Empowerment Retreat in Sri Lanka

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A 6-Day intensive retreat in a tropical paradise to discover your true power

Empowerment and manifestation have become buzzwords among wellness enthusiasts over the last few years, but only very few actually know how to apply the techniques to achieve results and live a happier and healthier life.

At the upcoming Empowerment retreat at Tri in Sri Lanka, participants will experience a shift in their mindset after only a week and will be given life-transforming tools to continue their wellness journey back home.

Tri Lanka Empowerment Retreat - Destination Deluxe

“People attending this retreat will obtain an understanding of the nature and sources of personal power, what limits their access to power, and the ability to tap into and use this power to facilitate transformation and self-development,” says Mark Nelson, a shamanic practitioner and one of the co-founders of Dream Cauldron who is organizing the retreat. “This retreat is for anyone who feels that they are disempowered, and who wants to access and fully use their personal power.”

The retreat combines a range of group activities and individual healing sessions focused on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of empowerment. The retreat will offer a well-rounded approach, ranging from movement and breathwork sessions in the morning to creative visualization and empowerment exercises in the afternoon and ritual work with shamanic elements in the evening. Also included is an excursion to a Buddhist temple, as well as ample free time to experience the award-winning Tri and all the luxuries it has to offer, such as dips in the infinity pool and soothing spa treatments.

“What’s going to be unique about this retreat is that it‘s going to be very integrative,” says Vanina de Verneuil, who specializes in empowerment and manifestation and who is also a co-founder of Dream Cauldron. “It’s going to combine quantum physics, the power of the subconscious mind, and a lot of shadow and cave work to really understand the sources of your own personal power, and then integrating everything, so participants can immediately start changing their lives. Empowerment is about understanding the depth of your personal power and manifestation is about aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions to create the changes you want to see in your life. I’ve been to many retreats, but there are very few that have an integrated approach where you walk out feeling like: “I know who I really am. I know how to access my personal power, and this is how I’m going to apply it.”

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Empowerment Retreat Dream Cauldron Sri Lanka - Destination Deluxe

Many empowerment workshops often only focus on the mental aspect, but in this retreat you will approach the topic from numerous angles and shift through them, so you can move forward with purpose on to the next stage of your journey, feeling rebalanced and being able to live more authentically and realize your full potential.

“The way you stand, walk and move reveals your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual story,” says Ross Eathorne, who specializes in movement as medicine, and who is also a co-founder of Dream Cauldron. “Movement insights give direction to lifestyle, mental skill, nutrition and exercise intervention or enhancement strategies. I draw on gymnastics, traditional Chinese medicine Five Elements theory, yoga poses, visceral pain maps, nutrition, sport psychology and shamanic mental skills to chart a lifestyle path. I will also lead lifestyle talks on how stress manifests itself in disease and how to turn it around and action the life that you love. “

Dream Cauldron Mark Nelson Vanina de Verneuil Ross Eathorne
Mark Nelson, Vanina de Verneuil, Ross Eathorne

Dream Cauldron was set up to offer retreats that take a holistic approach across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual themes, with the goal to create an in-depth, meaningful and authentic experience. Offering the transformational work in a retreat setting, rather than through one-day workshops or courses allows for a much deeper transformation. Participants are given personal feedback and mentoring throughout the entire retreat so they return feeling empowered and motivated.

“To create big changes in our lives we sometimes need to be free of day to day distractions,” says Eathorne. “Modern life gets in the way of this simple equation and Dream Cauldron is formed to encourage and empower these lessons in an enjoyable way.”

Limited to a maximum of 12 people, the Empowerment retreat is ideal for those who feel disempowered, disconnected from their true essence, stuck, or unable to move forward, but wish to access and use their power.

Dream Cauldron will be rolling out several retreats, offering more life-transforming opportunities. “In addition to empowerment we will also be offering retreats focused on specific activities such as manifestation, creativity, or working with ancestors, as well as themes focused on major changes in people’s lives such as life transitions or starting a company,” says Nelson about the upcoming schedule. “In addition to our public retreats we can also offer tailored retreats to groups worldwide, and multi-lingual retreats.”

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Manifestation Retreat Dream Cauldron - Destination Deluxe

The second retreat on the line-up is a Manifestation retreat, taking place in September at Tri. “This is going to be a deeper dive into manifestation techniques, accessing Theta brainwave states where we can tap into our creativity and intuition, reprogram our subconscious, and change our lives,” says de Verneuil. “Participants will leave our retreat with a deep understanding of how their levels of consciousness/brainwaves operate and with the tools to masterfully navigate their own energy frequency, which is a key to successful manifestation.”

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