Elevate Your Cardio Experience

Life Fitness SE4
Life Fitness launches the new Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console, a state-of-the-art console that provides a multitude of immersive workout experiences and gives fitness facilities the power to create custom-branded content

Enhance your cardio experience and create your own content with the Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console and its new feature Life Fitness On Demand+.

The new console offers cutting-edge technology, exceptionally sleek design and unrivaled entertainment and customization options with over 500 on-demand fitness experiences.

With the new feature Life Fitness On Demand+, you can create customized content and brand personalization. Customization features support facility branding across every touchpoint of your exercisers’ journey, allowing you to create your own video content and upload it to the cloud-based software Halo Fitness, and make it a truly custom experience.

Life Fitness SE4 console user friendly


This state-of-the-art technology enables an intuitive and immersive user experience, allowing users to choose the cardio experience that’s right for them.

It offers free access to 500+ fitness experiences and the ability to stream your own video content.

With AIT technology and a strategically positioned touchscreen sensor, the large, vivid touch screen, available in 24” and 16” screen sizes, allows for an incredibly responsive user interface.

For those who want immediate screen reactions, you can feel like you are using a smartphone with the touch sensitivity feature. For users who like to get on and go, the fast boot up time is a plus point.

The console provides seamless navigation, perfect for exercisers who expect a quick transition between functions on the smart devices they use every day; hence no frozen screen. The intuitive user interface also helps users find their workouts easily.

Connectivity is one of the plus points. The console allows easy pairing with personal devices and wireless charging, allowing exercisers to seamlessly sync a smartphone, tablet or other device using Bluetooth or NFC technology. The instant connection to health data, music, and more is sure to enhance the cardio experience.

Life Fitness SE4 console bespoke content


The Life Fitness Discover SE4 Console provides you the freedom to create your own video content, allowing your brand and staff to be the stars of the show.

With the new feature LFOD+, upload your own video content and empower your facility with the highest quality branded digital experiences.

This complimentary technology gives premium touch screen console customers access to over 500 on-demand fitness experiences, along with the tools to create their own customized video content.

With this feature, you have the power to create your own on-demand workouts, exercise programs and healthy living tips. Film workouts using your rockstar instructors, so exercisers can work out with them whenever they want. Overlay music, branding, titles, or descriptions and deploy your custom content to your cardio consoles – all with the click of a button. It’s simple, intuitive, and inexpensive.

You can then easily upload them to Life Fitness cardio equipment and access the powerful analytical features of Halo Fitness.


This free software solution simplifies Life Fitness equipment management and helps you make informed, data-driven decisions that maximize your business’s profitability and success.

You can also maximize the lifespan of your equipment with Halo Facility with its range of features to help you proactively maintain your equipment and avoid costly downtime.

With the variety of features, Halo Facility also allows you to create your unique brand experience and extend your brand throughout your facility. You can also keep users engaged with a variety of classes within Life Fitness On Demand+, and stay connected to exercisers through motivational messaging and facility announcements.



More than 400 instructor-led workouts are available on treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, PowerMill Climbers and Arc Trainers. Classes vary in difficulty levels and are led by the best instructors around the globe. Classes are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Russian. Fitness facilities can also create custom-branded content and add custom logos to the videos to keep their brand in the spotlight during on-demand workouts.

The state-of-the-art console offers an immersive experience as you run the world with interactive terrains. Choose from more than 100 runs and rides through stunning scenery around the world and lose track of time. Incline and resistance adjust to the terrain for an immersive experience that allows exercisers to work out at higher intensities.

With expansive 24″ and 16″ console options available on several different cardio units, you have ample opportunities to build your brand, your way. Furthermore, the eye-catching, modern design with an edge-to-edge touch screen that provides visually rich cinematic content adds to the aesthetics of your fitness facilities.