12 Most Epic Pools Around The World

Most Epic Pools in the World - Destination Deluxe
Get ready to extend your bucket list with these stunning spots. Cool down to watch the sunset or heat up in the pool to admire the snow-capped mountains, let our list of epic pools influence your next trip!

If you’re a pool enthusiast just like we are, you probably get that same sense of stirring excitement whenever you come across different hotel or resort pools. There’s something so unexplainably alluring about water being coupled with aesthetically pleasing designs. From incredible views to unimaginable locations to innovative designs, these 12 epic pools around the world are definitely something worth checking out.

Epic Pools Los Cabos - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy Los Cabos

Los Cabos, Mexico
Viceroy Los Cabos’ pool has a unique and innovative design that you’ve probably never seen before. With a minimalist and somewhat futuristic look, their two oval-shaped pools, which are impressively surrounded by an expansive man-made body of water, will make you feel like you’re walking – or even floating – on water. The streamlined all-white structures on either side of the pool, plus the Sea of Cortes in Baja (right across) add to the overall drama of the space.


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Epic Pools Six Senses Zil Pasyon - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Via @MissAngieVilla

Felicite, Seychelles
What could be more dramatic than a pool built atop massive granite rocks, with a view of the sparkling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean? A seamless blending of sea and land is what the pools of Six Senses Zil Pasyon appear to be about. Capitalizing on the breathtaking panorama the island has to offer, and emphasizing this by carving its shapes around the natural landscape, the pool designs create an experience of seemingly being one with the natural surroundings. But this is not the only stunning pool at Six Senses Zil Pasyon, be sure to check into the three-bedroom residence for the super fabulous ‘ceiling pool’ in the feature image (via @JacobRiglin).


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Epic Pools Jeremy Austin - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Via @JeremyAustiin

Positano, Italy
When you think of Positano, the vibrant blue sea and colorful cliffside buildings are usually what come to mind. With Villa Franca’s rooftop pool, you can enjoy the uninhibited views of the sea on the right with the cliffside to the left, all while taking a relaxing dip. Just you, that pool, and the overlooking dolce vita view. During daytime, it almost feels like you’re one with the sea and the sky. When night comes, it’s a whole different mood to be up in that roof-deck pool.


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Beautiful Pools Grace Hotel Santorini - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Grace Hotel

Santorini, Greece
Grace Hotel’s jaw-dropping infinity pool seems to be the in-between of where the boundless sky meets the endless sea. There’s nothing more spectacular, as this pool looks as if it merges seamlessly into the Aegean Sea. Plus, being high above sea-level, it boasts incredible vistas of the Santorini landscape. Whether in the day when the breathtaking view is crystal clear, at sunset where the vibrant orange hues fire up the sky, or at night when the place seems to magically transform into a whole different world, this hotel’s pool will wow you at any time of the day.


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Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus Pool - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

South Tyrol, Italy
A long infinity pool on stilts, protruding from the edge, with a vast setting of pine trees and mountains all around – Alpin Panorama Hotel’s pool is a spectacle to behold and to be immersed in. A “sky pool” as it is, and a sublime experience at its best, this can definitely be considered a pool of any person’s dreams. Revel at the incredible structure and design, the scenic alpine panorama that comes with it, and the overall wellness-centered experience this pool easily offers.


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Museum Hotel Pool Cappadocia - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Via @MuseumHotel

Cappadocia, Turkey
Pools with a view are always the best. The spectacular and iconic view that Museum Hotel’s pool offers is just truly one-of-a-kind. As the famous Cappadocia sight of hot-air balloons start floating up in the air and dotting the dusty desert sky, you can enjoy all this from the comfort of the hotel’s magical rooftop pool. Adding to the breathtaking view is the natural, local stone material that the pool is made of, which takes the whole cultural experience at the pool to a whole different level.


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Buergenstock Wellness Switzerland - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Bürgenstock Resort

Obbürgen, Switzerland
Marvel at the beautiful alpine view from Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa’s stunning indoor and outdoor pools. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the indoor pool feature unobstructed views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountains. Though luxurious as the indoor pool is, the outdoor infinity pool has got to be the real deal here; where senses are magnified, and experiencing the natural sights and sounds that this alpine sanctuary generously offers is as effortless and unforgettable as can be.


Amangiri Pool - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Aman

Utah, USA
Fusing design with the natural landscape of the place oftentimes creates the most beautiful architecture. The pool at Amangiri embraces this concept, being built around a colossal rock connected to the canyon. The surrounding desert and grand spectacle of canyons all around will give you a never-before secluded dipping experience. The pool looks great in the daytime, but looks even better and more dramatic during sunset when orange, pink, purple hues harmonize to create a play of natural ambient lighting and shadows.


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COMO Shambhala Estate Bali - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Vivienne Tang

Bali, Indonesia
Recharging in nature has never been more attractive than taking a dip in one of COMO Shambhala Estate’s rock pools. The natural spring pools, each surrounded by lush tropical greenery and overlooking Bali’s natural beauty, will make you feel like you’re in a pool atop a treehouse. Scenic, serene, and spa-like, the outdoor Zen-esque pools blend beautifully with the encompassing nature, and the water is said to have healing qualities – what a treat to the senses.


Epic Pools San Luis Lodges South Tyrol - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Via @SanLuisLodges

South Tyrol, Italy
A pool set inside a modern log cabin complete with wooden columns and beams, high ceilings, and yes, an actual fireplace. Taking a dip in this pool with its grand yet cozy setting will give you serious luxurious log cabin vibes. What makes the design even better is how it seems to merge the pool inside with the lake outside, with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows highlighting this considerably. You can wade around, take in the scenery, breathe the crisp fresh air, and just be present in the moment at this gorgeous spa-like pool.


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AndBeyond Safari Pool Elephants - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of AndBeyond

Timbavati, South Africa
Imagine yourself either lounging by the pool or taking a dip as majestic African elephants walk past. This fantasy becomes reality at Ngala Safari Lodge’s pool, which gives you a front row seat to the glorious African savannah and its gentle giants as they casually go about their day. You can get up close and personal, almost face-to-face, from the relaxing comfort and safety of this luxury lodge’s pool. This is a more than surreal pool experience that you’ll certainly want to be checking off your bucket list. 


Epic Pools Hanging Gardens of Bali - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali

Bali, Indonesia
Literally set above of the jungle, the two infinity pools of the Hanging Gardens Bali are a sight to behold. The upper pool gets an especially breathtaking 360-degree view of the oh-so-lush surrounding forest. Imagine yourself relaxing by the edge of the pool, incredibly high-up and elevated from ground level, and right in the middle of nowhere, just breathing in the fresh air – experience all this and more right here. It truly is a little piece of tropical heaven on earth.


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