17-21 June 2024 | Mallorca, Spain

Healing Retreat with Henning Bensland & Johanna Lundström (5 Days / 4 Nights)

Looking to reconnect with yourself? Go on a journey with a healing retreat in Cal Reiet.

This retreat is a unique opportunity to better understand yourselves and others through healing practices, compassionate encounters, and mature dialogues. Together you will expand your capacity to be real, to express authentically and in doing so, you get to enjoy the richness of life all the way down on a cellular level.

Johanna and Henning share their experiences and wisdom from their own healing journeys within the fields of Yoga, Shamanism, Buddhism and Body-oriented Psychotherapy.

The retreat’s intention is to support you with a holistic healing system using physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual approaches to healing. You will get practical tools to accompany you in your daily life that may inspire you to make helpful, positive life changes.

Step into the fire of self-discovery. It will not burn you; it will only burn what you are not!

No previous experience is needed. Come as you are. In the beautiful oasis of Cal Reiet, you can enjoy all the wellness facilities, healthy food, tailor made healing session and more.

Retreat Includes:

  • 4 Nights’ accommodation at Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Brunch and Dinner
  • Yoga and meditation program as described in the daily schedule

Not Included:

  • Treatments
  • Lunch (A la carte available)


Henning Bensland and Johanna Lundstrom Healing Retreat Cal Reiet - Destination Deluxe

Henning Bensland and Johanna Lundström
Founders of Cal Reiet


Johanna Lundström

Johanna is one of the co-founders of Cal Reiet and the healer in residence. She has a corporate career behind her wherein she worked with developing some of the largest international hotel brands around the world. Some 15 years ago, living through the shock of the unexpected death of her brother, Johanna embarked on the yogic path – a healing journey that has taken her into deep self-inquiry into the body and breath, and subsequently on to body-oriented psychotherapy. Johanna found great relief and insight in working through her pain in an embodied way, and when she experienced a burn-out years later, it was these practices that once again helped her heal. Today, Johanna passionately shares her wisdom with individuals and groups to bring about presence and awareness to facilitate change and healing from within. She is a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist, Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, IFS-informed therapist, Shamanic healer, and Yoga teacher. Her approach to the healing process is not from a disease diagnosing perspective, but from one of wholeness, knowing that our system has the innate wisdom to heal itself from within when the right conditions are provided.


Henning Bensland

Henning was an active entrepreneur until being diagnosed with MS 17 years ago from where he started his long and challenging healing journey. Additionally, he also experienced two earlier depressions that helped him to deeply understand the importance to heal his psyche and to strengthen resilience. He has been educated in body psychotherapy and recently in psychotherapy based on a Buddhist perspective. He uses methods that have proven effective in his embodied healing journey connecting body, mind and spirit. His teachings are practical and done with an open heart. He founded Cal Reiet with Johanna and his wife Petra in 2015 with the aim of creating a true holistic healing retreat.


WHERE: Cal Reiet, Spain
WHEN: 17-21 June 2024 (5 Days / 4 Nights)
ACCOMMODATION: Standard and Luxurious room available for single or double occupancy
FOOD: Vegetarian/Vegan Brunch and Dinner
PRICE: Single occupancy (2,240 Euros per person) & Double occupancy (1,880 Euros per person)
(*Prices are based on room category “Standard Room” )
TO BOOK: enquiries@calreiet.com