GIVEAWAY: Win a 3-night stay in Tulum + beauty and wellness products

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Experience Tulum with our GIVEAWAY: Win a 3-night stay in Mexico + a range of beauty and wellness products

Destination Deluxe has teamed up with Regenerative Travel, Knesko, Antara, Pretty Well Beauty, Whole People and Shaya for a GIVEAWAY.

Experience Tulum, without the crowds. At this private beachside villa, you can escape the tourists and relax in total peace. Olas Tulum considers itself a “Mexican speakeasy”—a truly hidden gem designed for comfort and exploration of Mexico’s tropical beauty.

Enter to win the ultimate wellness escape with our favorite beauty and wellness brands featuring a 3-night stay at Olas Tulum, a Regenerative Resort and an eco-luxury wellness retreat immersed in the natural beauty of Mexico.


GIVEAWAY Prize Package (US$2,000 TOTAL VALUE)

Giveaway Win Stay at Olas Tulum Regenerative Travel - Destination Deluxe

3-Night Stay to OLAS TULUM, a Regenerative Resort; Breakfast included + Yoga Class (US$1,000 Value)

At this private beachside villa Olas Tulum, a Regenerative Resort, you can escape the tourists and relax in total peace. Olas Tulum considers itself a “Mexican speakeasy” – a truly hidden gem designed for comfort and exploration of Mexico’s tropical beauty. Located at the entrance of a 1.3 million-acre biosphere reserve, it’s not uncommon to find endangered sea turtles nesting on the hotel’s beach. Here you can connect with nature at the bird’s eye yoga studio overlooking the Caribbean, while the many cenotes of the region create a magical setting in which you can immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the environment without interruption.


Giveaway Win Knesko Face Mask - Destination Deluxe

KNESKO Skin Collection Masking Set (US$300 Value)

The new limited edition masking kits give you VIP access to experience all 4 of KNESKO’s premium, gemstone-infused collagen mask collections. Enjoy the full holistic healing experience for your skin and your soul, exclusively from KNESKO. Use NANO GOLD REPAIR masks to firm, lift and hydrate; DIAMOND RADIANCE to brighten, hydrate and energize; ROSE QUARTZ ANTIOXIDANT to calm, protect and soothe; and BLACK PEARL CHARCOAL DETOX to detoxify, purify, and balance your skin. Each of the masks are formulated with proven, active ingredients including hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, marine collagen to impart firmer, more youthful looking skin. You’ll see instant results as you blanket your skin and relax in the ultimate masking experience.


GIVEAWAY Win Pretty Well Beauty - Destination Deluxe

Pretty Well Beauty Clean Beauty Edit Gift Bundle (US$225 Value)

Pretty Well Beauty provides an in-home experience to help you elevate and transform your daily personal care and beauty routine. The purpose of the Clean Beauty Edit is to guide you through the oftentimes confusing world of clean beauty and how to transition to this healthier lifestyle in a practical way. Pretty Well Beauty’s aim is to leave you feeling empowered about the products you put onto your skin and leave being able to make educated product decisions.


Antara CBD skincare Zents - Destination Deluxe

ANTARA Gift Set: Vitality Elixir 500mg, Balance Oil, Restore Balm, Relief Balm, and Bath Truffle (US$370 Value )

The ANTARA Organics Collection of bespoke tinctures, balms, oils, and bath bombs was born out of a desire to provide a deeper sense of healing in our constantly connected world. Tapping into the transformative benefits of CBD, ANTARA was created to provide a profound and radical way to address today’s biggest epidemic: stress. Impressed with the research and anecdotal evidence of CBD’s impact on health and wellness, founder Cord Coen wanted to create a line of products that would put the power of healing into the hands of those who need it. However, it wasn’t enough to incorporate CBD into the line. Instead, the brand embarked on a mission to find the purest and most potent CBD available.
Fortunately, it was found in their own backyard. ANTARA partnered with an organic farm in beautiful Boulder Valley, that relies on snowmelt from the high peaks of Colorado to water its hemp fields. With an onsite animal sanctuary, the farm uses the hemp by-product to nourish the animals living there
Equally important as the sourcing is the method by which the CBD is extracted from the plant. As a result, the brand teamed up with a local distiller who relies on a patented and proprietary extraction process that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. In this cutting-edge process the plant essentially cleans itself, and the hemp oil is extracted in a process similar to cold press technology, without the use of CO2, harsh chemicals, or additives. The collection features full-spectrum CBD, which incorporates all the naturally occurring compounds in the plant. Because it includes essential oils, fatty acids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, full-spectrum CBD takes advantage of the “entourage effect,” which enhances the plant’s overall benefits when all the compounds work together.
Dedicated to fostering trust and transparency, the ANTARA collection of products features a QR (Quick Response) code detailing sourcing and third-party testing information. With a commitment to quality, ANTARA offers luxury healing and trustworthy formulations that address both mind and body.


Shaya Pets - Destination Deluxe

Shaya Luxury Leash and Collar Set (US$250 Value)

Shaya is a luxury pet accessories brand that was born from a need to fulfil the needs of modern and chic pet owners, updating generic pet carriers with a stylish yet practical solution. The line ranges from the elevated Shaya Pet Carrier to the demure Clean Up Purse in addition to avant-garde leashes. Shaya products are made in Venice, Italy by master artisans with 70 years of luxury craftsmanship experience for undeniable quality and class. Shaya’s bespoke accessories is perfect for conscious consumers, as a portion of all purchases is donated to Disco’s Dogs, a non-profit organization that trains dogs to become service animals for children with special needs.



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