Get Party-Ready with Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Magic

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Experience the luxurious Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial. Its quick and effective result is perfect to achieve a luminous glow for any special occasion

Intraceuticals’ Oxygen Facial is a love-infused skincare treatment, perfect for a night of glam. Known as the red carpet of oxygen facials, it’s the star of the skincare world and has long been endorsed by names like Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Intraceuticals is an upscale Australian cruelty-free spa and skincare brand that has captivated the beauty landscape since its inception. Its innovative and groundbreaking use of oxygen in facial treatments was something the world had never seen before, and has since then stood the test of time in an industry that is otherwise ever-evolving with fads and trends.

Anthony McMahon, the founder of the company, shares how Intraceuticals was even used in the hit show, The Crown, “The reason they asked us to do The Crown was that in the earlier seasons, the actors had to look 10 years younger and it reduces the amount of post-production work. They didn’t have to have any kind of facial prosthetics. They just had the oxygen machines on set.”

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Enriched with active ingredients like vitamin A and aloe vera, its Oxygen Facial sets itself apart by taking a unique approach beyond merely blowing oxygen to the face. In this 75-minute treatment, oxygen is the key ingredient that is combined with advanced low-weight hyaluronic technology. It delivers specialised serums directly to the skin for a visibly plumper, radiant and well-hydrated result.

The facial follows a three-step hyaluronic layering system where every layer of your skin soaks moisture from the other for deeper hydration to ensure it lasts throughout your special night.  


The facial begins by delivering micro hyaluronic acid molecules and active ingredients in the form of serum into the innermost layer of your skin. As soon as the refreshing mist of the soothing serum touches your skin, you’re bound to feel instantly relaxed. This helps hydrate, lift and tone, ultimately giving you the softest texture.


It then replenishes the mid-layers of your skin by using hydration gels that help surround your cells with medium hyaluronic acid molecules and anti-aging nutrients. This is sure to enhance your appearance and help you glow throughout the evening.


Finally, it shields your skin from pollution and dryness by using moisture-binding creams that lock in the moisture on your skin, allowing you to look and feel your best.

Before the treatment though, your skin undergoes a gentle cleansing and preparation process, using a range of Intraceuticals products. The Rejuvenate Gentle Cleanser is applied with a moist makeup-removing pad that is carefully positioned on your eyes for 30 seconds to eliminate any lingering eye makeup.

Next, your face, neck and chest are lightly massaged and cleaned with the Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel. Following this, the Rejuvenate Enzyme Exfoliant is applied as a mini-peel to eliminate dead skin cells, and a warm towel is carefully draped over your face while massaging both the shoulders and facial area.

Finally, a thorough cleanse with the Rejuvenate Gentle Cleanser ensures that no Rejuvenate Enzyme Exfoliant is left on the skin. This deep cleansing procedure not only promises a highly calming experience, but also prevents any barriers, such as makeup, sunscreen or pollution, from hindering direct interaction between your skin and the treatment.

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For optimal outcomes, it’s recommended to regularly get the Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial. However, in between appointments, you can elevate your daily routine by incorporating the Rejuvenate 3-Step Hyaluronic Layering Set and maintain your dazzling skin.

Even if you don’t have regular access to oxygen facials, the hyaluronic layering system is designed to provide significant results if you simply follow the steps and apply the products. During the pandemic, in fact, several clients claimed to have sincerely followed the routine and enjoyed the best results.

From its humble beginnings in McMahon’s home, Intraceuticals has transformed from a small business into one of the largest brands in the world, boasting a presence in over 3,500 spas, clinics and resorts. It’s celebrated for its cutting-edge skincare products and treatments.

Whether you’re prepping for a special outing or simply taking this time for self-love, the exclusive Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial promises a delightful blend of skincare and rejuvenation, making it perfect for any occasion.

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