Global Wellness Day 2023

Global Wellness Day 2023 - Destination Deluxe
Global Wellness Day invites everyone around the world to dance on Saturday, June 10, 2023

Global Wellness Day is fast approaching. For its 12th annual celebration, join millions of ambassadors, key supporters, and volunteers across the globe this June for a day full of in-person and virtual complimentary activities, designed to remind us of the value of our lives and the importance of wellbeing.

GWD 2023 Dance Magenta - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Global Wellness Day


The theme for this year’s event is #DanceMagenta, a set of actions centered around dance, which has an increasing value within the international wellness world. All it takes is 3 basic steps: dance with your body, dance with your thoughts, and dance with life. You do not need to be a professional dancer, instead let your body move to the music, let your mind take you to new places, and go with the flow in life and trust the process. Dance to the rhythm of your own music.

Global Wellness Day Founder, Belgin Aksoy, says the idea of #DanceMagneta came from Diana Stobo who is a leader in the wellness industry. She says, “Living is dancing. The music of the universe never stops. Those who manage to become one with music are happy people. Dancing is not just a physical activity. Those who choose to live well are those who come to realize that dancing is also a way of thinking.”

Global Wellness Day has also teamed up with its official audio partner, Myndstream, a platform creating music designed for health and wellbeing, to create a feel-good and uplifting anthem called ‘’Good to You’’, which will be released on June 10 this year. Songwriter Taura Stinson cannot wait to share a song which reminds us “to be good to our minds, bodies and spirits”.

#DanceMagneta is a philosophy that has grown out of #ThinkMagenta. In 2022, GWD reached millions by placing its color Magenta at the center of simple actions with the hashtag #ThinkMagenta, reminding people that Global Wellness Day is not just a single day, but a way of life and should be present in everything you do.

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Global Wellness Day Belgin Aksoy - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Global Wellness Day


Over 140 Global Wellness Day ambassadors, supporters and volunteers have come together to organize a day full of live and online events. Some of the highlights include dance workshops, flash mobs, contemporary dance sessions for kids, family-friendly wellness events, healthy cooking demonstrations, Zumba, laughter yoga, and so much more.

Various countries around the world take their own spin on Global Wellness Day. Ibiza, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United States, UAE, and many other places are organizing their own events in collaboration with some of the world’s leading wellness resort brands such as the Four Seasons Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Zoya Health & Wellbeing Resort, and Chiva-Som.

Follow the hashtag #GlobalWellnessDay and #DanceMagenta to see what happens around the world on Saturday June 10.

Global Wellness Day 2023 Dance Magenta - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Global Wellness Day