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Many wellness and hotels brands are offering free meditations to help people cope with the current situation. Check out our list and start meditating

If you haven’t already adopted a daily meditation practice, the time to start practicing has never been more important than now. As everyone’s mental health is being put to the test, it’s vital we learn a few techniques to calm ourselves and lower anxiety. Meditation can not only reduce blood pressure and stress, but it also improves memory and helps overcome addictions.

Self-connection, which is what meditation boils down to, is ultimately the key to living a life that is more aligned with your dreams and goals. Getting to know yourself better is vital when it comes to living a healthier and happier life, especially during challenging times like these.

Many wellness and hotel brands have come to the rescue to offer their audiences numerous ways to meditate, be that through apps or live mediations held on social media. Carve out some “me” time and choose from these 5 brands to adopt a daily meditation practice.

Fivelements Habitat Meditation - Destination Deluxe
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When life gets too overwhelming, try some of these quick meditations to calm yourself down and to bring yourself back into the present moment. Fivelements Habitats, which is known for its yoga, sacred arts, and meditation tea ceremonies, has come up with a series of short guided meditations to relax your body and mind. You can listen to them on Instagram and Facebook.


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Free Meditations - Destination Deluxe


Natural and cruelty-free Ayurveda aromatherapy skincare brand Subtle Energies, which strongly promotes wellness through harmony with nature, is streaming a series of meditations and Q&As. The Subtle Energies team is offering affirmations and guided meditations, and you can also listen to its founder Farida Irani, who is offering constructive first-hand experiences to cope with fear and boost your immunity. Check out the helpful wellness advice and meditations on the website and Facebook.


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Meditation app Headspace, which already counts 60 million subscribers in 190 countries, has opened up its membership to non-paying customers due to the rising coronavirus anxiety. As part of a larger collection in the Headspace app called “Weathering the Storm”, the Headspace app has included free meditations, as well as sleep and movement exercises to help people through this uncertain time.


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Hotel giant Hyatt has teamed up with none other than Headspace to help their guests wind down and sleep soundly with the help of free mindfulness and sleep exercises on its World of Hyatt app. Furthermore, travelers can subscribe to a 30-day Headspace trial subscription using the promo code HYATT.


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Renowned wellness retreat Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand has also launched Chiva-Som Online Wellness Services to provide support and encourage individuals to maintain their wellness goals during this uncertain time. The sessions and classes will be offered by wellness advisors, practitioners and experts, and will range from meditations and tips on boosting the immune system, to Pilates, yoga, sleep hacks, pranayama classes and tutorials on self-massage at home. Watch the sessions on its website and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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Rosewood’s spa and wellness brand Asaya has also launched a series of online wellness sessions, covering meditation and yoga. Check out its Instagram page for online singing bowl sessions and more. The classes are streaming live on Instagram and are available for 24 hours, so do keep tuning in to catch the latest class.


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Celebrities are also offering their help during this taxing time. Actor Chris Hemsworth aka Thor will also offer free guided meditations for kids who are struggling with Covid-19 anxiety. Hemsworth, who launched an app called Centr in 2019 to share health and fitness knowledge, now wants to use Centr to focus on other aspects of wellness. will feature free guided meditations specifically for kids (between the ages of 4 and 10) narrated by Hemsworth, who is also a father of three, and Thor: Ragnarok director Taaiki Waititi. The meditations, along with sleep visualization and positive thinking exercises will be available via Centr’s six-week trial period.


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