5 Health Benefits of Herbs

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We look at five interesting facts to know about the health benefits of herbs

Every spring, many gardening enthusiasts plant herbs and spices to enjoy fresh produce throughout the year. Herbs and spices are two of the most exciting things in this world. They make your food delicious and can improve your health. Here, we round up 5 top health benefits of herbs.


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1. Herbs Improve Physical Health

Most people use the terms herbs and spices interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. Technically, a herb means plant leaves, either dry or fresh, where spice can be any part of the plant, from root to leaves.

When you talk about herbs, you do not talk about just a dozen plant products. If you start researching, you might find at least a hundred herbs from various parts of the world. Your list may contain some familiar names like basil and sage and some exotic ones like wasabi and chamomile. These herbs contain various kinds of biologically active molecules that have positive effects on your health. Here are some of the exciting examples.

  • Cannabis contains different types of cannabinoids, helping to maintain internal balance. You can use its oil for example to enjoy the health benefits of cannabidiol.
  • Herbs such as echinacea, and elderberry help to boost immunity.
  • Fenugreek, a herb, helps new mothers by promoting lactation. It also makes your urine and sweat smell like maple syrup.
  • People drink concoctions made of herbs like mint and sage to protect their bodies from diseases.


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2. Herbs for Your Mental Health

Along with your body, your mind also has to be healthy to lead a happy life. But, problems like stress and anxiety make this extremely difficult. The number of people struggling with mind-related issues is increasing at an alarming speed. The chaotic lives are making it challenging to have a moment of tranquility. However, you can still manage the stress effectively by using herbs.

From ancient times, people are using different types of herbs to calm their minds. Herbs like mint, cannabis, lemongrass, etc., induce calming effects on the mind. In fact, scientists have reported that cannabidiol helps in dealing with mental issues like anxiety and depression.


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3. Connection of Herbs to Spirituality

Whether it is Ayurveda of India or the Egyptian School of Herbalist, humans have used herbs from ancient times. As a result, herbs have deeply embedded themselves in every culture. People use several herbs for spiritual purposes. The following are some of the exciting things to know about herbs and spirituality.

  • People from different parts of the world burn basil to remove negative energy from their houses.
  • Some people plant sage around their house to stay safe from bad energy.
  • According to some people, rosemary promotes healing. People also consider rosemary to be a symbol of feminine power.


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4. Essential Oils from the Herbs

Be it the mind-soothing scent of lavender or the sweetest smell of lemongrass; herbs have an intimate relationship with their aromas. These peculiar scents of herbs are the result of essential oils present in them. For a long time, people have been extracting these oils to get enhanced benefits of herbs. From Eucalyptus to rosehip, you can buy essential oil from a wide range of herbs.

People use essential oil for various reasons. These reasons mainly include skin and hair benefits. Masseuses use different kinds of essential oils for total relaxation of stressed bodies. Indeed, it is a brilliant idea to use essential oil. However, it would be great if you research health benefits before buying one.


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5. Herbs for Your Pets

Like humans, herbs also affect animals. You must have heard about catnip and its euphoric effects on cats. Many cat parents use these herbs to train their cats. Several herbs can improve the health of your pets. For example, dandelion is a rich source of vitamin C, E, and K. So, giving it to your dog can improve its liver function. Furthermore, people feed their cats with echinacea, as it strengthens their immunity.


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Final Thoughts

Health is wealth, and last year has taught us the importance of this line. Being healthy does not mean a disease-free body. It also includes a sound functioning mind. There are various ways to be healthy, yet herbs stay on top of that list. Herbs are all-natural remedies that provide us practical solutions to various modern-world problems.


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