In-Room Fitness is Changing the Hotel Game

In-Room Fitness at The Peninsula Hotels - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Peninsula Hotels
In-room fitness has become the go-to workout solution during as well as post pandemic

In-room fitness has been gaining popularity among hotel guests who want to continue their exercise routine within the comforts and privacy of their hotel room. And more so with the pandemic, there’s the increased added need for health and safety. Some guests may be hesitant to share a space with others to work out in the hotel gym or fitness center. Taking heed of the discerning requirements of guests, some hotels even go above and beyond, providing more than just in-room exercising equipment by also offering other wellness features such as an air purification system and circadian lighting. Here are four hotel workouts that featuring in-room fitness facilities, so you can sweat it out without having to leave your guest room.

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The Peninsula In-room Fitness - Destination Deluxe
Photo (and main Image): Courtesy of The Peninsula Hotels

Life Fitness at the The Peninsula Hotels

Taking into consideration that physical vitality is an important component of wellbeing, The Peninsula Hotels introduced a variety of new options to help guests enjoy their workouts safely. Early this year, the hotel brand debuted an extensive collection of new wellness resources for its guests, inviting them to experience “Life Lived Best.” The brand-wide initiative allows guests at all Peninsula properties to pursue their fitness, mindfulness, and nutritional goals whenever they wish through a dedicated Wellness Portal and 24-hour Wellness Concierge service. Thus, you can work out at your own pace in the privacy of your rooms with guided video routines and in-room equipment.

As part of the program, all Peninsula hotels will provide delivery of in-room fitness gear by request. This includes Life Fitness indoor cycling equipment. Peninsula hotels equip its fitness centers with Life Fitness exercise equipment. For over 50 years, Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, has been dedicated to creating innovative fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and exercisers so you can be sure that you are getting the best fitness experience.

Also available are specially created video programs which include exercises and stretches, available on guests’ own devices or streamed to their in-room TVs, allowing guests to select their own goals, be it increased strength, boosted energy, or jet-lag relief.

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Five Feet to Fitness at Hilton In-Room Fitness - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Hilton

Five Feet to Fitness at Hilton

Pursue fitness and wellbeing on your terms with Hilton’s “Five Feet to Fitness”. This revolutionary room allows you to work out in the privacy of your room with over 11 different fitness devices and accessory options such as Gym Rax, Kiosk, Indoor Cycle and TRX.

Hilton’s in-room Gym Rax storage bay provides a large variety of fitness accessories that support an assortment of exercises and fitness modalities to include strength, suspension, body weight, core, yoga, HIIT, meditation and family fitness options.

Choose from over 200 bespoke guided exercise tutorials and over 25 classes with the Five Feet to Fitness Kiosk to invigorate and motivate you through a workout, using the equipment found in the room as well as bodyweight exercises.

For those who prefer indoor cycling, the LifeFitness IC5 delivers the distinctive feel of riding a bike out on the road.

The TRX workout system that leverages gravity and bodyweight to perform hundreds of workouts, puts you in total control. Suspension straps are secured to the Gym Rax bay, and ample floor space gives you everything needed for an invigorating toning exercise for beginners or experts.

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In-room Fitness Vitality Room at Swissotel - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Swissotel

Vitality Room at Swissotel

Taking their ‘live it well’ philosophy to the next level, Swissotel offers more than just a place to sleep and shower with its Vitality Room. Swissotel partnered with Wallpaper magazine almost three years ago to launch this serene and stylish sanctuary that aims to revitalize body, mind and soul by focusing on maximizing wellbeing. Many features are exclusively developed such as the air purification system, soothing black-out blinds, dedicated space for exercise and relaxation, circadian lighting and the wellbeing wall with user-friendly exercise equipment and a cyber-trainer.

The Vitality Room and Suites are available at three Swissotel properties including Swissotel Zurich, Swissotel Chicago and Swissotel The Stamford, and in the near future – Swissotel Grand Shanghai.

Enjoy Lake Michigan & Park Views as you work out at the Vitality Suite at Swissotel Chicago. Spanning over 1,700 square feet and five rooms, the suite offers guests enhanced amenities designed to boost the body’s natural circadian rhythms and promote a good night’s sleep. Key features include the Wellbeing Wall with Peloton Bike and Water Rowing Machine.

The wellness wall at Swissotel Vitality Room at Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore, is fitted with an interactive digital display where guests can select guided workout routines, featuring a cable pull, water pull, and wall bars. The spacious area also includes an in-room yoga station. The circadian lighting technology is uniquely designed to adapt to one’s circadian rhythm which in turn boosts overall health and wellbeing. Topping off the wellness experience, the Vitality Room offers a mini bar stocked with nutritious juices and snacks.

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In-room Fitness Mandarin Oriental using Grokker - Destination Deluxe
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Mandarin Oriental using Grokker

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has partnered with leading global health and fitness platform Grokker to bring wellness into their guestrooms. This initiative is designed to provide added flexibility when it comes to staying fit on the road. It offers guests complimentary access to a custom selection of Grokker health and fitness videos to practice within the comforts of their room or suite. Videos include a five-minute meditation to ease stress, a twenty-minute workout to achieve fitness goals plus Pilates and yoga practice sessions, including a soothing bedtime yoga practice to encourage sleep.

Grokker In-room classes include Yoga with Celest Pereira, who has traveled to India to study hatha yoga and Vipassana meditation. She has been invited to teach in the world’s leading yoga centers; Meditation with Mark Coleman, a senior teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and has been teaching Insight meditation retreats worldwide since 1997; Pilates with Lottie Murphy who has trained with the respected Body Control Pilates in London and is well respected in the Pilates and health world; and Fitness with Sam Skelton, an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, whose specialties include weight loss, strength training, and core conditioning.

A selection of Grokker’s fitness, yoga, meditation, and Pilates videos can be viewed at the following Mandarin Oriental destinations globally: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore, Boston, Miami, New York, Washington, Geneva, London, Paris and Prague.

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