deluxe

Jeremy McCarthy is the Group Director of Spa & Wellness for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group leading their internationally acclaimed luxury spa division featuring 24 world-class spas worldwide. He is the chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Digital Wellness initiative, the author of The Psychology of Spas & Wellbeing and hosts a blog about holistic wellbeing at The Psychology of Wellbeing. He also teaches an online course on Positive Leadership through University of California, Irvine.

Follow his wellness adventures on Instagram at @spajeremy.


Travel to Diane Saw is a natural reflection of who she is. As a third culture kid, Diane was constantly on the go, living in eight cities across Asia-Pacific and the US before residing in Hong Kong. Her philosophy on life is to never settle. She believes that the best conversations, experiences and ideas are formed through traveling. With Diane spearheading ASH’s global PR, social and digital strategy, she has had the opportunity to draw inspiration from her travels. As digital becomes a continuous flux of change, it is her responsibility to adapt quickly to new technologies, fashionable trends, and to create unique experiences. To Diane, branding is everything and she is not afraid to dive off the beaten path to find the best places to eat, drink and take that insta-worthy picture.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @dianesawit.

Stephanie Yt - Destination Deluxe

Stephanie Yt is a London-based photographer and journalist originally from Hong Kong with a great passion for travel. Having previously written for Prestige Hong Kong magazine and photographed for various print and online publications in the UK, she covers the latest in travel and fashion.

See more of her writing at Steph Yt Travels, and follow her adventures on Instagram at @stephyttravels.

Mischa Founder Michelle Lai - Destination Deluxe

Michelle, originally from Toronto, via London, now calls Hong Kong her home. When not inspiring women entrepreneurs through her brand MISCHA, sharing her globetrotting finds and yoga retreats, you’ll find her sun worshipping in Bali, indulging her inner glutton, exploring secret whisky bars or hunting down antiques at Marché aux Puces. Her favorite places? Tokyo, London, and Bali. Dream destination? Exploring wine country with a road trip through Tuscany or a month long adventure on the Orient Express.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @mischahq and @mich404.

Lorelle Williams Spagazing - Destination Deluxe

Lorelle Williams is a health and beauty writer, focusing on the world’s most luxurious spas and retreats. She is passionate about the integration of holism into conventional medicine and her blog, Spa Gazing, is used as a platform to encourage others to take care of their overall wellbeing. Lorelle is based in Liverpool, England and practices law outside of journalism.

Visit her blog, Spa Gazing, and follow her on Instagram at @lorellewilliams.

Saffron Chan Destination Deluxe

Saffron Chan is an eager explorer of stillness and adventures both within the self and around the globe. She finds long-term health and well-being fascinating. When not indulging her love of coffee and chocolates, you might find her in yoga, barre, and Pilates studios, always first as a student, and sometimes as a teacher under the name Rossana at The InterContinental Hong Kong and Barre 2 Barre Hong Kong. She has taught yoga at several studios in the U.S. and at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. Formerly a reporter/anchor for a local NBC-affiliate (TV) and local NPR and CBS (radio) news stations, Saffron enjoys sharing information and experiences, and looks forward to writing more about her journeys for Destination Deluxe.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @globalgallivanteuse and @saffronmchan.

Nehad Zein - Destination Deluxe

Nehad Zein is a luxury travel enthusiast and a huge sucker for airport lounges. His immediate specialties lie in credit card travel benefits and luxury resorts in India. His passion is to learn about different cultures and traditions, and his wish is to experience all the luxury the world has to offer and write about it, inspiring fellow luxe travelers.

Visit his website for more articles.

Jen Loong Founder Wandersnap - Destination Deluxe

Jen Loong 龙晓灵 is the founder and CEO for a visual creation and management platform WanderSnap, a company that connects families and businesses with local creatives to create original content, but also help creatives with tools in instant asset delivery and digital rights management. Part of the proceeds go towards teaching local youth photography. Loong’s vision is to help people earn a sustainable income solely through creative services. Loong’s venture has been accepted as one of 24 from around the world as part of UPenn Wharton’s Global Social Impact House cohort for 2016, and most recently into 500 Startups’ Kobe Accelerator program.
CampaignAsia nodded her as one of the “Top 20 Women to Watch in Asia”. In her spare time, she teaches indoor spinning, goes on photo walks with fellow photographers, and always looking for the next mountain to conquer.

Follow her adventures at @loongstoryshort.

Gayatri Bhaumik - Destination Deluxe

Always ready for her next adventure, Gayatri Bhaumik took her first flight at 10 days old and hasn’t looked back since. After long stints in Bangkok, Melbourne and London, she now splits her time between Hong Kong and Singapore when she isn’t globetrotting. She contributes travel and lifestyle content to titles like The Loop HK, Buro 24/7 Singapore, Elite Traveler, Forbes Travel Guide, RBS ContentLive and Luxe City Guides.

