Wellness Christmas Gifts for the Wellness Geeks in Your Life

With Christmas just around the corner, if you are still scrambling for last-minute present ideas, worry not! This is our quick guide for the perfect gift for the wellness geeks in your life. From get-to-know-yourself cards to a travelling yogi kit, there is a gift for everyone

We’ve selected a range of wellness Christmas gifts, so you and your loved ones can get a head start for the new year with these presents. 



Photo: Courtesy of Slip

With our attention constantly dictated by the newest updates on our cellphone and our eyes strained from the glare of the screen, it is no wonder, sleep is one of the top wellness trends. This is especially significant for the travellers who also have to struggle with jet lag and long-haul flights on top. The sleep travel set by Slip is a soothing accessory for sleep deprivation. It comes with a travel pillowcase and a sleep mask made with the highest grade long fibre mulberry silk. Create your own oasis in the air cabin.


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Photo: Courtesy of Therabody

This state-of-the-art massage gun is perfect for the serious athlete. With a speed of 40 repetitive strokes per second, deeper penetrations than traditional massagers are guaranteed. There is also a lighter speed option to loosen up those tight knots and extra sensitive muscles after an intense workout session.


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Photo: Courtesy of sugarmat

Jetsetters would surely adore these light travel mats from Sugarmat, a company based in Montreal! The artwork design is inspired by the elegant wallpapers used by French royalties and aristocrats in the 17th century. Most importantly, each mat can be folded into a cute pouch small enough to fit into your hand carry. You can flow through your Sun Salutation from destination to destination.


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Photo: Courtesy of ESPA

Pamper your friends and family, or relax with the luxury of a spa at home with this “Skincare Essentials” gift set from ESPA. Their products are made with high quality natural ingredients and backed by both biochemists and aromatherapists.


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Photo: Courtesy of School of Life

Explore your inner self (or perhaps even with loved ones!) with these thought-provoking prompt cards. Each card is written with an exercise on one side to promote self-knowledge, and a helpful analysis to spark insight on the other. Walk away with a renewed sense of mindfulness and the knowledge that you have gotten to know yourself or your friends a bit better than before. 


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Wellness Christmas Gifts - Fitbit - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Fitbit

Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect gift for those who want to get a bit geeky with their health data. This model comes with built-in Amazon Alexa, a 24/7 heart-rate monitor, apps, and Sleep Score. You can easily track the health areas you need to improve on, and see the steps you are taking to meet your 2020 resolutions.


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Wellness Christmas Gifts Oil Diffuser - Destination Deluxe_
Photo: Courtesy of Addition Studio

Destress from the holiday blues with an aromatherapy at home with this natural limestone Synergy Oil Burner from Addition Studio. Mental wellness is also a heavy weight in this year’s holiday gift guide for the wellness crowd.

It features a brass dish and tea light holder, and most definitely can double as a home decor with its minimalist appeal. Carved from a solid piece of natural limestone, every burner is unique.   




Wellness Christmas Gifts - Five Minute Journal - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy by Intelligent Change

Five minutes is all you need to increase happiness and live with intention. With more than 500,000 copies sold, this best-selling journal’s structured format is backed by research on positive psychology. Even workaholics and busy bees can stick to this short and sweet mindfulness ritual for the new year. 




Wellness Christma Gifts Crystal Water Bottle - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Vitajuwel

Give your loved ones something a little mystical this Christmas. Made with a premium glass bottle, this gemstone water bottle also has its own self-contained gem pod to keep the crystals away from pollutants. For thousands of years, spiritual healers have believed that gemstones harness the ability to balance your chakras to maintain optimal health. It also purifies and detoxifies your skin.

You can definitely personalized this present by choosing different sets of gemstones for your friends and family. Via Love (pictured above), for example, has a mix of rose quartz, garnet, and clear quartz, bestowing harmony, compassion and affection to its owner.




Photo: Courtesy of SproutsIO

A green thumb is optional for this smart microgarden that practically runs itself. Grow your own organic vegetables in the comfort of your own home with SproutsIO, an innovative system that meshes technology with farming. Each device is linked to a SproutsIOGrow App so you can easily monitor and tend to your plant on your phone anywhere you go.