Step into the Future of Fitness with Life Fitness’ Symbio

Life Fitness Symbio - Destination Deluxe
Life Fitness has announced the launch of its premium cardio line, Symbio

Picture this: a fitness workout where you’re not just exercising but engaging with cutting-edge machinery. Symbio, a four-machine product series comprising a treadmill, incline elliptical, upright bike, and recumbent bike, fuses body and machine in seamless motion,  blurring the lines between the exerciser and the equipment. The Symbio product series trandscends the workout to deliver the ultimate sensory fitness experience. 

Life Fitness Symbio Future of Fitness - Destination Deluxe

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Life Fitness is introducing the Symbio collection, which is not your average gym gear; it’s a fusion of advanced biomechanics, purposeful design, and personalized multi-sensory experiences. Each machine is meticulously crafted by Life Fitness’ expert biomechanics team to provide a fresh twist to traditional cardio equipment. These aren’t just machines; they’re your fitness companions, designed to feel natural for all bodies and exercise levels.

What sets Symbio apart isn’t just its sleek design or next-level biomechanics – it’s the integration of cutting-edge technologies that personalize comfort, enhance workout performance, and add a dash of versatility to your exercise routine. Get ready to immerse yourself in engaging content and analytics, creating a rich, multi-sensory experience that will elevate your cardio sessions to new heights.

Dan Wille, Chief Product Officer at Life Fitness, emphasizes the profound impact of Symbio, stating, “This collection creates a unique connection between exerciser and equipment through ergonomic design, sophisticated responsive feedback, next-generation biomechanics, and immersive workout experiences. It is a true representative of body and machine, together in movement. And it’s poised to revolutionize the cardio experience.”

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Life Fitness CEO Jim Pisani adds, “Symbio builds upon Life Fitness’ 55-year legacy of advancing fitness through technology and extensive research and bolsters the company’s commitment to shape the face of fitness for a new era.”

Fitness is not just shaping bodies; it’s shaping the future of fitness itself. Get ready for the next level of fitness, fitness reimagined with Symbio.