Follow her travels on her website and Instagram at @gontheroad.

Andrea Oschetti - Destination Deluxe

Andrea Oschetti is the founder of Blueflower, a Hong Kong travel company. He offers life-enriching journeys to the most exciting destinations on Earth. In 2006 he left a successful corporate career to follow his passion and founded Cuore Private Kitchen, consistently reviewed as providing one of the ultimate dining experiences in Hong Kong. He got a second postgraduate degree in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he became a senior travel journalist and award-winning photographer working with the likes of CNN, South China Morning Post, etc. He is now pursuing his dream of leading a travel company (Blueflower) that redefines holidays by innovating customer travel experiences through knowledge, imagination and care.

Julienne Raboca - Destination Deluxe

Julienne Raboca is an editor and communications professional based in Hong Kong, covering topics such as travel, dining, women’s issues, wellness and culture. She is a slow traveler who brings a book with her wherever she goes (almost always: world literature). This Manila-born, Hong Kong based hiking enthusiast also makes it a point to hit the local salsa club in each of her travel destinations (the most recent ones being Tel Aviv, Peru and Honolulu) – but also loves a good electronic festival.

Follow her adventures on Morena Travels.

Danielle Satya Parla - Destination Deluxe

From a career in psychology, Danielle Parla has spent the past 20 years tuning her inner ear in order to share the potent healing arts that have deeply transformed her life. A breathworker, energy medicine practitioner and yoga teacher, Danielle loves the potency and potential that the written word can awaken within all of us. Her vibrant passion for healthy and gentle living shines through her writing as a long-time contributor to numerous international publications devoted to travel, holistic health and wellbeing. When not traveling with her work, she can be found living in Switzerland and Spain.

Follow her adventures on Space to Breathe and Instagram at @space.to.breathe

Catharine Nicole - Destination Deluxe

A journalist specializing in travel and wellness, Catharine Nicol has spent the last 22 years exploring retreats, resorts, hotels, spas and yoga studios in Asia and the world from her base in Hong Kong. She freelances for a regular stable of print and online publications, curates her wellbeing experiences on Spas + Beyond, occasionally speaks at wellness conferences and teaches yoga to her friends.

See where her travels take her at @spasandbeyond.

Stephen Ng - Destination Deluxe

In more than a decade, in one way or another, from Hollywood to Iraq, New York-based Stephen C. Ng has helped to produce features and stories with publications such as Time magazine, People magazine and Time Outmagazine, telling stories of people and places as a photographer, as a writer and sometimes producer. 
While working with international news agencies such as Getty Images and Gamma Presse, he’s helped document the President of the United States aboard Air Force One, worked with embedded photographers in the middle east war zones, to sharing the latest fashion, food and travel trends and interviewing personalities like China super celebrity Aaron Kwok.

Follow his adventures at @adventuresoffatboy.

Rosario Blanco - Destination Deluxe

Rosario Blanco is a journalist, content creator and screenwriter based in Spain, specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, with strong experience working for magazines such as Vogue México y Latinoamérica, Elle Spain, Elle Portugal, Yo Donaand Telva, as well as John Brown Media. She teaches fashion and communication at the University Politécnica of Madrid and has worked as an executive producer and screenwriter for music videos, commercials and movies. She is also the founder of Lululaland, a creative communication agency. Furthermore, she is a foodie, loves yoga, the beach, and a good massage, and she always finds time to go to a gastronomy course.

Follow her adventures at @lululalandcom.

Rob McGovern - Destination Deluxe

Rob McGovern is a Welsh writer and co-publisher of West of 105, a digital lifestyle magazine that brings the best of Colorado to the rest of the world. After a decade of living and working in Asia, he relocated to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Visit Period Communications to read more about Rob.

Follow his adventures at @robguv.

Ashley Tang - Destinatio Deluxe

Ashley Tang is always on the go, and passionate about travel, food, and exercise. Originally from Calgary, Canada, and now based in Hong Kong, Ashley works as an Investor Relations Analyst for an emerging hedge fund platform. She is also a Barre2Barre Ambassador, a contributor for Foodie Magazine, and a volunteer at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue Centre in Ap Lei Chau.

Follow her adventures on Instagram at @ashley.tang and @forallthingsdelectable.

