Life Fitness Creates Full Wellbeing Journeys for Hotels

Life Fitness Wellbeing Journeys for Hotels - Destination Deluxe
With so many travelers putting a greater emphasis on wellbeing and safety in the post-pandemic world, hotels are having to step up their game when it comes to fitness facilities

Over the last few years, in the grips of a global pandemic, many of us were pushed to take a new approach to wellness, developing habits that would never have been considered pre-Covid. From taking a more considered approach to food and being more cognizant of eating healthily to trying different types of exercises and working out in private spaces instead of public gyms, we’ve all adapted our wellbeing habits. Now, as they hit the road again, travelers are bringing their new habits with them with the expectation that hotels can keep up.

Drawing on over four decades of experience, Life Fitness can offer tailored fitness and wellness solutions for hotels that will cater to each guest’s every need. Over the years, Life Fitness has worked with some of the most well-known luxury hospitality brands. By creating smart, holistic wellbeing solutions that work for both hotels and guests, Life Fitness has become a trusted advisor to key stakeholders in the hospitality industry.

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Even before the pandemic, interest in wellbeing and wellness trends was rising exponentially. People are increasingly health conscious and taking their wellness into their own hands by educating themselves on what they need to live a good life. And, people are willing to spend on things they feel will improve their wellbeing. In fact, a study by McKinsey found that 37% of consumers expected to increase their spending on wellness services in the year ahead in order to improve their health.

For hotels, this represents a significant opportunity to attract new guests and retain repeat customers. As a result, it’s no longer enough for a hotel to simply have a gym and pool—no matter how well equipped these facilities may be. These days, hotels need to offer amenities that touch on the three pillars of wellness –physical, mental, and social. Even more importantly, hotels have to have their finger on the pulse of fast-evolving wellness trends, whether that’s a preference for online training or a need to sync wearables with gym equipment, for example. 

As well, hotels now need to have the flexibility to accommodate a wide array of wellbeing needs. Understanding exactly what guests need is key here, and the best way to figure this out is to ask the right questions. What do they value? What are they looking for? Do long-stay guests on workcation have vastly different requirements from short-term leisure guests? By using the answers to these questions, and taking into account the geography, clientele, and business model for each individual hotel, Life Fitness can build creative, customized wellness solutions that ensure business success. 

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In years past, it was enough for hotels to offer a basic gym with cardio equipment and weights, and perhaps even a pool. Now though, with guests keen to maintain their wellbeing habits while on the road, they are actively looking to book hotels that will give them the highest chance of success.

To begin with, it is essential for hotel gyms to offer the most sophisticated equipment possible. This might include cardio machines like the Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmill, which come with feature-rich entertainment options and Bluetooth functionality to ensure syncing with Apple Watches or Samsung Galaxy Watches.

With health and safety becoming significant considerations, many travelers might now want to exercise in relative privacy. For this reason, many hotels are now offering robust in-room exercise facilities. Some allow guests to request that treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, rowing machines, or dumbbells be placed in their rooms for the duration of their stay. Life Fitness is setting the standard for in-room fitness facilities with cutting-edge equipment that offer design and durability as well as total functionality. From cardio equipment and weights to a range of yoga mats and stretching aids, Life Fitness has the expertise to curate innovative, flexible in-room exercise solutions.

Going beyond physical fitness, though, is another way that hotels are catering to health-conscious guests. Those that are really in-tune with the needs of their guests have begun offering guided meditations or basic yoga and stretching through apps and booklets. Life Fitness has several solutions that can help with this, such as Life Fitness On Demand, a virtual resource on connected cardio machines that allows exercisers to choose a workout category, select a difficulty, and pick from a growing library of workouts. Many hotels are taking a holistic approach by curating fitness app recommendations, guides to local walking and running routes, and even menus for different types of pillows and blankets, while hotel restaurants are increasingly incorporating organic and local produce and highlighting healthier options.

Life Fitness offers a one-stop approach to creating hotel wellbeing facilities that are geared toward discerning guests seeking seamless, high-level wellness journeys. Life Fitness is a trusted partner when it comes to bespoke facility design service that can help create the perfect hotel gym while accounting for spaces and budgets, crafting holistic wellness solutions that work for hoteliers and their guests.

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