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One of Greece's best wellness retreats, Euphoria Retreat offers a range of wellness programs for recovery, renewal and prevention

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Euphoria Retreat, now recognized as one of the best wellness retreats in Europe, can act as a portal for meaningful change. An ancient Greek word, ‘Euphoria’ is about living in bliss, feeling balanced and healthy and well. It is for anyone wanting to step away from the technological advances of modern life and immerse themselves in a peaceful setting. The beautiful landscape of Mystras, known as the ‘the wonder of Morea’, is an important and visually stunning UNESCO World Heritage site, bringing people from all around to world to explore its lost Byzantine churches, monasteries, palaces, and ruins.

Both healing and holistic – your ideal Greek spa getaway awaits. Step away from your normal life and discover an unparalleled health and fitness retreat where the food, treatments, activities, and facilities combine to create one of the world’s ultimate healthy holidays. Easy to reach and yet immersed in nature, including a vast private forest, it is both accessible and perfectly peaceful. In one of the most magnificent landscapes of Greece, Euphoria Retreat provides warm, graceful, and openhearted hospitality that is catered to your individual needs.


The Byzantine-inspired spa building offers a journey of wonder and transformation experienced through the treatments and facilities, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoism and Greek Hippocratic medicine made to support and encourage you on your personal journey. Combining the best in age-old holistic healing techniques with some of the latest scientific advances, Euphoria sets a new blueprint for evolving medicine, intent on restoring wellbeing and health.

With a wholistic take on Hippocratic medicine, Euphoria’s wellness programs adopt a holistic approach to health, helping to restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. Adopting this unique philosophy, called the ‘Euphoria Methodos’, the retreats are designed to heal the inseparable whole of the complete individual. The teams attend to every aspect of your care so that you might ultimately take your health into your own hands, become your own healer, and reach a state of health and joy described by the ancient Greeks as ‘Euphoria’. This naturalistic ‘Euphoria Methodos’ outlook is evident everywhere at Euphoria’s spa and based on the understanding that our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intrinsically linked, and, just as nature changes with the seasons, so too do our own energetic cycles. Offering programs in weight loss, recovery, relaxation, beauty, fitness, mindfulness, and so much more, Euphoria aims to soothe your nervous system, reboot your energy levels, and align your inner world with the rhythms of the natural world.

Programs on offer include: Euphoria Escape for Couples, Euphoria Discovery, Odyssey Journey, Inner and Outer Glower. New for 2021, Euphoria has begun offering the Feel Alive Again Program – a group retreat designed to offer post pandemic rest, recovery, and renewal.


Euphoria offers an impressive collection of wonderful spa treatments, ranging from energy healing, cosmetic facials and slimming treatments tohomeopathic consultations, acupuncture, and lymphatic drainage. Seen in all spa treatments, the spa philosophy converges varying healing philosophies and marries East and West, ancient Greek and Chinese health approaches, and science with naturalism, positioning Euphoria Retreat as one of the best destination spas in Europe.


Central to any stay at Euphoria is the food. Each guest eats differently according to their individual needs and dietary preferences. Perhaps you need to boost your vitamin intake and balance your mind and mood, continue a vegetarian diet, or maybe you intend to change a long-term unhealthy relationship with food – whatever the goals, Euphoria offers a scientifically proven healthy, Mediterranean cuisine that promotes balance and enjoyment. Visit the GAIA Restaurant, where Euphoria has nurtured relationships with local farmers, producers, and winemakers, to create a menu that uses the best of local, seasonal and organic produce. The GAIA Restaurant bar offers fresh and healthy drinks, smoothies, coffee, tea variation and an exclusive selection of high-quality spirits, or make a stop at the open kitchen for cookery lessons, where its chefs and nutritionists can share their knowledge and nutritional philosophy.


  • Every suite is unique – offering a multitude of options during your booking experience.
  • The wellness center offers many transformational healing treatments. Try the “Feel Alive Again” treatment, designed to restore and reignite your energy.


  • Winters are mild, Fall too is filled with Mediterranean warmth. Spring sees the lush valley of citrus fruits and olive trees come into full bloom, and summer evenings are made more magical by a cooling, herb-infused breeze – allowing for travel all year round.


Offering unique pools indoor and out, there are various ways to rejuvenate at Euphoria. At the very heart of Euphoria’s spa, you’ll find this distinctly avant-garde sphere pool – surrounded by cocooning Byzantine domes inspired by the architecture of the iconic Hagia Sophia church, this ritualistic experience is unique and breathtaking. Most guests revel in the enveloping womb-like sensation, where soothing marine sounds play softly under the water, transporting you to a sensory world, where dreams are born.


The 45 rooms and suites provide the perfect sanctuary. No two rooms are the same; all have their own unique touches. The luxuriously monastic interiors are inspired by the iconography of the Byzantine era and subtly layer and combine patterns, textures, and colors to unique effect. Every detail has been designed to invite you to slow down and rest; yet many rooms also offer a private balcony, terrace, or courtyard to uplift and inspire. Ideal for those who need more space to work or who are serious about retreating and want to experience absolute privacy, these soothing interiors set a new benchmark when it comes to luxurious spa hotels in Greece.


Greece is known for glorious summer weather, with clear blue skies from May to September. Most of the country’s rain occurs during the winter months, from October through March.


The entry-level Superior Deluxe Rooms start at US$550 per night. The full board stay in the Classic Room starts at US$810 for an all-inclusive stay, including one treatment per night.


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