A Journey to Holistic Wellness: Experiencing Chenot Palace Weggis

Chenot Palace - Destination Deluxe
An all-encompassing integrated medical retreat situated at the base of the stunning Swiss Alps, exemplifying the concept of holistic wellness

Entering the world of Chenot Palace Weggis is like stepping into a wellness haven where every aspect of your being is embraced and nurtured. From the moment I arrived at this serene sanctuary, I could sense that this was not just a typical retreat stay, but a profound journey towards a healthier and happier version of myself. Crowned “World’s Best Detox Program” by several Awards, including our Destination Deluxe Awards 2021, the program offers a unique approach that seamlessly blends medical expertise, traditional Chinese medicine, personalized nutrition, and genuine hospitality. Chenot Palace Weggis promises a wholistic experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Here, from the elegantly designed interiors to the calming ambiance, everything is meticulously crafted to promote tranquility and healing. The retreat’s composition blends historical structures, notably the former Park Hotel Weggis, with contemporary additions meticulously designed by Italian architect Davide Macullo. These modern extensions now host the medical spa facilities and additional guest rooms, resulting in a grand total of 97 rooms and suites. Beautifully appointed rooms are housed within the charming turn-of-the-century Palace and a modern, newly designed building.

Chenot Palace Garden
Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis


The journey begins the moment you enter Chenot Palace Weggis. The impeccable attention to detail is evident in the warm welcome that greets you. The courteous staff, with their genuine smiles, immediately put you at ease, making you feel like an esteemed guest rather than a mere visitor. The sense of anticipation builds as you walk through the elegant foyer, the air imbued with a soothing aroma that instantly calms your senses. The atmosphere is one of understated luxury, promising a haven of relaxation.

Covering an expansive area of 5,000 square meters devoted to wellbeing and beauty, the spa area encompasses distinct sections, including a medical and energy wing, a hydrotherapy and massage wing, and the presence of two tranquil waiting rooms. Moreover, the consulting rooms offer picturesque views of Japanese-inspired Zen gardens, adding to the serene atmosphere. Furthermore, the facilities include a beautiful pool, sauna, and steam areas, as well as a highly equipped gym that comes with an Altitude Room.

Relaxation spaces are everywhere, from quiet reading rooms to hidden nooks. Outside, guests can relax and take a dip in the lake from their own private garden and jetty.

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Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis


Chenot Palace Weggis’ commitment to health promotion is palpable in every corner. It’s not just about relaxation; it’s about cultivating overall wellbeing. I was immediately struck by the seamless synergy between various departments. Medical professionals, nutritionists, traditional Chinese medicine experts, and the dedicated hospitality team worked together harmoniously to create an environment where wellness flourishes. No wonder Chenot Palace Weggis took home the award for “Medi-Spa of the Year” at the Destination Deluxe Awards 2023


At the heart of my experience at Chenot Palace Weggis was the renowned Chenot Method®. The Chenot Method® is a fusion of protocols, healthcare treatments and diet tailored uniquely to each client who visits a Chenot establishment around the world, which are in Switzerland, Italy, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, and Morocco.

This philosophy has evolved over 50 years to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and science. The result is a fine-tuned and effective detox program that requires guests to commit to a week-long fasting program and an expectation to take what they learn about themselves and apply it to their lives long-term to really maximize the benefits. 

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Chenot Palace Weggis Skin Collagen Thickness - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis

The program combines a testing with Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers® that assess how well a client is aging and how the aging process is impacted by their lifestyle, and Henri Chenot’s classic detoxifying treatments, such as daily hydro-aromatherapy, phyto-mud wraps, cupping massage and an invigorating high-pressure, ice-cold hydro-jet shower, with a limited calorie plant-based diet. Many of the treatments added to individual programs are based on the concept of hormesis. Hormesis is where controlled stressors such as heat, cold, calorie restriction, high and low levels of oxygen, trigger adaptive responses and make the body more resilient to future stress.

The Chenot Method® isn’t just about pampering; it’s about activating the body’s innate ability to heal and rejuvenate. From bioenergetic treatments to strict nutritional plans, each component worked together to create a symphony of wellness. It was fascinating to see how they integrated high-tech diagnostics and evidence-based treatments with traditional wisdom. Chenot Palace Weggis’ dedication to innovation was evident in every treatment I experienced. They seamlessly integrated technology and scientific research into their core philosophy, enhancing the effectiveness of their programs.

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Chenot Palace Neurac Treatment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis


One of the most exceptional aspects of Chenot Palace Weggis is the level of personalization they offer. They understand that everyone’s journey to wellness is unique, and it was heartening to see how invested they were in understanding my specific health and wellness needs. Through comprehensive diagnostics, they delved into my health status, and by taking the time to know my personal goals, they added additional treatments – cryotherapy, Indiba, and Neurac sessions to name but a few – to the Advanced Detox program. This level of attention and care was a testament to their commitment to my wellbeing.


Wellness extended to every aspect of my stay, including the culinary offerings. The nutritional plan they provided wasn’t just a diet; it was a journey of nourishment. Every meal was a delightful exploration of flavors and ingredients carefully chosen to support my wellbeing. It was a reminder that wellness isn’t about deprivation but about embracing the choices that elevate vitality.

Wellness extended to every aspect of my stay, including the culinary offerings. The nutritional plan they provided wasn’t just a diet; it was a journey of nourishment. Every meal was a delightful exploration of flavors and ingredients carefully chosen to support my wellbeing. It was a reminder that wellness isn’t about deprivation but about embracing the choices that elevate your vitality.

Chenot Diet - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis

People come to Chenot Palace Weggis to detoxify and lose weight. It’s no surprise, then, that the cuisine is dietetic, and the portions very small. For those who like to count, menus average around 850 Kcal per day. A low-calorie diet, yes, but is it any good? It’s highly important that the body goes into a fasting state, so that a renewal process of the cells can be activated, and an overhaul of the entire body can take place.

Furthermore, the dishes are overly delicious! Indeed, Dominique Chenot has spent years fine-tuning her recipes to ensure that taste and presentation match the nutritional qualities of her dishes. For my part, I loved some of the recipes, and found the sauces in particular to be very flavorful.

It’s also worth noting that coffee has been replaced by barley coffee, alcohol by detox herbal tea, and the bar by a tearoom. While adapting to new dietary and lifestyle changes may present a challenge, one leaves feeling elevated and rejuvenated, with a newfound sense of balance and vitality.

Chenot Palace in Weggis is truly a place to reset one’s health to live healthier for longer.

Chenot Palace Balcony - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Chenot Palace Weggis