Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi

Hampi, with its incredible ruins and ancient charm, effortlessly houses this transcendent resort. Set amidst the magical jungles and huge rocks, the Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace is the absolute embodiment of opulence.


Most international tourists shy away from Hampi because of its relatively isolated location and lack of world-class hotels. The Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, a hidden gem at this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers seven-star luxury and oodles of quietude. The pure luxe this hotel indulges you in is beyond appealing.

14th century luxury is at its finest. The Evolve Back Kamapalura Palace with its Vijayanagara style architecture spoils you with its raw, traditional themed luxury. It is truly a palace by every inch. Royalty is too less a word to describe the experience offered by this ultra-luxurious boutique hotel. With stunning rugged forests and boulders seamlessly blending in together to provide a serene and tranquil experience, you’d rather stay at the resort than go explore the amazing trails Hampi has to offer. This resort, simply put, gives you a peek into the opulence and charm of a bygone but glorious era.


Hampi is known for its rich heritage and medieval culture since it was once the capital of the massive Vijayanagara Empire. The resort has four meticulously curated walks with two in the morning and two in the evening. The walks are indulgent, relaxing and expose you to the glorious history and mythology of the empire. People who visit Hampi are often marveled by its striking monuments, spectacular temples and soul-stirring landscapes.


The traditional styled architecture is bound to strike a chord or two with every design enthusiast. That, coupled with the mythical spirit of Hampi creates an ambience unlike any other. The rooms are furnished very much like how palace rooms were furnished in the 14th and 15th centuries and intricate attention has been given even to the minutest of details. Considering that Hampi is extremely rich in its history, which reaches as far back as 300 B.C, the resort does more than a good job of recreating the ancient demeanor.


There 37 luxury suites across three classes and 9 private pool villas.


There are two pools, the infinity pool which is adult only, and another family pool which also has child-safe zones.


The Vaidyasala offers tailored treatment regimens, which follow traditional Indian Ayurveda. The ancient system, which was used by the kings and queens is guaranteed to rejuvenate your body, spirit and mind.


  • The super-serene Reading Lounge and the majestic Deep Mahal, both provide the perfect atmosphere to unwind and relax after a tiring day of sightseeing or trekking.
  • The pools with its crystal clear waters are pure bliss to take a dip in.
  • The Zenana, which is the best room within the palace with its private royal-sized bath and Jacuzzi blending with the bedroom, is what couples dream of.


  • The location isn’t easily accessible. While the hotel arranges complimentary airport pick up and drop off services for 2- and 3-night stays, the airport itself is domestic with the nearest international airport being 375 kilometers away. The domestic flight from Hyderabad or the train to Hospet railway station is your best bet. The station is well connected to most major cities in the country.
  • Historians, guides and drivers are available with the hotel to accompany you on tours and guide you through the many trails available.
  • Stays include breakfast and dinner, private butlers are available throughout the stay.
  • There are no TVs.


Guests are very relaxed. Opt for resort chic.


The cooler months of October to March make up the peak season to visit Hampi.

For a more enriching experience, visit during the monsoons (mid-July to September).


Nivasa (Deluxe suites) start at US$510 per night.
Nilaya (Terrace suites) start at US$540 per night.
Zenana (Palace suites) start at US$610 per night.
Jal Mahal (Private pool villas) start at US$725 per night.

Extend your stay to 3 nights for a 31% and 2 nights for a 21% discounts on the total price. US$60 vouchers (redeemable at the resort) are provided with every booking done on the Evolve Back website. The concierge service gets in touch to plan the itinerary of the trip upon booking on the Evolve Back website.

Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi
P.K. Halli Road, Kamalapura,
Bellary District, Hospet
Karnataka 583221
Tel: +91 83942 94700