Lanserhof Sylt

The new Lanserhof Sylt is Europe’s most modern health resort. Located in List, Germany, Lanserhof Sylt was a 5-year project costing around €120m and is Lanserhof group’s newest health retreat. Known as the “Haven of Peace”, the island of Sylt is the perfect place to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries

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Overlooking the Wadden Sea, the resort is sat on one of the highest points on the island, from which you can view the sea, Lister Harbor, and the adjoining landscape. Surrounded by all thing’s nature; dunes, sea, horizon, heath and sky, Sylt provides the energy that you need to kickstart your mind and body’s holistic recovery. Be inspired and enchanted on the magical island of Sylt as nature meets modern medicine to help you reach your individual health goals and promote self-healing.


Spread over 20,000 square meters, Lanserhof has 55 rooms, including a treatment area and medicine space taking up 5,000 square meters. The architectural detail and landscape embody Lanserhof’s love for self-healing, medicine, health, and overall wellness. It sets the atmosphere for a rehabilitating retreat to reignite that vigor within you. The secluded location of the build means you can be certain of privacy whilst relaxing and recuperating.


Lanserhof’s claim for the duration of your stay is “live better for longer” and “health is freedom”. This approach is based on the valuable findings of naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chrono medicine and modern cutting-edge medicine. Lanserhof is big on time and attention meaning you’ll constantly have doctors and therapists examining and treating you throughout your three-week stay. You’re given exceptional treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. Even your meals will be planned according to your body’s requirements by on-site dieticians and nutritionists. Every aspect of your stay will be personalized to your taste.


Lanserhof Sylt spans an indoor and outdoor saltwater pool with counter-current systems. The spacious spa area includes saunas, steam baths, and a resting place. It also offers modern treatment, consultation, and exercise rooms as well as an innovative fitness area.


Currently there are 55 rooms and suites, and once the diagnostics building is completed, there will be 68 rooms and suites in total. In the rooms department you have a varied choice between a Double Room with Terrace, Double Room with Balcony, Double Room Fabulosa with Balcony and Double Room Mirium with Balcony. If you’re opting for a suite you can choose between the Parvus Duplex Suite with Balcony, Elysium Loft Suite Mare with Balcony, Elysium Loft Suite Dune with Balcony, Elysium Duplex Suite Mare with Balcony.


  • We love that Lanserhof is willing to go above and beyond to ensure your stay is as beneficial to your health as it can possibly be. As well as your personalized Lanserhof Basic program, you and your doctor devise a list of extra consultations, diagnoses, and therapies that you may need.
  • Lanserhof has specialists that can bring you the latest in medical breakthroughs and carry out highly skilled diagnoses and treatments. You’ll have access to the best treatments available before most others.


  • Every guest receives a preliminary meeting with one of their doctors at the beginning of the cure, so that they are able to provide you with a treatment plan specific to your needs and a cost estimation before your stay.
  • Upon request you can get specialist consultations arranged for you in Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Dentistry, Neurology, Radiology, Psychology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Throat, Nose, Ears, and Urology.


The Parvus Duplex Suite with Balcony starts at US$1,013 for 1 person per night.

The Elysium Duplex Suite Mare with Balcony starts at US$3,580 for 1 person per night.

The Double Room with Balcony starts at US$604 for 1 person per night.

The Double Room Mirium with Balcony starts at US$910 for 1 person per night.

The room rates include a customized diet as well as all herbal teas and sparkling water. The use of indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, saunas, vapor baths, fitness room, and e-bike rentals are free of charge.

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