Kamalaya Enhances Guest Journeys with Pre-Arrival Functional Testing Assessment

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Renowned Kamalaya is elevating its experience with pre-arrival assessments, allowing guests to get a jump-start on their wellness journeys

Kamalaya, a renowned wellness destination on the Thai island of Koh Samui, is known for its personalized wellness approach. Now, the popular wellness destination is elevating its experience with pre-arrival assessments that allow guests to get a jump-start on their wellness journeys.

In collaboration with London-based holistic vitality and longevity company Paar, Kamalaya will offer guests the chance to explore their wellbeing and arrive at the legendary wellness sanctuary with a clear sense of purpose through a bespoke pre-arrival screening. The screening comprises a series of functional health and wellness assessments and has been designed by Paar’s experts to maximize Kamalya’s roster of wellness programs, which include “Resilience & Immunity”, “Enriched Gut”, “Sleep Enhancement”,  “Detox and Rejuvenate”, “Ideal Weight”, “Wellbeing Sabbatical”, and “Balance & Revitalise”. Guests will be able to take a pre-arrival assessment that matches the Kamalaya program they intend to take or create their own assessment to gain a better understanding of their health. All guests at Kamalaya already undergo a Body Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) when they arrive and work with experts in personal consultations to develop bespoke programs that suit their needs. Now, the pre-arrival screening by Paar adds another useful dimension of analysis and offers a more efficient process.

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Kamalaya Functional Testing Assessment - Destination Deluxe
Photo: Courtesy of Kamalaya


Paar’s comprehensive assessments cover a wealth of wellness indicators. Using the Pre-Arrival Functional Testing Assessment, guests will get an overview of different aspects of their health, from food intolerances and gut health to skin DNA, vitamin levels, and mineral balance. The reports also cover things like sleep, nutritional, and fitness traits, genetic predispositions, and biological age. Together, these tests offer valuable insights into the individual’s health and identify imbalances that need to be addressed. Using the results of the assessments, Kamalaya’s experts and therapists can customize programs and treatments to help each individual reach their health and wellbeing goals and maximize their time at the island retreat. In addition, Kamalaya can create tailored treatments in line with several of Paar’s signature programs, including its “Women’s Health,” Healthy Anti-Ageing,” and “Healthy Ageing Intensive” journeys.

“The knowledge harnessed from these pre-arrival assessments better equips us to serve our guests and create bespoke wellness programs tailormade to suit their distinct healing needs,” says Karina Stewart, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Kamalaya Koh Samui. “This is an essential step to embark on a personalized journey to lifelong wellness.”


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The pre-arrival assessments are an optional extra designed to give guests more flexibility and the opportunity to maximize the benefits of their time at Kamalaya. Once they have booked their stay at the property, guests can book their pre-arrival screening online between four and nine weeks before arrival. No matter where in the world they are, guests will receive self-test kits by mail. They will then collect the necessary samples themselves and return the kit to Paar. Once the London-based clinic has completed its analysis, a full report will be sent directly to Kamalaya’s wellness practitioners, enabling them to efficiently plan tailored programs and treatments for each guest.

Kamalaya’s new pre-arrival screening initiative is the first in a comprehensive series of new functional wellness initiatives that will further elevate the wellness destination’s guest experience. Very soon, guests will also be able to book IV therapy sessions to replenish their energy and restore balance within their bodies with cutting-edge vitamin treatments.


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Located in an idyllic location on the southern tip of Koh Samui and overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Kamalaya draws on both Eastern and Western healing traditions to create focused, personalized wellness programs that have made it one of the world’s top destinations for health and wellbeing. The wellness sanctuary boasts a dedicated team of naturopaths, TCM practitioners, wellness enhancement mentors, and highly trained therapists that work in tandem to offer personalized treatments and guidance so that every guest can work on achieving their optimal health and wellness.

During their stay, guests can indulge in delicious wellness cuisine carefully prepared by Kamalaya’s team of expert chefs; enjoy restorative rituals at the onsite spa, including Ayurveda, Thai, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices; take part in active pursuits like yoga; and soothe themselves with spiritual practices such as breathing exercises and meditation. Throughout the year, the property also hosts wellness events by visiting practitioners, giving guests the opportunity to connect with internationally renowned experts. 


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During their downtime, guests can relax around the expansive al fresco areas, lush tropical gardens, cascading streams, pristine private beach, and tranquil meditation cave. Accompanied by the serene natural environment in which Kamalaya is set, guests are almost guaranteed to emerge revitalized, recharged, and in control of their wellbeing. 

With the introduction of its new pre-arrival screenings, Kamalaya offers guests the chance to gain a full understanding of their health and spend their time at the resort fully focused on reaching their wellbeing goals.



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