Vicki Williams - Destination Deluxe

Based in Hong Kong, freelance journalist Vicki Williams, has been writing about her three favorite passions, travel, food and wellness, for over 13 years. Her engaging lifestyle articles, often with a luxury focus, have appeared in prestigious titles (online and print), both locally and abroad. This includes South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Business Traveller Asia Pacific, AsiaSpa, Prestige Hong Kong, World Travel Magazine, Tasting Kitchen, Billionaire, CNN Travel, and BBC Travel. See more of her work at Sybarite Unlimited.

Aude Camus - Destination Deluxe

Owner & Managing Editor of Hong Kong Madame, Aude Camus was born and raised in Paris. She decided to swap baguettes for dumplings in 2015. Aude loves nothing more than eating and is always on the lookout for a good meal to brighten up her day. When not eating, you’ll find her traveling, trying on new beauty products, scrolling Instagram for food and travel inspirations or writing about her latest discoveries and posting them on Hong Kong Madame.

Read more of Aude’s articles on Hong Kong Madame and follow her journey on Instagram @hongkongmadame.

Lydia Chan Lookdiary - Destination Deluxe

Being born and raised in Hong Kong teaches you a few things about the beauty industry. Lydia Chan made it a conscious decision from an early age to become an expert on the topic. Joining the Lookdiary management team and contributing to its success was just a very natural step for her. Since then, she has been widely known as an online beauty guru.

Find out more about her vision and expertise in beauty and branding on Lookdiary.

Grace Dandan - Destination Deluxe

Grace Dandan loves learning about new cultures and loves travelling to many different countries. Her dream is to have her passport full of stamps from countries all over the globe. With a degree in Communications Arts from De La Salle University – Manila, Grace is a well-rounded editor with a background in TV, film and video production, photography, radio production and publishing (both print and online). Before getting into the world of travel and wellness, Grace was Content Editor at Asia Times.

Follow her journey on Instagram @mgdandan.

Anisah Audu - Destination Deluxe

With a passion for finding the best food, drink and travel spots, Anisah Audu has a background in journalism, PR, social media and hospitality. When she’s not working as part of the editorial team for a UK-based bookings and events website, you’ll find Anisah blogging as London Girl Munches.

Catch her tweeting @anisah_ldn, check out her blog London Girl Munches and keep up with her journeys @londongirlmunches.

The Luxe Nomad Elisabeth Forsman - Destination Deluxe

The Luxe Nomad’s Head of Content, Elisabeth Forsman is a predictably unpredictable adventure nomad. She is the yogi who wants it fast, the ultra-runner who prefers taking a hike, and the swimmer with a fear of lap pools. A consummate lover of all things outdoors, she’s on a perpetual quest to get those around her outside and moving.

Follow The Luxe Nomad on Instagram at @theluxenomad.

Isabelle Jan has spent over 18 years building a career internationally, working for prestigious spas, healing centers, luxury hotels and offering one-to-one session. It inspires her tremendously to spend time with indigenous people and learn from traditional populations. Isabelle loves to share the art of beauty and softness in healing people. She is the founder of the project Bella Blue, an invitation to come into balance.

Follow her adventures on Instagram: @isabelle_issa, and check out her blog.


With a degree in Psychology and years of experience teaching English to children of all ages, Serena Fung is immensely interested in mental health, education, and all things neuroscience. She believes in a holistic approach to health and happiness.  

Prior to the wellness and travel industry, she has worked for a business and technology news media website reporting on the latest news storiesShe loves to hike, travel, and read in her spare time. 

Check out her portfolio on tumblr, or follow her adventures on Instagram @pocket_autumn.

Talia Sanchez - Destination Deluxe

A recent implant to Hong Kong coming from sunny Los Angeles, California, Talia Sanchez comes a long way from her background as a Denim Designer to new ventures in health and wellness, environmental and animal activism, and writing! She is now a Contributing Writer and Editor for various platforms and media sites in Hong Kong and is an experienced Content Creator and Marketing and Events Manager. Talia’s mission is to collaborate and build partnerships with conscious businesses that do good.

Check out her blog or follow her journey on Instagram @talia.hk.

Kim Ing - Destination Deluxe

Kim Ing is a strategic marketing consultant focusing on the Greater China market. Her work looks to bridge the gap between Global brand DNA and local culture sensitivities allowing for more effective marketing strategies that touch the lives of people with integrity. Based between London and Hong Kong, Kim works closely with brands across Europe and Greater China.

Follow her journeys on Instagram at @kimkying.

Elky Siu - Destination Deluxe

Elky is a bilingual writer who has contributed to print and digital media on subjects including watches, art, design, lifestyle and beauty. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. When she isn’t writing, she is likely to be found sweating in the gym, watching a movie or travelling – often doing all three at once.

Read more of her articles on her website and follow her on Instagram at @elkysiu.