Life Fitness Brings Wellness to Hotel Rooms

Life Fitness In-Room Wellbeing Solutions - Destination Deluxe
As travelers begin to hit the road again after the pandemic, they’re looking for more than your average hotel stay

Life Fitness, creator of innovative fitness solutions, is showing why hotel wellness offerings are becoming increasingly more important to post-pandemic travelers.

The past few years have been tumultuous, to say the least. From lockdowns and social distancing to closed borders and vaccines, the rigors of the pandemic have pushed people to be more health-conscious and seek wellness solutions to help them stay healthy, manage stress, and keep sane. But, as the pandemic eases its grip and people begin to travel again, these newly minted wellness warriors are clinging to the habits they’ve learned and taking them on the road.

For hotels, which have taken a beating over the last years and are looking to drive a much-needed recovery, figuring out what the post-pandemic traveler needs in this brave new world is crucial. That’s where offering onsite and in-room wellbeing solutions come into play. Life Fitness can be a trusted partner for hotels looking to offer innovative fitness solutions in their guest rooms.

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Why Implement In-Room Wellbeing Solutions?

With wellbeing at top of mind for post-pandemic travelers, offering onsite wellness solutions is a great way for hotels to appeal to local fitness aficionados. Of course, the hotel gym is important, and Life Fitness offers myriad solutions for creating the ideal communal workout space, from premium cardio equipment like its Elevation Series Treadmill and Powermill Climber to hard-working strength training equipment such as the Synrgy90 and Signature Series Adjustable Cable Crossover Machine, and even exclusive services to help design and plan a hotel gym.

But beyond the hotel gym and spa, in-room wellbeing solutions are a way for hotels to set themselves apart from competitors and give travelers a way to work on their mental and physical fitness in the privacy of their hotel room. Even here, Life Fitness offers creative wellness solutions.

Recent studies have shown that people are traveling differently as they hit the road again. Not only do they want to relieve the stresses of recent years, but they’re looking for destinations that will soothe and activities that will relax and renew, and taking a new approach to work-life balance and the definition of luxury. When it comes to hotels, the evidence shows that guests are willing to pay more for hotels that offer convenient wellbeing solutions – especially when they’re available in rooms. The takeaway, then, is this: in-room wellbeing solutions are a great way to cross-sell products and drive additional revenue. Hoteliers just have to figure out how to create solutions that fit their existing space, budget, and clientele.

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What Solutions Are Available?

Wellness covers a plethora of different ideas, and Life Fitness suggests six main categories for hotels to target with the in-room wellness solutions: health, nutrition, fitness, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness. By offering features that target these six categories, hotels can create a comprehensive wellbeing program that will appeal to most hotel guests. Best of all, it’s possible to offer all these elements in existing guest rooms.

Underpinning all of these six wellbeing categories, though, is one feature that can be considered the ultimate in wellness and luxury: privacy. With many people pushed into unexpected living arrangements and proximity to other people during the pandemic, a night at a hotel offers the privacy that has sometimes been rare in recent years.

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Many of us travel to disconnect from our everyday lives, and this is especially true right now, when we so desperately need a change of scene for a bit of mental peace. In-room wellbeing solutions that are designed to calm the mind are particularly appealing to travelers. And they can be quite easy for hotels to implement. Whether it’s guided meditation through apps or Spotify playlists or yoga and Pilates equipment, encouraging mindfulness can go a long way in relieving stress. Expanding this to enthrall all the senses – perhaps with things like herbal teas and music – takes this one step further. Many guests also struggle with sleep, whether it’s because of stress or the novelty of being in a new environment. To help, hotels can recommend sleep apps and breathing exercises before bedtime. All of this can be paired with Life Fitness products like Yoga Mats.

But, guests often seek more active experiences when it comes to their physical wellbeing, and once again, Life Fitness can help hotels design appealing in-room solutions that guests will be willing to pay more for.

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One obvious solution is making gym equipment available in the privacy of guest rooms. By partnering with Life Fitness, hotels can offer guests the use of equipment like bikes, treadmills, and rowers, dumbbells, kettlebells and adjustable pulleys in their rooms. Low-key solutions, which can easily be kept in rooms at all times, could include stretch bands and stability balls, while recovery solutions such as fitness mats and foam rollers round out a full fitness offering.


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