Global Wellness Summit 2019 Shapes the Business of Wellness in Asia

Global Wellness Summit 2019 - Destination Deluxe

Global Wellness Summit 2019 will focus on the biggest business and investment trends across all global wellness markets and challenges of doing business in Asia

This year’s Global Wellness Summit returns to Asia for the third time in its 13-year history with the theme “Shaping the Business of Wellness: Asia”. The Summit, which is the largest conference on the business of wellness, will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from October 15 to 17.

The Summit aims to use the power of ideas and collaboration to shape the future of the wellness industry, which is now a US$4.2 trillion economy that crosses numerous industries. This year’s 3-day conference will tackle the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Asia and feature the leaders driving growth and innovation across the region.

“When the question comes up “What is the future of wellness?”, increasingly the answer has got to be the word “Asia,” says Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute.

Global Wellness Summit Hong Kong - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Global Wellness Summit

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“We’re planning an incredible event here, with an agenda of speakers and presenters from around the world and activities infused with the culture of the region,” says Nancy Davis, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Director of the Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute.

Over 30 renowned experts have been invited to discuss all things wellness, including aging, architecture and design, beauty, fashion, food, medicine, mental wellness, physical activity, real estate and communities, spa and thermal/mineral springs, sustainability and workplace wellness.

Susie Ellis will talk about “the shifting paradigm of wellness, wellbeing and happiness”. Jeremy McCarthy, Group Director of Spa & Wellness of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hong Kong, will discuss “raising well children”. Catherine Feliciano-Chon, Founder and Managing Director of CatchOn, will discuss “China being at the forefront of wellness”. Destination Deluxe Founder Vivienne Tang will be in a panel discussing travel, hospitality and wellness tourism at the Summit.

The Summit has welcomed many prestigious speakers through the years, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Iceman Wim Hof, hotel visionary Ian Schrager, and the former presidents of Switzerland and Costa Rica.

Global Wellness Summit 2019 - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Mils

The Global Wellness Summit is a yearly gathering of leaders and visionaries to positively shape the future of the wellness industry and to inspire a spirit of collaboration to solve shared issues and challenges. The Summit also identifies and amplifies emerging global wellness trends and support industry research and encourage innovation globally.

Aside from the Global Wellness Summit, delegates can participate in Pre-Summit and Post-Summit retreats in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bali. Delegates can choose from three wellness immersion options and two unique ways to experience the best Hong Kong has to offer. Experience A Taste of Kamalaya, Explore Extraordinary Hong Kong, Journey to Self-clarity and Wellbeing at Sangha, and Explore Extraordinary: The Chōsen Life Optimization Experience in Bali.

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