Healing with Sacred Geometry

Healing with Sacred Geometry Flower of Life. - Destination Deluxe
One of the most natural and powerful ways to heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is to work with sacred geometry. Apply some of these techniques and start benefitting from their transformational and uplifting vibration

It is well known today that our mental health has an impact on our physical wellbeing, and that many manifested health issues actually stem from mental and emotional dis-ease.

Therefore, it’s imperative that we start looking at our wellbeing from a wholistic point of view and start healing our mental and emotional bodies, because at our core, we are pure energy. Holistic and alternative therapies can play a major role on this healing journey, giving us the tools to navigate this world and enabling us to come more into alignment with the universe.

The whole universe, including ourselves, is made of energetic patterns or sacred geometry that we can utilize to improve the quality of our lives.

Sacred Geometry Explained Flower of Life - Destination Deluxe
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Sacred geometry is the pure essence of everything around us, including material matter, as well as energy. In some cases we see magnificent manifestations of this in nature. Snowflakes, plants, crystals, and animals tend to showcase beautiful geometric patterns. Even water holds beautiful geometric shapes, as seen in Masaru Emoto’s wonderful work The Hidden Messages in Water.

But oftentimes, sacred geometry is invisible to us, yet it is the driving force in this universe. Each shape carries a powerful frequency that can have a very healing and comforting effect on us. We can work with these patterns to release tension, initiate transformation, and bring our mind, body and spirit into alignment again.

Ultimately, sacred geometry is an integral part of us and the Divine, hence why it is so powerful, because it is familiar to us. Through these patterns, we are always connected to source and everything around us (visible or not).

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Sacred geometry works on all levels of our being, impacting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Like DNA, divine geometric coding is installed within us, like a blueprint to a happy and fulfilling life. However, through conditioning and exposure to toxic frequencies, we lose touch with our pure essence.

Through healing, we become more aware of this, allowing ourselves to harmonize the relationship we have with ourselves and others. Furthermore, we gain access to wisdom and insights that were always available to us, but which we were unable to access. The sacred geometric shapes allow us to connect with source energy in the most natural way, visually as well as energetically. It can even heal at a root level and purify root causes and transform deep-seated issues we’ve held on to for a long time. It strengthens our connection with the universe and to step into a future where we create and manifest in a loving and harmonious way.

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Like many healing journeys, healing with sacred geometry takes time, so be patient. That said, you can notice improvements right away, and the more you use sacred geometry patterns, the more happy and whole you will feel.

Sacred geometry can help us release outdated beliefs and negative thoughts which are weighing us down. Our mental state becomes a lot clearer, and our nervous system can relax. We become less anxious about the future, as these wholesome vibrations awaken a healthier state of mind.

Healing can also occur on a physical level, as sacred geometry realigns us with nature and the universe at large. It can therefore regenerate cells, rejuvenate our organs and balance our hormonal system. We will feel lighter and more energized. Pain will decrease and breathing will improve

Furthermore, sacred geometry can improve our spiritual connection and increase our intuition. The healing raises our vibration, allowing us to develop an inner certainty and trust in ourselves, ultimately sparking great spiritual transformation, as it nudges us to embrace and step into our soul’s mission. 

As we open up to spiritual guidance, we notice more synchronicities, and we become more open to spiritual downloads, which enable us to make transformational choices, propelling us in the direction of our dreams. We become more trusting, resting assured that everything works out for our highest good. We start to experience a deep sense of calm.


Here are a few sacred geometry healing practices you can try to start experiencing all the benefits we mentioned. 

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Sacred geometry can have a huge effect on our chakras. One of the easiest and fastest ways to use sacred geometry is for chakra alignment. By placing geometrical “codes” (printed paper) on our energy centers, the vibrations of the patterns will send frequencies to our chakras and dissolve energetic blockages, harmonizing and clearing them.

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Crystals are sacred geometry materialized in the physical. They carry frequencies that can stimulate our healing process. Therefore, crystals can help us reach states of consciousness and release blockages and baggage that has been holding us back.

Some wellness and skincare brands have taken note of the healing benefits of crystals and have found ways to incorporate them in their products. One such amazing brand is Aura-Soma, which is most famous for its colorful Equilibrium Bottles, as well as its sister company AEOS, an energized skincare brand that goes beyond organic. Both their products contain spagyric tinctures from crystals (an alchemical process that turns crystals into oil and water), allowing their users to experience the true crystal essences through their wonderful products.

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You can also combine sacred geometry with crystals to maximize their benefits. Crystals can open gateways of healing, and sacred geometric shapes and patterns can amplify the crystal healing properties. The potency of this combination is very powerful. Here are two examples on how to use crystals with sacred geometry.

Place the crystals in a sacred geometric formation, creating a crystal grid to bring through downloads and spiritual wisdom. To do this, you have to make sure that the crystals are touching. Sit with the crystals for a while and allow for the information to come through.

Another way to activate a geometric shape is to place a print of a sacred geometry pattern on your table and put your crystal on top to activate it.

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Meditating with sacred geometric forms can calm the mind and help us to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves. Instead of focusing on a mantra during your meditation, you’re now simply using a geometric shape to focus on (you can also use a printout to gaze at).

Start with simple shapes, such as a Tetrahedron for example. As you progress, you can include more complex shapes, such as a Star Tetrahedron (two intersecting Tetrahedrons) also known as the Merkabah, which is one of the highest vibrational geometric shapes. It can unlock your full potential, as the upward point of the Merkabah brings you closer to God or spirit, while the point that’s turned downwards connects you with the Earth and grounds you. The Merkabah is also said to sit inside one’s base chakra, and that when activated through focus, breathing techniques or spinning, it expands to encompass your body. It can then become a divine light vehicle which can transport you from one dimension to the next, like a spiritual spaceship, also referred to as the Chariot of Ascension.

Another shape to focus on is the Flower of Life. The pattern is not only beautiful, but it has profound symbolic meaning for our existence and the formation of the Universe. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

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Flower of Life Healing with Sacred Geometry - Destination Deluxe
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