Ferme du Vent

Ferme du Vent in the north of Brittany is a symbol of authenticity and French Art de Vivre. Between the land and the sea, slow down to the rhythm of the tides, enjoy the gourmet restaurant, and relax in the unique Celtic baths


Overlooking the bay of Cancale, Ferme du Vent (Farm of the Winds) is a lodge from Les Maisons de Bricourt. The farm’s magic is sown everywhere by the wind itself. Not ostentatious, the imposing Celtic silhouettes of the buildings have been carefully and respectfully restored.

Authentic luxury, a charm that forges imagination and contemplation, you can savor time while taking care of your wellbeing. Thanks to the incredible energy of the environment, you unwind and recharge at the same time


The two-Michelin-starred Le Coquillage restaurant (which belongs to Maisons de Bricourt) is located at Château Richeux, just a few minutes’ walk from la Ferme du Vent. Hugo Roellinger cuisine reflects the taste of the bay of Cancale, the taste of the sea, and bocage and seafaring adventures. Inspired by seaweed, spices and shells, his culinary quest is to create flavors that evoke ocean abysses and sea spray carried by the wind.


Located in the main farmhouse, the Celtic Baths are striking, with raw materials being omnipresent. It is a unique combination of cultures from Ayurvedic medicine to the celebration of Brittany beauty. At the entrance you can find a splendid three-hearth granite fireplace, surrounded by stone and solid wood. Covered or uncovered, the baths offer water heated at 32°C and panoramic views. No matter what kind of weather, one can swim against the current, or lean on the ledges and take in the breathtaking landscape.

The intense heat of the Wood Shelter (offering the dry heat of a sauna) and the Grotto (offering the warmth and humidity of a hammam) will help release any toxins, allowing your body and spirit to be cleansed and healed. The baths are limited to just four people at a time, assuring a peaceful and tranquil setting.


The 6 kleds of the Ferme du Vent are made from wood and rough stone. Some have comfortable seaview bathtubs, and a fireplace or a wood-burning stove. All of them are airy with natural light streaming in through the large windows. There is no Wi-Fi or TV, allowing you to enjoy a place that heightens all the senses. Minimalist decoration, and natural colors, the Ferme du Vent offers furniture carefully chosen at local markets, and glassware and tableware made by artists from the region.


For inner restoration, book a foot reflexology treatment at Maison de Gwenn performed by the intuitive therapist Gwenn Liboudan. No protocol, completely personalized treatment to realign with yourself.


All villas come with a private pool facing the beautiful scenery in the courtyard garden.


  • The bay view facing Mont Saint-Michel with vistas of the highest tides in Europe is fascinating
  • Spending an evening at Château Richeux in the lounge listening to the whistling of the wind while enjoying an infusion of spices is a must
  • Chef Hugo created a unique seaweed cellar, storing and refining a collection of seaweed from the bay and other parts of the world
  • You can walk to the beach through the path in the Château Richeux park
  • Check out the Celtic Kitchen Garden when the aromatic herbs are grown. Sheep, cows, donkeys and frogs bring life to this lush garden
  • Savor a good coffee with some pastry at their teahouse in Cancale. Grain de Vanille is a temple of sweet treats


  • Only two and half hours from Paris by train
  • Ferme du Vent is part of Maisons de Bricourt, which offers various lodging options, including Château Richeux, Les Rimains and the Gites Marins
  • Chef Oliver Roellinger founded Epices Roellinger, a warehouse shop that sells spices, herbs and seaweed blends to season your dishes
  • Take a cooking lesson at the Cuisine Corsaire School to learn how to play with spices, the sea and garden products from the region
  • Around Cancale there are many trails along the cliffs, next to the emerald sea


A comfortable outfit to walk the coastal paths and daydream in the park. Smart casual for lunch and dinner.


Any time of the year.

May to September is best for beach time, the rest of the year for walks by the sea, and outdoor activities.


At Ferme du Vent, a kled starts from US$300 to US$540 per night for two persons including the breakfast.

Le Buot – 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Famille Roellinger, Les Maisons de Bricourt
35260 Cancale
+33 2 99 89 64 76